Mommy Monday: Eduardo's 8 Month Update (Blogmas Day 8)

Eduardo is 8 months tomorrow! That scares me a little bit...8 months?! For some reason that sounds like a big boy. I remember when Emilia was 8 months and it was the complete opposite time of year. She was a roly poly little munchkin and it was around this age that she met her friend Julianna when Benji & Judy came to visit us in Ireland!

Poor Eduardo has a top tooth coming down which is why he's soaking up his dribble bibs like they're going out of style (let's hope they never do...I love them!). So he was a bit fussy when we took these pictures but cute nonetheless...his little annoyed face in the third picture cracks me up and dare I say it, reminds me of my dad :) Italian hand gestures and all.

Routine: I just did a post last week on Eduardo & Emilia's current routine so you can read about that in detail here

Sleeping: At the moment Eduardo is sleeping for about 2 and 1/2 to 2 and 3/4 hours in the day and roughly 11-12 hours at night. He has a morning nap at around 10:30/11am for around 30-45 mins and then another afternoon nap from 2-4pm. Then he goes to sleep about 8pm and wakes at 7-8am depending on the day. For the most part he is sleeping through the night, though we have had some early morning wakings recently due to teething :( 

Eating/Feeding: Eduardo eats three meals a day now (breakfast, lunch & dinner) along with four milk feeds (I'm still breastfeeding) and a small snack in the afternoon sometimes, depending on how hungry he is. 

Sizes: He just started wearing size 9-12 month clothing! And size 4 nappies. 

Milestones: Eduardo is attempting to crawl although he hasn't quite mastered it yet! But he does bum shuffle a little bit and is very much mobile even though you might not see it for your own eyes. He magically seems to move from one side of the room to the other without us even noticing. He has two bottom front teeth and one (possibly two) top teeth appearing. He still loves to stand and will happily stand up at the coffee table (only with one of us hovering behind him) or in his exersaucer. He is a brilliant eater and does a mixture of baby led and spoon-feeding as he's not fussy and will take practically anything I give him. He's a typical boy :) I've also noticed that he responds really well to car or airplane sounds (like when I'm feeding him) which Emilia never cared for! Also while Emilia loved Peppa Pig he seems to favour Thomas the Tank Engine, even at such a young age! Emilia isn't a big Thomas fan but thankfully they meet in the middle at the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I love that Eduardo's personality is starting to come out more now that he's a bit older. He is definitely a sensitive little soul. I wouldn't describe him as a clingy baby but he is very affectionate and loves cuddles. Emilia liked them when she was sick but she wasn't as attached to me as Eduardo is. It's bizarre how they can be so different yet also very alike in other ways! Everywhere we go people comment on how smiley & content Eduardo is, which was something we heard a lot of when Emilia was a baby too! Eduardo is also using his words more now...he will say "da-da-da" when he is excited about something and "ma-ma-ma" when he is hungry, tired or upset (ahh the joys of being that parent!!). But to be completely honest I don't mind...mummies love to be needed ;) 


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  1. this was such a sweet blog post. eduardo is definitely a little darling! xoxox


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