Last Days of Summer

18 August 2010

Okay, first of all I cannot take credit for any of these photos...they were taken either by my sister Emma or my mom!  We spent the day in Kinsale, a pretty sailing town in County Cork.  The weather was beautiful but it's changing so we are making the most of the sun.  We checked out the local boutiques where I bought a pair of nautical-style flannel shorts on sale (I'll blog about them soon) and then we ate toasted sandwiches and Fisherman's Baskets in a local hotel/bar.  Enjoy the pics!



  1. I love ur style Anna :) U look always soo chic and natural.

    Please do more videos on youtube :D

  2. Gorgeous as always! It's like November out here today. Bye bye pretty dresses :( x

  3. So nice. I love your dress!
    Albi looks so cute (as always) but Erika feels sad? The last picture made me think that...

  4. love the pics.
    And you do a really good job on your blog and you tube.

    How do you like the new town?


  5. Pretty pictures! I am glad you are enjoying these last days of summer. I remember my days in Kinsale like a zillion years ago!
    Take care, sweety ,

  6. Looks as though you are fully enjoying what is left of summer and what beautiful pictures!

    Liesl :)

  7. You are so cute and beautiful .. xoxo :)

  8. So cute! I just ordered a dress very similar to this style, hopw it looks good on me:) Keep sweeet:)

  9. Looks like you gained some weight. You look good though!

  10. Great stuff Anna,

    Very inspiring to young ladies I'm sure.

    May I suggest looking for a new photographer, your photo's aren't doing you any justice. Bad angle, wrong glass (lens), not great lighting and not good posture.

    Have another look at the shots at the top of your web page and focus on the lower half of your body (not your face). As you scroll (up or down) you might notice you start to look bow legged.

    I hope my bluntness isn't taken as rudeness but as positive criticism.

    Try a new photographer

    "your worth it"

    Kind regards,



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