What I Ate Wednesday {24.6.14}

For breakfast I've been eating Quaker Oat So Simple (original) with light soy milk, (usually it's almond but we were out!), 1/2 a banana, some chopped deglet nour dates (these are delicious!) and cinnamon. I love these dates! They are so sweet & yummy, like a dessert! I also have a black coffee - this is Nespresso's Fortissio Lungo.

Yesterday was our first breakfast at our new dining table :) Emilia had mini Weetabix with whole milk & orange juice.

Mid-morning Snack
This was before our weekly shop came in so we were pretty much all out of fresh fruit & yoghurt so I rummaged through the food cupboard and found some banana chips! I like these if I'm in a snacky mood (which is all the time lately!) as they fill me up for a couple of hours.

This was leftovers from the day before's lunch! We tried out Cook Food which they have in our town & we had leftover coconut and lime rice so I had half of that with some soya beans & spring onions. These were actually sides to a fish curry I got but they were good together as a light lunch too!

Afternoon Snack/Dessert
I had another black coffee with a raspberry coconut slice, also from Cook Food! I'm not a huge fan of coconut but this was good. Jonathan picked it though, it wouldn't have been my first choice ;) Not that I'm complaining!

This was a bit of a mess as I had planned to cook a yummy chicken & ginger stir fry BUT we ended up being out super late as we were visiting a doggie daycare and by the time we left there it was the kids' bedtime already. So it was far too late to start cooking and we picked up McDonald's on the way home! I got my wonderfully healthy staple - a cheeseburger Happy Meal! ;)

Evening Coffee
After the kids were in bed (fiiiinally! It was so late!) I had another much-needed coffee...this one is the Vivalto Lungo which is a lighter intensity so it's better suited to bedtime. 

I also drank about 2L of water throughout the day! That's it...sorry this wasn't a particularly healthy or inspirational What I Ate post, but that's real life I suppose! You can watch the video version here: 


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