Travelling to Dublin!

This is what we wore for our long day of travelling to Ireland...and here we are in Dublin airport! As you can probably tell Emilia was in no mood to have her picture taken. And I don't blame her after being dragged through airports & having to sit still on plane for a whole hour (which, at two years old is no easy task!). Oh yes, today was stressful to say the least. It's funny how quickly we allow ourselves to forget these things's some kind of coping mechanism. While booking flights to Ireland I often think to myself "it's only a short hard can it be?!" Err, on my own?? Easy peasy. With two children under the age of three? Not so much. 

One of the biggest nightmares for me is going through airport security. It's almost like somebody decided to play a sick joke on parents when they came up with this entire process. Try explaining to a two year old that she needs to take off her coat/backpack/shoes and hand over whatever toy she has chosen to be her best friend/security blanket/travel buddy for the day to total strangers and placed in plastic bins to be sucked into a conveyer belt never to be seen again (in their minds, anyway). This.ALWAYS.Ends.In.Tears. And as if that weren't bad enough...your small baby who is sleeping soundly at this time (they always are - in fact I'm convinced Eduardo has programmed himself to fall asleep EXACTLY 2 minutes before we hit airport security) will need to be woken up because they have to be taken out of the stroller/pram/harness in order to walk through the metal detector. Then once you are through, and have wiped everyone's tears & reassured the children that everything is going to be okay you need to reassemble everything, dress yourself, put on shoes, jewellery, belts, etc. etc. at which point your toddler has run off into a crowd of people and you go into complete panic mode!

Anyhow...enough of my ranting, let's get to the lighter stuff and the original point of this post! For travel obviously we wanted to be comfy so I'm wearing my UGG boots (these are the Bailey Button Bling in grey), acid wash skinnies by Zara (about 4ish years ago) and my grey oversized jumper from Olive. Emilia is also wearing her UGGs and her entire outfit (hoody, leggings, top underneath) is from M&S. Her bow is the "Emilia" bow from Ellie Rose Bows & Clothes! 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Now with all that stressful travel stuff over with, I am looking forward to it! 


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