What I Ate Wednesday {10.1.17}

I always have breakfast after the school run as 7:30am is too early for me to eat in the mornings. However we had to go into London at 9am for my doctor's appointment so this was a tight squeeze! I made porridge with almond milk, half a banana, cinnamon & raisins. (Yum!) I also had my usual black coffee & bottle of water which I drank in the car. 

We ate lunch at Le Pain Quotidien after my appointment. Jonathan had never been here before but he loved it! I got the toasted tartine which I stupidly thought was a quiche...this is how you know your French is really bad! But it turns out it was an open sandwich, haha! Actually I would be happy with either so I didn't care. Mine was with roasted veggies, beetroot, pesto and goat's cheese and came with a side salad. This was sooo good as they put it on a brown sourdough bread which was amazing. To drink I just had water.

That afternoon we met our friends Adam and Sabrina in the Bulgari hotel for some drinks & snacks. We all ordered a berry smoothie which nobody liked (it was quite watery though we just made it up - it wasn't actually on the menu) and I also had some green olives which they brought to the table. 

By the time we got home I was exhausted and ready for dinner! We had baked chicken with mushroom, coconut cream & onion sauce, mashed potato and mixed veggies (broccoli, peas and baby carrots). I was so hungry and this totally hit the spot! To drink I had a bottle of water.

Honestly I was pretty full from dinner but later that evening I got myself a snack just to satisfy my sweet tooth! I'm trying really hard to be healthy during the week so I had a medjool date & some chopped mango. I also had a licorice and peppermint tea and another bottle of water. I was quite proud of myself although tonight is date night so I probably won't be as good! ;)

If you want to see the video from today you can check it out here! 


  1. Love you so much Anna!! can't wait to see today's video!

  2. These all sound so yummy! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

  3. Wow! That is definitely a healthy day - I need to start eating better! I want to start having porridge for breakfast too. Love these posts for getting food ideas :)
    Lucy xoxo

  4. That smoothie looks delicious!


  5. Love your what I ate Wednesday and wanted to say thank you Anna for always being you.

  6. Anna please do a how to get over a breakup video. I'm going threw a break up of 11 years and struggling! ❤️X

  7. Love you ANNA, HUGS FROM ORNELLA ����

  8. Hey Anna,

    Your blog is good. This really inspires me to eat healthy, and the food looks yummy. Recently i've been trying to eat healthy and reading/ watching your 'What I Ate Wednesday' has really helped me try something new :). Your such an inspiration to many young girls out there Anna. When I grow up I would love to be like you. Don't let the haters hate, because you truly are beautiful and such an inspiration to me

    Your blogging has given me the passion to try and start blogs my self. Sorry to go off topic. Recently I wrote a blog based on you and Jonathan. This was basically to say thank you. Last year I had certain problems, which lead me in bad ways, but watching the daily vlogs/ reading your blogs really helped. I was able to distract myself. It felt like you helped me through the tough times. It would mean so much if you both would read it :). Sorry to have gone of topic :). The link is below, thank you.

    http://clairehelencookblogs.blogspot.com/2017/01/why-i-want-to-thank-sacconejolys.html?spref=tw …

  9. That looks so Good lysm you are my favorite can you say to your kids that they
    are the cutest sweetest kids ever πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’—

  10. Just a question out of curiosity - why do you guys drink bottled water instead of tap water? I was just wondering if it's better for you or just a personal preference☺ Love to you and the whole family!!

  11. I am French. And to tell you everything I'll make the same mistake you made haha!
    Always such a pleasure to read your posts ♡

  12. These pictures look so yummy!!! If it was me they would be half eaten pics as I'd forget to take them and start eating!!!! Xx

  13. Hi Anna! I LOVE your posts!!!!! I'm wondering how you come up with such appealing dinners! I'm having trouble coordinating shopping and coming up with meals that will be eaten and find myself falling back on take out...Do you use one of those services that sends ingredients for meals? I'm seriously thinking of trying one but don't know anyone who uses one! I would love to see a vlog on how you manage dinners - I'm soooo frustrated!

  14. What is the recipe for the coconut mushroom sauce? Looks delicious!

  15. Amazing, loving these blog posts xx

  16. So glad you're still doing these, and also that you're titling them something personal quite rightly - it is relevant as what you're doing that day affects your food choices. 'What I ate Wednesday x 76' would get repetitive! Xx

  17. Hi Anna! I love reading your posts and watching your and your family's videos. Your blog posts are such a joy to read.

  18. That lunch looks so good! 😩 I'm trying to cut out cheese as my attempt to be healthier but it is not the easiest πŸ˜‚



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