Throwback Thursday: Christmas with My Brother! (Blogmas Day 11)

Here's another Christmassy throwback! This is me with my big brother Francesco on what must have been my last Christmas in Baltimore before we moved to Ireland. I was 6 years old which means that he was 24! And yes, that is a television aerial behind us...ha ha ha! This picture was taken the Christmas of '93. Twenty one years ago! That makes me feel ancient! It's crazy to think that now both my brother & I have children of our own, who are much closer in age than we were! But regardless of the age gap I love my big brother and we were always very close. I hope he doesn't hate me for putting up this picture, but I thought it was too cute not to share! 


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  1. Such a sweet and heartwarming post that I am certain your brother will appreciate. How happy you look! Thanks for sharing . . . xxo


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