What I Ate Wednesday {15.6.15}

Sorry this post is late but I had a lot going on today, so I'm a bit behind schedule! I also realised while editing this post that my meals are almost exactly the same every week which I'd imagine probably appears quite boring but when you're at home all the time this is how it is! I should try to film/blog my What I Ate's on different days when I'm not at home! 

Anyway...here's today's eats! Breakfast was same as always - porridge with almond milk, 1/2 banana, blueberries & cinnamon. Black coffee (only one of the day!) and a pint of water with lemon. 

I found myself hungry again mid-morning (I worked out after breakfast, so that was probably why!) so I had an apple & organic fat free strawberry yoghurt.

I had a late lunch after the kids went down for their nap which consisted of a multiseed bagel with tuna made with light mayo & sweetcorn, cucumber and a few cherry tomatoes. I also had another pint of water. 

Later that afternoon I had a mint tea. 

For dinner I made prawns with Thai Green Curry sauce, wholewheat noodles and Japanese stir fry veggies (broccoli, green beans, mustard spinach & water chestnuts). I had never made this with prawns before but wanted to switch it up from chicken! The children loved it because noodles are like pasta and they will always eat pasta! 

Dessert/Evening Snack
I find it really hard to say no to sweets but thankfully this Pukka licorice tea helps with those cravings. I reeeally wanted chocolate but knew I should probably be good & have something healthy like fruit, so I compromised. Because popcorn is technically healthy for you, right?! Okay I didn't pop it myself but this is a bag of Tyrrell's Poshcorn which is pretty low-cal and not too naughty :) 

Check out my What I Ate video here! Hope you enjoy & let me know what you ate today! 


  1. Hi Anna, i really love your blog, such an inspiration. What camera do you use?
    lots of love all the way from the sultanate of oman =)

  2. Hi Anna, I really love your blog, such an inspiration. What camera do you use?
    lots of love all the way from sultanate of oman =)

  3. love what i ate wednesdays! please visit my london based food and lifestyle blog <3 http://enjoybypaula.wordpress.com

  4. Loving that you're blogging/vlogging regularly again Anna :) Your family's videos have really helped me to escape for a few minutes everyday when I've been going through a hard time lately. So thank you!

    And don't worry, I use the same excuse that 'popcorn is good for you, right!?' whenever I substitute it for chocolate when I'm trying to be healthy too!

  5. I loved your blog for ages and I just recently started a one by myself so if you wouldn't mind, could you check it? Thank you xx rachelbellebeauty.blogspot.com.es

  6. Do you drink water with lemon because its healthy, or just for the flavor?


  7. Anna, i thought popcorn was better than chocolate too but then read the calorie content to find it was over 500 calories for a small bag, and a quarter of that was sugar!! In the daily mail today it had an article on popcorn and apparantly the cineworld one i love and always have at the pictures, contains 30 teaspoons of sugar!!! OMG, may have to rethink my snack lol. I choose Maltesers as they are slightly lower in calories and satisfy my chcolate craving in the evening! X Kate x

  8. I really enjoy these little posts! It really shows what nice meals you can create and be healthy!!


  9. Whenever I see your bagel sandwiches, I get massive cravings for them. I need to make one for myself ASAP!
    Health & Beauty: The Grass Skirt
    Mommy: The Mini Skirt

  10. Hi anna,
    I was blocked fromy your FB like page. I was only defending you and now can not like only share. Anyways....I just want to say that your diet has helped me shed all my oregnancy weight and my daughter as well. She had pre teen weight gain. Anyways....You are an inspiration and I love all of your posts and videos. Just hope I can like again. Take care and also I think this hair tutorial is amazing. The cut and colour is so perfect for u.

  11. I love the bagel and the pasta looks delicious too.

    Lizzie Dripping

  12. Anna, you have inspired me to start a blog and start posting my own what I ate wednesdays please check it out!
    http://snapgracklepop.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/what-i-eat-in-day.html :)
    thank you so much, I LOVe your what i ate wednesdays (p.s that pasta you had for dinner looks soooooooo delicious!)


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