Last weekend we celebrated Hallowmas, which was the day after Halloween (November 1st). This is a new & more child-friendly version of the traditional trick-or-treating where little ones "pillage the village", going up & down the highstreet in fancy dress between the hours of 11am and 4pm. In exchange for a donation to the food bank, each child got a trick-or-treating bag and all participating shops hung black & orange balloons outside their fronts and handed out sweeties to the kids. This was a completely new concept to us having just moved to the town four months ago but I have since learned that this was their first "Hallowmas" too so it was a new experience for everyone! Jonathan and I went all out by dressing up the whole family (any excuse, eh?!) and we all had a lovely time. Aside from being lots of fun for the kids, it was also a wonderful way for us to get better acquainted with our town. We got to know a lot of shops & local businesses which we'd never even noticed or had the chance to go into yet. 

I dressed up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (though I changed my footwear afterwards in exchange for a more comfortable pair!). I got my costume, tights & a little basket with a dog inside (not pictured) from Amazon. My "ruby slippers" are from Irregular Choice and my lipstick is Rimmel Kate lipstick in 01. Emilia went as Sofia the First (her choice) and we got her entire costume from Amazon, as well as Eduardo's who went as an adorable monkey - complete with a banana toy! Jonathan's costume was a bit of a mish-mash of Edward Scissorhands and a zombie...ha ha ha! 

Hope you enjoyed this fancy dress outfit of the day - a bit different from my regular style!    

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