My Baby Routine

(I'd just like to state for the record that is not a giant dog poo in the corner of these's moss that's fallen down from our roof...hahaha! Also this outfit is from a few weeks ago, before the heatwave and the bump got massive!)

How did I get my babies into a routine and how do I get them to sleep through the night? That is the million dollar question I seem to get asked over & over again so I thought I'd address this all in one place so it's easy for you all to find! I'm no sleep training expert by any means but I am a mum of three, soon to be four and I have experienced the dreaded "2 under 2" situation which I'll soon have to deal with all over again! So I like to think that puts me in a pretty knowledgable position when it comes to babies and getting them into routines. I've had a lot of success with getting each of my breastfeeding babies into a routine and all three were completely sleeping through the night from about 8-10 months, that's if you count the "dream feed" which I'll explain later. 

So how did I do it? I can tell you right now that it was not plain sailing by any means and it did require effort, discipline and perseverance but in the end it was totally worth it. I completely attribute getting our babies into a routine to me keeping my sanity, especially whilst surviving two under two. When I had Emilia (my first baby) in 2012 I picked up this book, The New Contented Little Baby Book by Gina Ford. In it is a strict schedule which include timed feedings & naps according to the age of your baby. When we had Emilia, my husband Jonathan & I weren't on a typical schedule anyway. We worked from home so we didn't have to be up for any particular time...we were quite relaxed and used to just doing what we wanted when we wanted to. Luckily for us Emilia was a very chilled out, easy baby and I breastfed & co-slept with her until she was 8 months old. This is totally against the "rules" of the book, but it's what worked for us at the time and that is fine! At that point, we didn't really need structure or routine as much because we just had one child, flexible jobs and it was working for us. 

The one thing I did take from the book though was that a baby of about 6-12 months needs no more than around 2-2 and 1/2 hours of daytime sleep (that is a HUGE generalisation by the way, please refer to the book for accurate timings according to the age of your baby!) and that was the one thing I implemented with Emilia from about the time she started solids. This seemed to work well and little by little she transitioned into her own cot (I started her on daytime naps until she got used to it) and by 8 months she was sleeping in her own 10 months she was sleeping through the night. What I'm trying to say here is, if a strict routine doesn't work for you that's okay. You can pick & choose elements you like from the book and use them to fit into your lifestyle which is exactly what we did with Emilia.

By the time we had our second baby Eduardo, Emilia was 18 months old and I just knew that with two under two a routine was going to be crucial. So I was a lot more strict and followed the Gina Ford method to a tee from much earlier on. Some of the timings were probably a little different...for example instead of waking up at 7am and going to sleep at 7pm it was more like 8-8 but we made it work and by 6 months Eduardo was sleeping in his cot in the nursery. What really helped me run this routine like clockwork was the fact that using this system meant the two of them went down for their afternoon nap at the same time everyday. For any sleep deprived mama, this is an absolute god-send. Knowing you have those two hours free to catch up on work, laundry, cleaning, or better yet SLEEP!! That was 100% worth it to me. I can't remember exactly when Eduardo started sleeping through the night but I am pretty sure it was around the 9-10 month mark.   

When I had my third baby Alessia, Emilia and Eduardo were four and three so they had since grown out of naps. However I knew the benefits of getting into a routine quickly and having a strict sleep schedule so I started her off the same way I did Eduardo. Like with all my babies though, I did what felt right to me. Although the Contented Little Baby Book routines start at two weeks, I felt that was a bit too young so I pushed it out by a few more weeks. By the time Alessia was three months we were in a schedule but prior to that her feedings/sleeping times were a little sporadic. The other thing I never paid much attention were the feeding times, especially in the first six months. As all my babies were 100% breastfed, I would just feed them on demand and whenever they were hungry. The only thing I stuck to rigidly were the sleep times and this is what I believe helped get them all sleeping through the night at quite a young age. 

As with Eduardo, Alessia transitioned to her own cot at 6 months and by 9-10 months was sleeping through. Before this happened though, the book encouraged a 10/10:30pm "dreamfeed" which is where you wake the baby for a top-up feed right before you go off to bed. This ensures they do not wake again until morning and you can get a much better night's sleep as a result. I did this with both Eduardo and Alessia and I can tell you it made things a whole lot easier!

I know a baby routine is not for everyone and that is completely understandable! I don't think every mum operates the same way, nor do they need the same things. But for me, I thrive on having some sort of structure in my life and I think the more our family grows, the more necessary a routine becomes. It just helps everything run smoother and it suits our current lifestyle. However like I said with Emilia when we only had one and were a lot more flexible, it just wasn't for us and that is fine too! I hope this blog post watch the full video on how I put my babies into a routine you can hit play below. Let me know if you have been successful with putting your babies in a routine in the comments! I know I intend on using the same method with baby number four, especially as I'm going to have such a small gap again this time! 

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  1. Great post Anna, I havent yet watched the video so you may have covered this but I was just wondering how you got your babies to nap during the day, my little boy likes to fall asleep on me or in his car seat with the hoover on, did you just put down in cot? Xx

    1. Do you fall asleep, when you are not tired? ;) it is absolutely normal that your baby wants to sleep on you or in his car seat. That‘s a survival thing. Babys do not know that there is no enemy out there who wants to eat them alive. So, as long as your baby can hear your heartbeat or as long as it feels „movement“ it feels safe. If your baby feels safe enough, it will sleep without you/the car etc. Might take some time, but it‘s worth it :) - you‘re doing a great job, mama!!

    2. Is your baby really young? If he's a newborn or under three months I really wouldn't worry about it! It's totally normal for babies to want to snuggle their mamas and fall asleep on them, this is why I don't really encourage trying to put newborns into too strict of a routine because you should just enjoy that bonding time! When he gets a bit older you'll notice putting him down in his cot or Moses basket will get easier as he'll be having more awake time during the day! It takes a bit of getting used to but it's worth it! However I wouldn't worry about it until after the first three months, don't stress! xxx

    3. Thank you for replying Anna! No, he will be 6 months on the 26th but I have since watched your video and seen that you have naps in their normal place of sleep whereas I dont do that at the moment which may be why! I only started putting him upstairs at bedtime a couple of weeks ago,I just thought he was too small to be left alone but I think this is probably common when its your first! My main worry was that he wasnt getting ‘good’ sleep being on me and then waking up too early but I will work on it and fingers crossed he will get used to it! He stopped going in his moses basket from about a month as just wouldnt settle so we have a sleepyhead which he sleeps in with us in bed, he will sleep no bother in this at night but not during the day and if we put him down when asleep on us he wakes up instantly! Thank you again for replying xx

  2. You look so gorgeous in that outfit Anna πŸ˜˜πŸ’žπŸ’–

  3. Hey sweets,
    I also sent you a message on you IG but thought I’d leave one here too. I’m a labor and delivery registered nurse in Texas. I have been one for about 5 yrs. I was chatting with one of our OBs about what you said in your IG about your allergies. We have several medications that are safe during pregnancy, that I would be more than happy to send you to try. I don’t know if you can get them in the UK. The first one, called Benadryl or diphenhydramine, is an antihistamine but will cause drowsiness. There are 2 others that cause less drowsiness and they are Zyrtec and Claritin. I also suffer from horrible allergies so I feel your pain. BTW, you are such an inspiration and a wonderful mommy. Love you tons sweet girl ������

    1. Aww, thank you so much for thinking of me & my hayfever!! Lol! I really appreciate it! I can get all of those here, but thank you for your kind offer! I will definitely check them out. xx

  4. I'm 21 years old and not planning to be pregnant soon but I loved to read the routines. Your structure is so nice!

    You're so beautiful Anna 😍 and definitely an amazing mommy for your kids πŸ‘ŒπŸ’–

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  6. This has helped me so much. I have a 10 month old daughter and I do some things similar to what you have done already. She nearly sleeps through the night but wakes between 1 and 2am at the moment, hopefully she'll be sleeping through soon as I need my sleep �� xx

    1. I'm so glad to hear that!! Have you tried implementing a dream feed at 10/10:30pm? That might help her go through the rest of the night without waking you :) xxx

    2. Yes I've fed her around that time but she still wakes. I'm not sure though if she is solely waking because she's hungry, or more for comfort. Will keep persevering though :-) xx

  7. You are most welcome, my dear. Those are the medications we tell our patients to use. I wasn’t sure if they were available to you.

    I’m so excited to meet baby number 4. You and Jonathan make such beautiful babies. Love you all πŸ€—πŸ’œπŸ˜˜

  8. Hi, Anna!Should i worry if my baby will be 3months in week and he still sleeps in my arms during day ? As soon as i put him in carrycot or bed he starts crying. It means he doesn't feel safe enough?

  9. Hi Anna, thank you for this video, it was super informative! I am wondriwon about your thoughts on nursing to sleep and having a sxhedule?
    I am a first time mom of a nine month old biy. He sleeps through the night with the occasional waking. I nurse him to sleep for naps and bedtime. I am constantly stressed about this... About whether I am doing something wrong or not. Any advice?
    We have a strict bedtime and have a general schedule for naps but it isn't perfect. I just have so much anxiety about this.

  10. I feel such a disaster... No routine here, or not so strict. Our daughter os 2 yo and can't fall asleep alone and still wakes up at night...we tried so many things but for now nothing works . Alessandra

  11. You look so amazing, i learned a lot form you as a mom thank you

  12. Hi Anna, please could you tell me where your white and turquoise dotty PJs are from? Recently found out I’m pregnant and they look so lovely and comfortable! Lauren xx

  13. Hey Anna! Please could you tell me where your white and turquoise dotty PJs are from? Recently found out I’m pregnant and they look so lovely and comfortable! Lauren xx

  14. A lovely blog post Anna I really enjoyed reading it :):) :):)

  15. Hi Anna, thank you for the great posts. How long did you breastfeed each of your children for?


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