Rose Gold

Today we had the rare luxury of a shopping day out sans kids. We headed to Bluewater, did some damage and were back for the decent hour of 4 o'clock...just as the babies were waking from their afternoon nap. Perfect! Emilia & Eduardo made reindeer & snowflake Christmas decorations for the tree and rolled/cut out shapes with home-made glitter play-dough. Okay let's be honest, Emilia did those things...Eduardo tried to stuff as much play-dough as possible into his mouth. Both had an amazing time! In fact, Emilia loves our childminder so much that before we had left this morning she turned to me and said "go away, mummy!" as I was stealing her quality time having "grown up" conversations with Emma the childminder...I didn't know whether to be happy or offended!!  

I bought this outfit last year right before getting pregnant with Eduardo and it is all from Ted Baker. It features this brown & rose gold light-weight knit jumper and faded pink pants with rose gold hardware. My boots are from H by Hudson, like in almost every other post this autumn! It's not pictured in this post but I also got the chance to carry something other than a massive changing was a life-changing experience! I felt like a teenager again and my once "heavy" tan ChloĆ© Paddington seemed like a flimsy little clutch. Amazing!! 

Also, just to let you guys know - the Saccone Joly Calendars are now available to pre-order! (You can pre-order them here.) I am so excited to share them with you all! So much hard work & preparation went into them, and we are so happy with how they turned out. Let me know what you think! 



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