Postpartum Body Image

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Today's video is an important one and a topic that I very feel strongly about. Postpartum body image is something that often gets swept under the carpet and women are expected to effortlessly "bounce back" a few short weeks after giving birth. The pressure put upon us by the traditional media (TV, magazines, etc.) our diet-obsessed culture and more recently social media to live up to these impossible standards is overwhelming. I feel like our whole sense of what's important post baby has become completely warped and in a world full of technology & apps to solve every problem, people are forgetting to just trust their instincts. Women don't need a crash diet to "lose the baby weight" as quickly as possible, they need love & support during those special first months with their baby. Instead of cutting calories they should be taking in more, especially if they're breastfeeding. Add starvation to sleep deprivation (both methods of torture) and you've got a recipe for disaster. I'm fed up with the horrible, unhealthy messages out there in the media shaming new mothers into thinking they're not good enough and urgently need to set a goal to change their bodies after giving birth. What a terrible message to send anybody, let alone someone who has just created a miracle. Let's all remember that the postpartum body everyone is so quick to find fault with and shame has just housed that little miracle and singlehandedly grown it for 9 months so I'd say it deserves a whole lot more respect than that. 


  1. Hi Anna I’m so pleased that you have addressed this a mum of 2 daughters and firstly as a woman in her late forties I have parts I’m not too happy with and I think there is so much pressure on women to look as you said like fitness models or like the girls on Instagram.Both my daughters are beautiful yet my youngest daughter due to medication due to a serious neurological condition has put on 2 stone everyone tells her she looks beautiful however due to peer pressure and media pressure she is so depressed and has anxiety. I’m really grateful you addressed this issue as even though it was about postpartum I feel anyone with body issues should take on board what you have said.Thank you I’ve sat and watched the blog with my daughter and it opened up a discussion which has helped her to rethink her negativity.xx

  2. Hey Anna so nice to see this topic come up. I felt pressured to bounce back to my size 8 slim figure, I did it but in a very unhealthy way. This year i have put on so much weight but I don't want to be unhealthy like I did before. You're right there is so so much pressure especially as a mom. So many high standards for you and the child. Glad to see someone finally reaching out about what seems to be a taboo subject.
    Thank you Anna

  3. Can I just how much I appreciate your posts and blogs. I have been following you for years now. Probably close to right after Emilia was born. I myself, have three young kids now around your kid's ages. I watch your vlogs while getting ready in the morning and they help me feel connected to the world when my life is crazy busy as a mom! I live in the state of Oregon in the U.S. so we will probably never meet but we share such similar lives that I can't help but feel like I know you!thank you for the real post Anna!

  4. This is beautiful! I definitely needed this after my baby. You are 100% correct.

  5. As a mom of two (my "babies" are 14 and 11...I'm not sure when that happened!) I think you are a Wonderful role model for women! You come across as honest,caring and most importantly, human! I look forward to reading and seeing more from you.

  6. I needed to read this today! After giving birth to my beautiful son only a short 8 weeks ago I have been plagued with low self esteem and body image. Us women need to cut ourselves some slack! We've just performed a miracle and we shouldn't expect to just "bounce back!" Like you say our bodies naturally know what to do and how to lose the weight, the same way they knew how to grow and birth a baby! Thank you Anna! Sometimes a reminder is all we need! Xx

  7. Going through childbirth and caring for the baby must be both very exhausting. I think women that go through that are really brave and I admire them for that! Getting a good looking body will come through time slowly and steadily, there is no need to torture yourself! If you deserve anything that is to be showered with love by your family!

    On another note I love your boots :)

    Olga from Myme

  8. [Women don't need a crash diet to "lose the baby weight" as quickly as possible, they need love & support during those special first months with their baby]OMG Anna! You wrote what thousand of woman needs to read! When i had my daughter (5 y ago)my husband was not supportive at all! I had to do everything because that was "woman thing"! I realle hated him that time. For so many months ( the 12 first months) i really thought about getting divorced because i couldn't handle the frustration and the ANGER of doing everything by myself! anyway... today we have a beautiful daughter and he ask me everyday another child. in the bottem of my heart, i 'd like another one... but when i remember all that stress, all that overhelming feelings and pressures i've had, i consider in giving up. For good. Plse Anna! What do you think? should i follow my heart and have another baby or NOT?

    Kisses from Brazil!

  9. you're so right. Spending time bonding with the new baby is what is important!

  10. Hi Anna, thank you so much for this video, it was exactly what I needed to hear. I had my second baby boy 5 months ago, my oldest boy is 4yo and I had a mc before that. After my first pregnancy that ended too soon my weight started piling on as I began comfort eating. Then after the birth of my first born I didn’t have the support that you were talking about and without realizing it I suffered from post natal depression. This in turn reduced my self-image and I went from size 12 before pregnancies to size 18-20. I tried dieting,etc but that just made things worse. It was all going downhill both in how I was feeling about myself and I was having a very tough time in my work ; until one day that I realized that I cannot go on like this. This is about time that I started watching your YouTube channels. I quit my job and took 9 month break to spend time with my baby boy. After that I felt much better about myself mentally even though I was still size 18. The third pregnancy was completely different. I took care of myself and trusted my instinct. I was happy in work and learned how not to take certain things to heart. When my munchkin was born I actually was less in weight than before my pregnancy. It all came down to me being happy about myself and putting myself and my baby first. However, now that he is 5 month old and I am facing going back to work in a month the doubts and negative image started to creep in. Your video reminded me to take time and enjoy the time I have with my boys and take care of myself. Thank you so much for being such a positive model for all of us and showing that is ok to feel as we do. I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas!

  11. I love everything you said. So happy about this.


    P.S. You are gorgeous Anna!

  12. Anna, I don't know what to do if I don't diet!

  13. I finished watching Anna and now I know what to do - Thank you!

  14. How lovely you are touching on that topic and that you are spreading such a wonderful message <3

  15. AMEN. Thank you for being so bold.

    Within the first 3-4 weeks after having my son, I had people in my neighborhood reach out no less than 4 times to "help me lose the baby weight" and "get back in shape". As a side note, they were all ploys to try and turn me into an MLM shakes, exercise, etc customer but assumed that I wanted to bounce back immediately and pretend that I'd not just birthed a baby.

    I finally snapped and told them that my having just birthed an actual human was not an invitation for them to try and turn me into a customer and "fix" my body. After years of fertility treatments and longing for my body to *just* work, I had never been more proud of myself and the little bit of extra weight was just a temporary testament to the absolutely amazing experience of growing a baby. I have not once been ashamed of or bothered by my stretchmarks, extra skin, or little bit of chub leftover.

    Well done.

  16. This post is so well-said Anna, thank you for sharing it! -Katie

  17. This is so well-said! Thank you for sharing this post Anna!


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