What I Ate Wednesday {4.8.15}

Here's what I ate today! 

This was the usual (minus cinnamon as we're out): porridge with almond milk, half a banana, blueberries and a cup of black coffee with a half litre of water. After breakfast I worked out and drank another half litre (I aim for 2L a day so it helps to drink one earlier in the morning!).

For lunch I had a wholegrain pitta bread with smoked salmon, light cream cheese and cucumber slices with some leftover cherry tomatoes (one is hidden! ;).

Later that afternoon I had another coffee (also black) along with half a mango (cut horribly!) and some coconut chips. These are my new favourite snack - they are so yummy! 

Evening Snack
While waiting for dinner to cook I got hungry again so I had another half banana (this was leftover from my breakfast!) with a heaped teaspoon of peanut butter. This really fills you up and tastes like dessert - I love it.

For dinner I baked chicken breasts marinated in Nando's peri-peri seasoning rub, along with some grilled veggies (I buy these frozen) and sweet potato chips. This is delicious and such a hit with the kids. To drink I had more water!

Night-time Tea
Before bed I had a cup of my favourite tea - Teapigs Licorice & Peppermint which is great for sweet cravings. I love this right before bed!

And that was everything I ate! You can watch my video below. What did you eat today?


  1. I love your What I ate Wednesdays and all your posts and videos as a matter of fact! But today I posted a pic of my porridge on my Instagram and said that I started eating porridge because I first saw it on your yummy what I ate Wednesdays! A year ago! So Thank you for introducing me to that yumminess! :)

  2. I'll definitely have to try the Nando's style Chicken! Yum! :) XX.


  3. What type of coffee do you drink? You mention it's black, but it always looks a bit creamy.

    1. nespresso pods, the vivalto lungo...im pretty sure :) the creaminess i think just comes from the froth maker of the machine.

  4. Nice seeing another post and video Anna! As soon as I see them on my feeds I always stop and watch! I love your What I Eat Wednesdays.. You give me great ideas. I'm a huge tea drinker and I feature a segment on my blog called Tea Tuesday where I share a new tea the first Tuesday of each month. I really need to finally try licorice tea that you've been loving! Have a great week :)


  5. These are my favorites videos/ blogposts of yours! I seriously look forward to "What I Ate Wednesday" every week. The sandwiches you make for lunch always look delicious. You made me crave smoked salmon!

    Also, I loved how Emilia told the camera she was eating ham and cheese. SO cute!!

    Meet Me in Midtown

  6. I love your what I ate wednedays! I may need to start them! please visit my log <3 http://enjoybypaula.wordpress.com

  7. I've been trying to eat healthy as well and I love watching your What I Ate Wednesday's for healthy snacking inspiration! I'm definitely going to try the banana with peanut butter!

  8. The food you eat are so yummy!! Enjoying these posts :) x


  9. Anna if you are ever craving ice-cream, make up some 'nice-cream'. Chop up three bananas, put in a freezer bag, and place into the freezer over night. The next day, when you feel like it, take them out, put them in the food processor and spin still smooth ice-cream like texture (you can even add a bit of vanilla extract). Than serve with some coconut flakes! It's soooo good on a hot day and completely guilt free.

  10. That mango looks DELISH! BAH, I am craving one now! haha


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  12. I love getting inspiration from you as it inspires me to introduce new recipes in my diet

  13. i'm so in love with the "new"?! blogdesign!

    it's so pretty :)

    best wishes


  14. How long have you and Jonathan been blogging and vlog for on YouTube x

  15. Hi Anna! I just stumbled on to ur blog last night and I'm completely addicted. Ur family reminds me of mine only urs is the healthier version. U have inspired me to eat healthier and to exercise more now that I know it is possible to do it with children. I will be waiting eagerly for ur post. Keep up the excellent work

  16. I love your dinner; great tip on the snack while cooking - I literally just start grazing - very unhealthy.

    Lizzie Dripping

  17. I love your What I Ate Wednesday posts and videos! I'm not sure whether or not you've heard of this mango hack but all you do is cut the two mango sides/cheeks off and use a glass to scoop it out! I'm sure there are many videos out there that show you how to do it. My favourite one is from "The Domestic Geek" on Youtube. Try it out!


  18. Anna do you drink your tea in the evening with or without caffeine? :)

  19. I did one too recently!! I love mango, but unfortunately it's winter here and just not as good now :( One of my favourite snacks is frozen grapes! They taste amazing, you should try them Anna! xo

    My Blog ♥ Amali Muses♥

  20. love these types of posts!

    - organicallyolive.blogspot.co.uk

  21. I have never been a great tea lover, but i love liquorice so i decided to try the tea you talked about a lot, and i can say i am hooked, i have 1-2 cups a day and love the tea specially when you leave the bag in for more than 5 minutes, and really squeeze the bag out, yummm! thank you for the tip!!


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