Mommy Monday: Teething and Toddlers (Blogmas Day 15)

Poor old Eduardo has been busy growing some teeth lately, as you can probably tell from his soaking wet top! This has been the cause of many late night wakings, comfort feedings and general exhaustion all round. Needless to say we are both worn out but thankfully aside from the night-time fussiness it doesn't seem to have put a dampener on his mood during the day and Eduardo remains his happy content little self! He already has his two bottom front teeth, which Emilia also got first but after that she got her two top front ones whereas in Eduardo's case it's the two top "lateral incisors" which are beside the front teeth that came next. According to teething diagrams I've seen, these typically don't come until months 9-13 but I suppose every baby is different!

For the meantime, I am giving him Teetha packets (which is ground up camomile that helps numb the gums) and lots of teething toys though he seems to favour cooking utensils as you can see here! Fingers crossed we will be out of the woods soon - thankfully Emilia is a wonderful distraction and certainly knows how to entertain her baby brother! 



  1. Your children are absolutely gorgeous!! I love watching your vlogs and seeing the way you interact with them, you're a wonderful mother!
    I'm also loving the new blog design and your recent outfit posts. Keep up the good work!!

    The Life of JP

  2. Emilia & Eduardo are such gorgeous children. I'm only a teenager myself and therefore don't know much about being a parent, but I can tell that you and Jonathan are doing such a wonderful job with the two little ones. Here's hoping you'll get a good nights rest soon!

  3. I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Emilia and Eduardo are such Beautiful children you and Jonathan are such great parents.
    i love all your vlogs and blogs. when i am down and sad i always turn to your videos to put a MASSIVE SMILE on my face.
    i just thought i will send this comment to make you happy and put a smile on your face like you do to me everyday!!!!


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