What I Ate Wednesday {6.11.17}

I went old-school with my breakfast this morning and cooked up some of my favourite porridge (you know I love those Flahavan's Oats!) with almond milk, chopped dates, raisins and cinnamon. The yummiest breakfast for cold mornings! I also had my standard black coffee & bottle of water with this. 

Right before I put Alessia down for her afternoon nap I started to get really hungry and couldn't wait for lunch so I needed a quick snack & ate a pear. At around ten to one I ate lunch (which I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture of...sorry!!!). I had a salmon & cream cheese bagel with some cherry tomatoes. I actually forgot to drink water until later on in the day which isn't ideal because when I don't drink enough I start to get headaches. (Especially since I'm breastfeeding!)

Later in the afternoon when the kids were home from school I made myself a coffee (almond milk cappuccino) and we didn't have any of my favourite granola bars left so I had this Graze box flapjack which was amazing! 

We didn't eat dinner until after all the children were in bed and this was actually supposed to be our dinner on Saturday so it's kind of a "fun" dinner of homemade chicken burgers with cheddar cheese in a brioche bun, corn on the cob and a little ketchup. The kids love this one and were really excited to have burgers for tea on a Monday (when this was filmed) which doesn't normally happen! 

After dinner was when I realised I hadn't been drinking much water all day so I grabbed a 1L bottle and chugged that until bedtime. 

For dessert I had a slice of this amazing lemon tart which was actually meant to be my birthday pudding on Friday but we were too full after the BBQ so we didn't eat it and ended up taking it home instead! It was delicious :) 

And that was it for today! My first WIAW as a 30 year old...hahaha! Let me know what you ate today in the comments below and don't forget to check out my video later this evening!


  1. Everything looks super delish and quite different from your usual meals. Really enjoyed the video too :) Belated Happy Birthday to you Anna!


  2. Loved it and a belated happy birthday!

    Lot's of love

  3. That burger looks so delicious!


  4. A lovely blog post I really enjoyed reading it :):) :):) what I had for breakfast was cereal for lunch I had a cheese sandwich and for tea I had pasta :):) :):)

  5. Do you ever have overnight oats? I love usual porridge and need to try it.☺

    1. No I feel like I'm never prepared enough to do that...haha! Maybe I should try it but I'm probably too lazy :D

    2. No I feel like I'm never prepared enough to do that...haha! Maybe I should try it but I'm probably too lazy :D

  6. Happy Birthday Anna!
    Looks yummy!


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