Foodie Friday: What My Toddler Eats!

I totally made up the Foodie Friday thing...ha ha ha! But I have got a ton of requests to do another post on Emilia's daily diet since my last one back when she was 13 months old. So here's an updated one for what she eats at 20 months! (It's not that much different!)

Ready Brek with mashed banana and honey, plus a cup of orange juice! Emilia went through a phase of being super fussy about her breakfast cereal but we finally seem to have found one she likes! Ready Brek now come in little microwavable sachets which are so handy...I mash 1/2 a banana up into it after it's cooked. I've recently started doing the same with blueberries. That way she eats them without even noticing! ;) She has her Ready Brek with whole milk - I give her Supermilk! And she drinks Innocent orange juice (the smooth kind :)

Emilia's favourite lunch is a ham & cheese toastie with sweetcorn. This was a whole panino because we didn't have any small ones so she ate about 1/3 of this. I must add that Emilia rarely ever finishes a meal. She normally eats about a quarter to half of what is put in front of her! I chopped up some cucumber & tomatoes although she rarely touches the cucumber and I also gave her some sweetcorn which she is obsessed with! To drink she had a cup of milk.

After her nap, Emilia got more milk and some red grapes (her favourite fruit!) along with a strawberry Go-Yo...these are organic sugar-free yogurt pouches by Glenisk and they are amazing! Emilia stopped eating yogurts & cheese all of a sudden during one of her fussy phases so I started buying these and she loves them. They're so handy as she can eat it on the go without a spoon and they're fun for little kids!

I feel kind of bad putting this meal in because it's really not a typical dinner for her! But on this particular night we were only having a very lazy dinner of ravioli and it was for 2 I made Emilia a boiled egg and peanut butter & jam sandwich! I remember my mom gave me this whenever my parents were going out, or if they had separate plans for dinner. (Although I didn't get peanut butter - it was usually butter & jam!) Anyway, those of you that watch the vlogs will know that 90% of the time Emilia eats the same dinner as us and a whole variety of different things. She actually prefers it that way this isn't a very exciting meal! Sorry!

I always allow Emilia one treat a day and it's mostly after her dinner. I believe everything in moderation is perfectly fact it teaches kids about portion control and that sweets are okay if you don't go overboard. Also, I know of a lot of children that have never been allowed sweet things who go completely insane at birthday parties when they're finally introduced to their diet. So usually after dinner Emilia will get a bit of chocolate or cake or a cookie. But today her dessert ended up being a healthier option - we baked banana muffins! You can watch the video of us baking them here:

Emilia actually loves these, they were super easy to bake and she had a lot of fun helping me! They contain all kinds of healthy ingredients like dates & sunflower seeds which she never normally eats plus they're perfect for lunch-boxes or toddler snacks! 

With her dinner Emilia drank a cup of whole milk and that was it! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and be sure to check out the video version here!


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