Style Saturday: Mommy's Day Out!

Yesterday I had a long overdue mommy's day out with my friend Holly! We spent the whole day in Bluewater Shopping Centre where we got Starbucks fraps & retail therapy! Of course I brought Eduardo along with me but it was nice to get out of the house (kind of) on my own for some free time away from the normal "mommy duties". It was also my first time driving on the M25 by myself which I was SO scared to do but now that I've done it once I feel a lot braver & like I want to do it again! I am slowly getting used to driving in the UK and it's getting easier everyday. Although I still can't park to save my life...but I don't think that will ever change!

My outfit is all by Selected (the top & pants). The flats are a bit overkill on the stripes but they were the only pair I could find that really matched! They are from TK Maxx but the brand is La Strada. My accessories are the same as always - hammered gold Orelia hoops, Alex & Ani bracelets and Scorpio necklace from my dad.

Emilia was so happy to finally be able to wear her Minnie Mouse dress! I had initially been saving it for a special occasion but I decided to put it on her today as the weather has been so nice & she has been living in all her dresses. It's good for her to finally get some use out of them! This was a present but I'm pretty sure it came from the Disney Shop. She is wearing a black & red bow/headband combination from Layniebug Designs and her pink sandals were a present from my mom! I know they don't match this outfit but they are kind of like Emilia's gardening shoes...ha ha ha! She wears them while pottering around the garden and has been obsessed with them ever since my mom brought them back from Italy for her!

Eduardo was as good as gold for his mommy...letting me shop & sip fraps with no complaints! What a clever boy ;) Let's hope he stays that way!! (He won't...but I will savour these moments while they last!) Eduardo is wearing striped blue & white dungarees and a white polo-shirt onesie from H&M. These dungarees came with a matching sunhat which is SO cute! His dribble bib is the blue & white gingham one from Jack & Jillaroo and we didn't wear socks today as it was hot.

Those were our little outfits of the day! I hope you guys enjoyed. If you want to see the vlog I shot for my channel which includes our outfits & a bit of what I ate you can check it out above!


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