Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Decorating My Make-Up Room!

Welcome to my make-up room! :)

No boys allowed!!  This is strictly a girls-only post, filled with all things pink and fluffy...hahaha!  I was so excited when we moved apartment because this time I got my very own make-up and closet room which I can decorate with lots of pink and girly items without having to worry about whether my fiancé will approve or not...yay!  It's also a place where I can chill on my own, film my videos, blog or read in peace!  Jonathan also gets his own study which is so great because that way we each have our own space even though we live together.

So I was feeling a little miffed as Jonathan bought a beautiful big desk, a new computer and flat-screen TV for his study, which meant that I had to wait till next month to decorate my room (boys' toys are expensive!!).  So my lovely mama was so kind and generous that she offered to take me shopping today for my make-up room!  This is just the beginning of its makeover but I was really pleased with what we got.  Here are a few pictures for you guys!  Above is what you see as soon as you walk in the door.

The bed/sofa (no-one will really be sleeping here, it's more of a lounging area)
Duvet cover is from Jasper Conran at Debenhams
Throw is from my little sister Erika (not sure where she got it)

At the foot of the bed is a chest-of-drawers, which is currently covered in a mess of jewellery and items I still haven't put away yet!  

My three cushions!!  I plan on buying a lot more and filling the bed with them, but for now it's just these three.  The faded pink and cream printed one is from Atlantic Homecare and the other two are from Debenhams.

How cute are my fairy lights?!  These are pink flower lights from Debenhams and I hung them around my window.  I don't plan on buying any curtains for the room as that's not really necessary...instead I'm going to get a very long sheer pink pashmina/scarf and drape it around the curtain rail.  I think that will look much prettier.

My vanity and windowsill
This tablecloth is also from Debenhams!

I also got a vanilla-scented candle from Debenhams.  Vanilla is my favourite scent!

Beside my vanity is a bedside table, where I store most of my jewellery and my laptop!

My make-up storage!  
These plastic storage systems were purchased at Home Store & More which I think is the UK/Ireland equivalent to Bed Bath and Beyond in the US.  The pink shoes postcard is from the V&A Museum in London.

Okay, here's where all the mess has gravitated you can tell we did a lot of shopping at Debenhams, haha.  Please excuse the messy clothes, jewellery and extremely ugly lamp which came with the apartment.  I intend on replacing it with something much prettier. Again, my room is far from complete...I have to frame and hang pictures on the walls, buy a few more things and get the rest of my closet organised.  But aside from that, I hope you enjoyed the pics!

You can leave now...bye!  Hahaha!

Stay Stylish!


  1. Oh my goodness, this is so exciting and I love how you decorated everything!

    I have been doing a bit of an overhaul on my apt. and your simplistic taste is very close to the pink! :)

    Thank you for sharing and what a lovely spot you now have for all your make-up, videos and blogging! Enjoy it!

    Liesl :)

  2. I love the room I can't wait to have my own make up/closet room me and Luke have both said we would like our own ''space'' rooms each. I totally agree it's a great idea to have. Vanilla is my favourite scent as well :-) love the blog xx

  3. @Liesl Thank you! You're always so sweet!! I think I'll call you Lovely Liesl from now on :)

    @angelisheyes Thank you hun! I know, I think it's so important...everybody needs their own space!

  4. Anna, the room is so precious! I love the fairy lights and pillows. I cannot even believe how organized you are!

  5. It looks so cute! I love the lights the most :)

  6. Love interior posts! Love the cushions and make-up area, fab storage! x

  7. really great, especially those pillows! and love the last picture and comment, haha :)

  8. looks amazing! im still working on my room. decorating a room can be pricy

  9. Yay very pretty and comfy! :)) I love the fairly lights and the pink scarf idea instead of curtains is very clever - would be much prettier and girlie! :))

    Love how you keep your makeup storage / collection not too big - very organised! :) I would looove an updated makeup collection / storage ideas video - would be fun to see! :)

    p.s. and I love the view of the window - so calming - green trees, blues sky - perfect. Happy you found such a beautiful place to live! Hugs!


  10. everything looks gorgeous! i love your storage space. you should do a make up/storage video! :))

    Smiles and kisses


  11. Wow, thank you so much for all the positive comments on my room! I'm so happy for it to finally not look like a bomb-site...LOL!

    @polina Thank you! Yes, I love my view from the window, it's very peaceful as I'm facing the back of the house :)

    @Miss Vendella I will definitely do a make-up storage video...perhaps next on the list?

    @Hershley's Sweet Kiss YES it can be super expensive...that's why it's taken me this long, haha!

    @Rebecca from See You in Sweden LOL I'm glad you appreciated that! ;)

    @StyleFrost Thanks, I'm glad you like them!

    @Meredith Thank you :) Yes I love the lights too!

    @Laura Hoffman I'm really not that organised...but I try to be! You should see my room after filming a video!!

  12. I love posts like this! Its so much fun seeing what people's rooms and houses look like. Thanks for bringing is in. Your room looks gorgeous! Love the cute little lights too :-)

  13. Looks amazing!! Really need to make time for decorating my room too!

  14. I love your make up room! It's so girly but at the same time so simple and clean!
    I would like to see your make up collection although I know you made one last year but now that you are more into make up, I guess you bought more stuff.

  15. Cute and girly!




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