Mommy Monday: 3 Week Postpartum Update!

Here is what my belly looks like at 3 weeks postpartum! I only lost 1lb this week, putting me at 122lbs which means I have another 7lbs to go! I am still not dieting - far from it...I've been eating normally & breastfeeding. I also still wear the Belly Bandit as you can see from the crease marks and will continue to wear it until I reach my pre-pregnancy weight.  

I did slowly start exercising again last week and although I was only able to get out twice, I reached my goal of 30 minutes 3 times a week as I did two hour-long walks. I felt really good afterwards...had I done the same thing during pregnancy I would have been destroyed afterwards. It's great to have my energy back!

Sorry the pictures of Eduardo aren't that great this week! I promise his 1 month ones will be better...he was actually asleep in his bouncer/swing when I tried to take these & woke up briefly but wasn't in the mood for pictures, ha ha! 

Height/Weight: We weren't able to take him to get weighed this week as we were so busy but I will try & get an update next week! Right now going by his last height/weight he is 19 1/2 inches and 8lbs 6oz. I'm pretty sure he has gained though...he is going up sizes in clothes and he feels heavier!

Routine: The only real change since last week is that we have no started bathing Eduardo at the same time as Emilia, so they go up for their bath together at the same time every evening...he gets bathed first and then she gets her shower. This relaxes him a lot more before bed and I find he settles better afterwards.

Sleeping: He still wakes about twice in the night to feed, and will wake up in the morning anywhere between 6-7am. He naps in his bouncer/swing during the day and sleeps in the co-sleeper at night & feeds in bed with me.

Eating/Feeding: Eduardo has been feeding for longer & in turn will nap for a little big longer as well but it still does depend on the day. Some days he is snackier than others, so I just kind of go with the flow!

Sizes: He is currently in that annoying "in between" stage of being too big for newborn size clothes & too small for 0-3 months! So I normally dress him in size 1m from DPAM or 1-3m from Zara Baby as they have smaller sizes. He is still wearing size 1 nappies (Pampers).

Milestones: Staying awake for longer periods of time during the day. 

That's all for this week! Next week marks the big one - 1 month! I can't believe it's already been that long! You can watch my 3 Week Postpartum Update here:


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  1. What is the name of the bouncer/swing you used for Eduardo?


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