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One of my most highly requested videos lately has been how I meal plan for the week. So that's what today's video is all about...I talk about how I do it each Sunday, what kinds of recipes I use (all super easy by the way!), the benefits of having a meal plan and give you some ideas & tips on how to create your own one. I've also included this week's meal plan (it's different to the one in the video as these are filmed a week in advance!) here on the blog so you can copy mine if you want to. I hope this helps!

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Meal Plan June 25th - 29th 2018


Lunch: Tuna & sweetcorn sandwich on rye bread
(Eduardo) Tuna & sweetcorn wrap
Dinner: Prawn curry with coconut cream, leeks & brown rice


Lunch: Egg mayonnaise wholemeal wrap
(Eduardo) Ham & cheese sandwich with pickle
Dinner: Chicken & mushroom pie


Lunch: (Eduardo) Smoked salmon & cream cheese bagel
Dinner: (Kids) Fusilli with courgettes - Annabel Karmel Baby & Toddler cookbook


Lunch: Smoked salmon & avocado wholemeal wrap
(Eduardo) Tuna & sweetcorn wrap
Dinner: Chicken fillet burgers with sweet potato fries & rocket salad


Lunch: Caprese salad with mozzarella, tomatoes, olive oil & basil
(Eduardo) Ham & cheese sandwich with pickle
Dinner: Baked salmon with root vegetables & quinoa


  1. You look absolutely amazing Anna! ♥♥

  2. I started doing a meal plan only recently and it 100% makes a difference I use to struggle so much in thinking of different meals I have a fussy 20 yr old daughter my other half says he’s not fussy but is and I’m a pescatarian.
    I also definitely noticed I saved so much money and didn’t throw away food .Thank you for these great videos .You and your family videos have helped me through a tough 2 years my daughter was diagnosed with a serious neurological condition and then soon after I was diagnosed with pulmonary embolisms and am now battling with resulting health problems.Watching you and your family have cheered me up and kept me positive .Im sure you inspire many many other people you are doing a great job 😘xx

    1. Oh I'm so sorry to hear that :( That sounds really tough...I'm so glad the videos have helped a little bit. <3 Sending you a big hug and lots of love xxx

  3. Thank you for all the meal ideas!!


  4. That Kimono is stunning Anna !!

  5. I absolutely love your meal planning. I have suffered from anorexia for multiple years but eventually got to a place I call recovery. However I was very hesitant to branch out my meal ideas out of fears. But watching your videos and your meal planning has given me so much inspiration and confidence that I have started to eat a variety of food! Thankyou so much! :) xx

  6. I love how your no fuss and genuine about what you eat. I admire for you that.

  7. Your prawn curry looked delicious! I loved this video. I struggle to diversify my diet with new recipes. I get so lazy and will eat terribly so often, I love getting new meal ideas from you. I notice such a difference in my body when I'm eating home-cooked meals with fresh ingredients.

    My problem is that I didn't grow up with parents who cooked a lot, and what they cooked what not very wholesome or healthy. I'm Mexican-American, so I grew up with enchiladas, tamales, chorizo, barbecoa, a lot of BBQ. So meaty/cheesy/carb-heavy deliciousness! I've had to teach myself a lot of things that people find so second nature, like how to cook (steam) veggies and make my own sauces or curry.

    I really admire how you are giving your kids such a great start in life, introducing them to healthy foods and variety. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I like to plan around what I have already, like our staple meals. Usually I'm missing a few ingredients for them so that goes on the grocery list. Then I usually like to try a new recipe every week or make something that we don't have very often. I make a list of all the lunches and dinners and just pick from that list everyday. Once there's not enough ingredients to make it again, I cross it off. By the way, I love how organized you are! It's only my husband and I for now so I can get away with not being so organized. You're super wife/mom!

  9. You look lovely Anna! I admire you so much. <3

  10. I have been following for a long time you soo much you are perfect from every possible sha Allah... would love to see you doing cooking videos showing your salad recipes... they always look amazing...

  11. Love this Anna,could you share method/recipes too xx

  12. Such a helpful video. I was definitely one of the persons screen shotting your instastories 😳.

    You’re a great mum! More lifestyle-organization videos if you don’t mind please!

  13. I would really love some of your recipes for dinner. I live in America and your dinners always look so delicious and different compared to what I normally cook. Love learning and using all your tips!

  14. For about 3 years now “the Anna Saccone Breakfast” has been a thing at our house. My husband doesn’t watch your videos, but still knows your name from our deluxe oatmeal! ��

  15. Anna I would love to know the recipe to when you use ground beef and throw the beans in there, I'm not sure what the dish is called but I would love to know


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