My First Wedding Post!

I did make some major wedding decisions yesterday...or at least I made up my mind about certain things.  I had already decided the location with my mom's help about a week and a half ago.  I've decided to get married in Ischia, which if you don't know is an island off the coast of Naples.  Basically my dad grew up there and besides that it's a very beautiful, idyllic place.  I've summered in its neighbouring islands Procida and Capri.  Capri had initially been my honeymoon destination choice but I feel like it's become a little bit spoiled or overdone, if that makes sense!  Ischia is more special to me for sentimental reasons anyway and I feel it's less well-known which appeals to me!

My favourite part of Italy is of course, Naples because that's where my family is from.  My grandparents'/now my uncle's house is there and I feel it's my home away from home.  Aside from the fact that the weather should be gorgeous in the summer-time, as my dad can't be at my wedding in person this feels like the right location to get married.

I was chatting to my friend Polina on Twitter yesterday, which happened to be her name day.  If you don't know, in some countries people celebrate your name day which is like your birthday, only it's not the day you were born, it's the day of the saint you were named after.  Because my family is Italian I've always celebrated my name day, which in Italy is called your "onomastico".  Mine is on July 26th - Sant'Anna.  I feel like this would be a really special day to get married on July 26th mom got married on her birthday so this would be very similar to that.

It's going to be quite an intimate wedding in the sense that only family and close friends are invited.  I'm toying with the idea of having a beach wedding.  Also, it maybe extremely difficult if not, impossible to get married in a church on July 26th.  As well as that, I've never been very religious.  Isn't it somewhat hypocritical to get married in a church if you've never practised your religion?  I don't know...!

At the moment I'm looking at nice hotels because we will be staying there for our honeymoon too.  This one in particular caught my eye.  I love the decor - simple yet chic!  The hotel is also a spa and since I can't stand hen parties, bachelorette parties or any of that tackiness, I think a girls' spa day would be much nicer!  Jonathan and his brother (best man) are into motorbikes so they'll all probably go on a biking trip around the island.

I haven't fully decided on my bridesmaids first I was going to only have 3 (all close family members), and then Jonathan would have 3 groomsmen but a tiny part of me thinks it might be more fun to have more.  I'm not really sure.  My two sisters, Emma and Erika and my cousin Valentina are all definitely bridesmaids.  I want a very neutral colour scheme, so all the bridesmaids will be wearing champagne coloured halter-neck dresses.  Here's my dream dress...

I love the embroidery and lace!  The sweet-heart neckline is a favourite of mine and I've always wanted a full skirt.  What do you think?!  I also googled some inspiring images that fit with the theme of my wedding in my head ;)  Such as the cake/flowers, invitations and candles.

   I'm getting excited just looking at all of these things!  I know it's over a year away but I don't think there's any harm in planning ahead of schedule ;)  Let me know your thoughts and what you have planned/already did for your wedding!

Stay Stylish!


Disclaimer: Images from Google.

Illustrate My Book Contest - The Winner!

Wow, I was so overwhelmed by how amazing all the illustrations I left it up to you guys to vote for your favourite.  This illustration got the most votes (77 in total) and with your help we've decided that it's the most suitable style for The Style Diet book.  Congratulations to the illustrator, Tarsila Kruse for doing such an excellent job and congratulations to all of you who entered.  You can also view all the entries here.  I will be in touch with the winning illustrator by email very soon and will let you guys know any further developments as well!  I hope to get the book published by the end of summer but keep your fingers crossed!

Stay Stylish!


Men's Hair Styling!

Check out Jonathan's hair!!  Ha ha ha...let me know if you like how it turned out...I think it's pretty cool!  It actually looked better after he had slept on it.  This is what it looked like last night.  This morning it had calmed down a bit and looked more natural.  

Stay Stylish!

Happy Father's Day!

I am so fortunate to have had a truly amazing dad.  He is my inspiration in so many ways and I'm so grateful for him because he taught me so much in life and has given me the strength to believe in myself and to have the confidence to do great things.  As most of you probably know, I lost my dad to cancer in 2008 but since he's been gone I've grown to realise that even though he's not present on this earth, he still watches over me. I've never known a father as charming, intelligent and great as him and I feel blessed to have a dad that I'm proud of.  I would much rather have a father who I know loves me watching over me in heaven, than have an absent father who is still alive, but doesn't care about me.  

Just because you lost someone you love, doesn't mean they're really ever gone.  Happy Father's Day, Dad.  Not a day goes by that I don't think of you.


Illustrate My Book Contest - Help Me Pick The Winner!


























Here are the 25 finalists of our illustration contest!  I'm leaving it up to you guys to decide which illustrations are your favourites and I will take that into consideration when I pick the final winners.  There is a possibility that I will pick two winners because there are two different types of illustrations I need done for the book!  So vote for your favourite using the comments section and keep in mind that the number of the illustration is UNDER the picture, not over it.  Simply write the number of your favourite and if you like, tell me why you like it!  You can only vote once and of course you can vote for yourself :)

I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who entered - you are all amazing and I appreciate all the work you guys did so so much.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Stay Stylish!

Bridal Wear: Choose Your Neckline


Works best for fuller busts.


Works best for broad shoulders.

spaghetti strap

Works best for narrow shoulders and smaller busts.

square neck

Works best for any shape.


Works best for smaller busts.


Works best for fuller busts.


Works best for narrow shoulders and smaller busts.

As requested, here's a wedding fashion post!

I've included some picture examples of all the necklines I could think of APART from the cowl neck which I couldn't find in this set.  But just watch Mighty Joe Young and skip to the part where Charlize Theron goes to a party wearing a white full-length gown and you'll know what I was talking about.  Or Google it...whatever works for you ;)

Which wedding dress neckline did/would you go for?

Stay Stylish!

Disclaimer: I do not take credit for these images.  All neckline images are taken from Google and do not belong to me.  Taken for illustrational purposes only.

I'm Engaged!

I swore I wouldn't blog about it...yet here I am.  I suppose you could say I was asked politely by a lot of people to do a little blog post on the subject so here goes.  As most of you probably already know, Jonathan and I got engaged!  He actually proposed on our 3 year anniversary which was June 3rd, but we kept it a secret (kind of) till now because we were ring shopping and I wanted to pick out my own ring.  I'm really a control freak about my wedding, engagement, honeymoon...the whole deal and Jonathan knows me all too well.  I need to have FULL control of everything so that it all looks exactly as it does in my head.  Yup, I've been planning since I was about 6.  Ha ha!

I'm not going to go into specifics about the ring but basically, I wanted a very classic white gold Tiffany Setting and that's what I got!  I couldn't be happier right now...I've been on the phone all day long, speaking to both friends and family and they are all extremely happy for us...for the most part.  (Unfortunately every family has its crazies but we'll get over that ;)  

Thank you to Jonathan for being so patient with me and making me the happiest girl in the world, thank you to my mama for helping me pick out my ring and for enduring so many looong phone-calls, thank you to my dad for watching over me and protecting me everyday, thank you to my brothers and sisters for being supportive and kind, thank you to my Oma for making herself a celebratory pancake for her dinner in honour of our engagement!  Thank you to the rest of my wonderful family for being fantastic...and thank you to ALL OF YOU GUYS for the lovely messages, comments, tweets, emails and all round support today and everyday since I started on YouTube!  I appreciate each and every one of you... 

Lots of love!

Illustrate My Book!

Are you good at art and illustration?  I am looking for a talented young artist or illustrator to draw about 10 images for my book, The Style Diet.  The winner will get their work published in my book, will obviously be credited for their work and given a free copy.  I'm absolutely thrilled with the entries so far...they have been flooding in since yesterday and I am already amazed by your talent!

Keep entering and keep have up until next Friday.  The picture above is an example of the kind of thing we are looking for.  I know you will all be great - the standard of work we've been receiving is top notch!!

Stay Stylish!


Disclaimer:  Image is from, I do not own the rights to these illustrations and I did not draw them myself.  They are purely for instructional purposes.  

Vintage Florals

I don't normally like floral fact I never wear them because they're just not my style.  But I like this camisole because 1.) it's got neutral colours in it and 2.) it's got a vintage "old" feel to it.  My mama got it for me in Sweden...I think it's in my "Sweden Haul" video from last year!  I was hoping to pair it up with something more interesting like my high-waisted cream shorts from the H&M Garden Collection (featured in my "How To Wear Shorts" video) or even an olive green high-waisted skirt from Zara but of course...the weather is just too cold and un-summery and I had to stick with a boring pair of brown skinny leg pants....snore.  I hate Irish weather, your styling options are so limited!  Boo hoo!

Anyway, here's what I wore:

Camisole: Vintage boutique somewhere in Sweden
Pants: Cheap Monday bought from ASOS
Peep-toe flats: H&M
Earrings: Vero Moda
Bracelet: Stolen from my mom
Watch: Vintage Nina Ricci

My hair is totally air-dried with no product in it, washed and brushed last night...this is what it looks like after sleeping on it.  I took you guys' advice on the Body Shop bronzer in golden bronze and used it as an eye shadow today...and I love it!  Thank you so much for suggesting that, I now have a humongous pretty eye-shadow, haha!  It's lovely and shimmery with a very warm undertone.  On my lips I have on Maybelline gloss in Crystal Rocks.  It's a summery, peachy shade.  What did you wear today?

Stay Stylish!
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