What I Ate Wednesday {5.12.18}

Breakfast (8:30pm)
This What I Ate was filmed during probably one of the most stressful days ever...it was the day after we moved! So many things went wrong, we were insanely busy with work (I had to go to Manchester the following day at 6am), I was breastfeeding a three month old, trying to get two children ready for school etc. etc. you know the drill! But I'm really glad I documented it because it's actually really interesting to look back on. I somehow even managed to get in my morning workout at 6am (here's the workout I did, bear in mind this was a month ago so it has since changed!) and used a coat as my "yoga mat", hahaha! Anyway by the time I finally got around to making some breakfast, it was an instant porridge packet I found made with almond milk, a date, blueberries and cinnamon along with a black coffee. Not bad, considering I could barely source any utensils...although the instant porridge ended up doubling in size (I didn't know this and used two packets) so I think I basically had two portions. Oops! 

I also had already drunk a 900ml bottle of water with my workout.

Snack (11:40am)
That morning we had to go to the school nativity, so I ate a snack later in the morning and grabbed a 1/4 cup of dried fruit & nuts Wellness Mix by Noberasco (sorry, forgot to get a pic of this!). 

Lunch (1:40pm)
For lunch I made a quick ham, cheese & pickle toasted wrap. I use organic ham, cheddar cheese, Stoke's sticky pickle and the wraps are wholeblend flat breads from Crosta & Mollica. I also re-filled my water bottle for the 2nd time!

Dinner (5:30pm)
We unpacked boxes all day long, so by the time dinner rolled around I was starving. Also our oven wasn't working at the time as the electrics hadn't been set up in the house properly yet so we got a takeaway Wagamama's! I got the Yaki Udon which is my absolute favourite dish, it's got prawns, squid & chicken in there along with lots of veggies & yummy udon noodles! 

Dessert (8:35pm)
Later that evening our hairdresser Alex came round to do my hair for the Benefit event the next day and I made us both hot chocolates (I use whole milk & Green and Blacks hot choc) and also had two Frosty Fancies. I also refilled my water bottle for the 3rd time...and that was it for the day!

Hope you guys enjoyed this What I Ate Wednesday, sorry there were no outfit pics but to be completely honest I think my outfit that day was made up of a lot of random pieces I could find out of boxes! 


  1. Wow a hectic day - handled by a supermum!

  2. Anna, I sure hope your Breakfast wasn't at 8:30 pm ;) Happy to see you back blogging! ♥

  3. I like this post about food!!

  4. you are such a supermama trying to do everything :) You are inspiring !

  5. Missed these post on your blog! Love seeing the pictures of your food :)

  6. Dinner looks absolutely delicious Anna!

    Lucy | Forever September

  7. I feel your stressful pain, we moved house recently and it was the most soul destroying mess ever. Your house looks lovely, I hope you are all settled in now and enjoyed Christmas.

  8. Where do you get the sprouted rye bread from ? It looks amazing !


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