End of Term

Today I'm wearing a new top/jumper that looks like a cape which was part of my birthday present from Erika & I'm obsessed with it! I got so many compliments when wearing it...it's in a charcoal grey colour (they call it black rhino on the website), from French Connection and I'm wearing a size medium. The jeggings are black maternity ones from Mamalicious that I got from ASOS a while ago (last pregnancy). My boots are the black suede Helene wedges from Whistles which I love because even though they're about 3 inches they're really comfy and I can wear them for ages, even while pregnant!

I can't believe this weekend is the last one before Christmas!! Aaaand I have written all of ONE Christmas card...oh well. Maybe next year! ;) Hope you all have a fabulous weekend...term has ended so we have our babies back home with us and no more super early mornings!


  1. Hi Anna, I just wanted to let you know that I ve been following you for 5 years now. On and off because I ve been travelling a lot. I feel like I need to tell you how much I admire you. I feel lost sometimes but then I watch your videos. I see how much you love your kids. How much they love you. How much Jonathan is there for you guys. How much it means to be a couple, feel love and support. He s such a great man!!! You are so lucky you have found him. And he s so lucky he s found you. You are a beautiful family. Your smiles make me smile everyday when I wake up and the first thing I do is watching your videos. I thank you for sending this messages of love everyday. You, Jo, Emilia and Eduardo bring so much positivity into my life. Thank you guys! Really........ Thank you!!!!!

    1. That message totally didn't make me cry. I love the meaning it realy touched me.

  2. Love your maternity style, so simple, chick and looks really comfy. Have lovely weekend 😊


  3. You look gorgeous, Anna!
    love from Germany xx

  4. That jumper looks so warm


  5. Love your outfit! You're glowing :) xxx

  6. Love your outfit! You're glowing :) X X X

  7. That jumper is perfect! So so pretty! I love a good cape/jumper. Although I'm currently melting with 34 C temperatures in the Southern hemisphere and posting summer dresses on my blog! Haha!

    P.S. Is it politically incorrect to prefer Fall and Winter to Summer? Oh well...


  8. Lovely pictures Anna! Your style is perfection :)

  9. It crazy how fast this pregnancy has gone by! Can't wait to meet the little one on the vlogs <3
    Happy holidays,


  10. Hi Anna.. I look to your blogs wjat an everyday life of a mum is like. Where do you leave your kids off, when you and Jonathan go out for shopping like the one you did yesterday at Blue waters?


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