Mommy Monday: Ralph Lauren Kids Haul

I know I've been very naughty and haven't updated my blog in a long time...apologies for keeping you all waiting on a new post! But I am back with a kids' clothing haul - these are some items I picked up in LA when we went shopping on Rodeo Drive (which was amazing by the way)! The first shop we walked into was Ralph Lauren and I headed straight to the kids' section because it was the least intimidating room in the flagship store, ha ha ha! The ladies in there were so helpful & nice (not at all like the Pretty Woman movie!) and they gave Emilia & Eduardo animal crackers while I went to town on picking out their new outfits. 

I didn't get a whole lot for Eduardo, only because his size was limited and also I'm really particular about his clothes. Emilia is easier to dress as I feel like she needs more options (I mean hello, she is a girl ;) That being said I do love shopping for both of them. Emilia got a striped blue dress, anchor bathing suit, anchor camisole top and denim shorts, Americana tank top and a pair of jersey star shorts. Eduardo got red swimming trunks (to match her swimsuit!), dusty red linen shorts and two polos (one white, one lemon).

I hope you guys liked this haul - let me know what your favourite item was! I think mine are the matching swimming costumes! You can watch my haul video here! 


  1. Lovely picks!! I wish I had that striped dress for myself ha ha! Hope you had a great time in L.A :-)
    Abiee xx

  2. I love how you put so much thought into emilla and eduardos outfits like considering whats suits them I donno it just like that. I really like your taste in there clothes they are all sooo cute :)

  3. These are such cute outfits Love them :)
    Chelsea @

  4. I love all of the clothes you picked out for the little ones. All of it are so adorable

  5. Love the little anchor designs for Emilia, she'll look so cute in them!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  6. Ralph Lauren is so cute for kids clothing, I love the little striped dress and the anchor cami and short combo!

    Danielle xx
    | Student to Staff Nurse |

  7. Kids clothing is so addicting! haha This has me wanting to go on another spree! (;

  8. Seeing these purchases make me wish my kids were little again. They are all adorable. Thanks for sharing them with us through your blog post.

  9. I absolutely adore Ralph Lauren kids range. I will definitely need to get Leon's winter wardrobe sorted soon with pieces from their collections! You picked lovely out first for both children, so sweet!

    - Jordanne Lee I've at


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