A Kind of Random Post...

I'm really not in the mood to post anything specific at the moment...just wanted to give a bit of an update/write a kind of random blog post on what's going on in my life right now.  Enjoy!

Beauty: I filmed a tutorial with fancy schmancy editing which I am quite proud of if I do say so myself :)  It took me ages to edit but I did it and I'm really happy with it.  You can check it out on YouTube here.  Here was the final look:

Albi: I woke up this morning to a wonderfully white blanket of snow outside my window...YAY!  Finally...now I really feel like Christmas is coming :)  Albi and I both bundled up in our winter coats and braved the outdoors for his morning walk...he had such a great time and there was hardly anyone around so I let him off the lead.  My baby loves to run in the snow!  We were then met by two old men, Albi got a fright (he hates strange men) started barking and one of them tried to KICK Albi!!  I became almost paralyzed with shock, I didn't know what to do or how to react. Seriously, what is wrong with some people??  Why on earth would you want to kick a very small and cute 10lb dog?  He's not even aggressive when he barks, just frightened.

Christmas: On to more pleasant things...we received our Christmas cards last Friday and I have already sent half of the bunch (most of my fiancé's family have incredibly complicated Irish names...which I'm still figuring out how to spell!) and I am so happy with the design.  We ordered them from Vistaprint...I was really impressed with the website and delivery was very efficient.  I won't post the Christmas card here until everybody has gotten theirs as I don't want to spoil the surprise :)

We hope to get our tree soon (I'm thinking on the 8th) and I am so excited to decorate!  I will take pictures when I do.

Diet: I've started eating porridge for breakfast as it's the yummiest thing to have on cold mornings!  I love mine with cinnamon and fresh blueberries.  Healthy, low-fat and delicious!  I'm also absolutely loving persimmons at the moment...OMG.  I never tasted them before (except maybe when I was little) but they are incredible...if you haven't tasted one yet you really need to!!

Book: My book is nearly finished...I promised you guys it would be out in December, well I'm holding onto that promise!  My illustrator Tarsila is FANTASTIC, she has done the most amazing job with the illustrations and I couldn't be happier with them.  You can check out here work/blog here.  I'm not showing you guys any illustrations yet though...I want it to be a complete surprise!  All things going to plan, you will be able to buy my book online next month.  Yay!  (If you don't know what I'm talking about, I spent the last two years writing a book...The Style Diet, a positive body image book for teens.  But really, it's for any age group :)  I finished it in January of this year and promised myself by the end of the year it would be published...and now here we are!)

Wedding: I am working with two wedding planners at the moment, and I finally seem to be getting somewhere with the venue.  Once that is finalised I will feel A LOT better about the whole thing.  Jonathan and are also thinking about taking a road trip across Europe next year, the destination being our wedding in southern Italy.  I would LOVE if it worked out as I've never been to France and have always wanted to see it.  Jonathan's family on his father's side is originally French (hence the name, Joly) and it would be nice to go back to the region where they are from.

I've seen a few more dresses that I like on the Nordstrom website.  I like that they're not so traditional and a little more modern.  I've also made changes to my bridesmaids' dress code, they are now wearing dresses to the knee and all in different shades of neutrals.  Beautiful!  My colour scheme for the wedding is neutrals so this will fit perfectly.

Family: I love Christmas and this time of the year, I really do.  But it's also a sad time, my dad's anniversary is coming up (Dec. 2nd), even the thought of it makes my throat feel stuck, my hands clammy and my heart race....I'm not sure why.  :(  Some days I'm convinced it doesn't get better, it only gets worse.  And then other days I'm fine...it's weird.  This was his funeral wreath.

On a lighter note, my mom got an amazing bunch of flowers from one of her friends to honour my dad's passing.  How pretty are they??  I have never been much of a flowers person...but even I have to admit these are pretty cool!

Car: We are getting a new car on Thursday.  I am so happy I could pee my pants!!  (Okay not really, haha.)  But it's pretty cool as we've never bought a car together before.  Our first one was a hand-me-down from my mom and now that that's kaput we've been using my dad's old one until we find ours.  I think we've finally found our match :)  This also means that we will be going to Dublin this weekend for a family dinner at my future mother-in-law's house.  Yay!

So that's everything that's on my mind right now.  A little different than my usual posts...hope you enjoyed :)  

Stay Stylish!

Thanksgiving At My Mom's!

I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving yesterday!  We spent the evening at my mom's house where she cooked a delicious meal and everything looked so festive!  The food was so good that when we got home I slipped into a food coma...hahaha!  Here are some pics from the evening...warning, this is a picture heavy post!

Thanksgiving table set-up!  I love autumn colours!

My turkey and other decorations I made!  I made these about 5 years ago and we've used them every Thanksgiving since.  Oh, hello picture of my dad in the corner...hehehe!

Adorable place mats and napkin set!  My mom had to get my brother to buy these for her from Williams-Sonoma in the US.  She saw them on the website and fell in love <3

Thanksgiving salt and pepper shakers!  I love these!  They're broken though :(  My mom's cats smashed them when they were coming in through the kitchen window one night.  She was so upset she cried when she found them the next morning :(  My dad glued them back together though...and now we can't use them but they still look pretty!

My fiancé Jonathan and me at the dinner table...he's shoveling in the sweet potatoes!

Albi eyeing up the pumpkin cheesecake...hahaha!

Getting ready to EAT!

Albi had to get his own place at the table!

Jonathan and Albi

Just one of the recipe books used to make this feast!

And now some pictures of the food...

Baked corn

Corn bread muffins

Cranberry sauce

A mixture of roasted sweet and regular potatoes

My favourite!!  Baked pumpkin cheesecake and whipped cream...yum!  I'm totally a desserts girl, I always leave room for dessert :)  Which is your favourite Thanksgiving food?  Or if you don't celebrate the holiday, do you prefer sweet or savoury food?  I forgot to take a picture of the turkey...duh!!  Oops...well anyway we never do a full turkey for Thanksgiving because we're the only ones in the family who celebrate so it's only ever a pretty small amount of people at dinner!  

A couple of you asked why my family celebrates Thanksgiving if we live in Ireland, hahaha...well I was born in the US and lived there till I was seven, my parents met there and lived there for much longer than me.  So as a family we've always celebrated Thanksgiving and just because we moved doesn't mean we stopped our family traditions :)


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!  

I am so excited for dinner this evening, we are going to my mom's house to celebrate.  She is cooking a wonderful meal and my sister is baking dessert...I can't wait!  I will hopefully take lots of pictures of all the yummy food and post it on here later.  To those of you who celebrate the holiday, I hope you have a great day and fill your tummies with lots of delicious food!

Here's what I wore today, I kept it simple and elegant.

Sweater: InWear
Shirt: Zara (similar style from Matalan here)
Pants: ASOS 
Boots: ASOS
Earrings: Accessorize
Coat: H&M (similar style by Vanessa Bruno in black here)
Bag: ASOS (get it in navy blue here)

This outfit with the white shirt and black sweater reminds me of a pilgrim, hahaha!  It wasn't intentional though, promise!  The sweater is a beautifully soft angora wool and so warm for this freezing weather at the moment.  I know I keep featuring the same coat lately but it really has been the cold lately and I find this wraps me up the best!

I kept my make-up really simple, I'm only wearing mascara, eyeliner and one eyeshadow on my eyes...a natural shimmer colour, the Kiko Highly Pigmented e/s in #80.  I'm wearing The Body Shop love gloss again in #19.  This is what my hair looks like after washing it the night before and sleeping on it.  Before bed I applied leave-in conditioner and this morning I ran a tiny amount of L'Oreal Fibre Putty through it.  That's it!  

Again, Happy Thankgiving to those who celebrate and I hope you all have a lovely day!

Stay Stylish!

Purple Party Make-Up!

This makeup look is so easy to do!  For me, this is a great look for night-time/evening makeup when you want something more dramatic.  It could also be great for an upcoming Christmas or New Year's party!  I realise that for some others, this isn't dramatic at all (eg. the Kardashian sisters!!) in fact I know a lot of girls who would wear this for everyday.  But I personally prefer to keep my night time and day looks separate, otherwise where's the difference?  

If you have brown eyes, this look will work really well on you because of the navy blue and purple.  If you have green or hazel eyes, it will also look very flattering!

Here's what I used: 

1. Lancome e/s in Drama
2. Lancome e/s in Camisole
3. Lancome e/s in The New Blue
4. MAC e/s in Skintone 1 (Noteriety Palette)
5. Golden Rose liquid eyeliner
6. Impala Waterproof pencil liner
7. CoverGirl LashBlast Volume mascara 
8. MAC blush in Earth to Earth
9. The Body Shop Love Gloss in #19

I used five brushes for the eyes:

MAC 252 to apply Drama all over the lid
Mary Kay blending brush to apply Camisole into the crease
Dior eyeliner brush to apply Camisole onto the bottom lashline
MAC 219 to apply The New Blue onto the outer V and outer bottom lashline
MAC 224 to apply Skintone 1 to the browbone and inner corners
Mary Kay blending brush to blend everything together

And there you have it!  A simple, easy to follow evening look for the upcoming party season!  Let me know what you think of the look and if you decide to try it out :)

Stay Stylish!

Some Christmas Goodies!

I can't believe Thanksgiving is on Thursday...eek!  This year has flown by so fast!  I have just started getting ready for Christmas, as I intend to start decorating right after Thanksgiving.  If you were reading my blog this time last year, you'll know that because we were so busy moving etc. we only got our Christmas tree put up a few days before the 25th :(  It was very sad!  So this year, I want an early start as I'd like to enjoy my house at Christmas!  My mom recently came back from Dublin and brought me these lovely Christmassy things!  Actually the tin of sweets is for my fiancé, Jonathan (hahaha) and the confetti are what I had mentioned before in a wedding post, they will be our favours for our wedding. They're hard sugary sweets with almond in the middle and are traditionally given at Italian weddings or christenings.  

Onto my absolute favourite for Christmas...panettone.  These have become very popular in Ireland recently, I remember when you could hardly find them here.  This is a traditional Italian Christmas cake, or sweet bread.  It's what we eat every Christmas morning for breakfast with a hot drink.  Yum!  The original kind has candied fruit inside but this particular one has chocolate.  Normally you get a big panettone to share with the whole family, but this is a cute baby one!  I can't wait to eat it all myself share it with Jonathan!

All these sweet treats are from Carluccio's in Dublin.

My mom also brought me back some adorable decorations from Avoca.  I absolutely love the gingerbread man and cupcake!  They are made of soft fabric but covered in glittery "sugar".  The heart is for my room, I think it will look so sweet hanging on my closet door :)

Last week I also picked up some decorations from Dwyer's (they usually sell electrical things like fridges, cooking appliances, stoves, etc.) who had a surprisingly good Christmas collection!  I got two wooden reindeer, a star decoration covered in toadstools and two furry polar bears.  My mom took the other two (they came in a pack of four).

From Dwyer's I also picked up three stockings for each member of the family...can you guess which one is Albi's?  I'll give you a hint, it's the one with only a right eye..hahaha!  

Actually, this fell off accidentally but how much of a coincidence is that?! 

Have you started shopping for Christmas yet?  What is your decorating style? 

Stay Stylish!

Pole Dancing Fun!

Last night I went pole dancing for my friend Sarah's 23rd birthday.  It was my first time ever pole dancing and it's sooo hard!  My arms and legs are aching so much this morning!  It's true what people say, it is a great workout!  What I wore:

Shorts: Egerie (similar style in denim by Miss Selfridge here)
Top: Primark (same style by the Gap here)
Shoes: New Look (get them in nude here)
Earrings: Accessorize

Action shot!

With my bestie, Rebecca

Have you ever been pole dancing before?  What did you think?  :)

Stay Stylish!

Party Dresses for Your Bodyshape!

I put together three different outfits styled around some cute dresses for the upcoming party season.  With Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year just around the corner, I thought this would be a useful post!  I also gave my opinion on what would be more flattering for certain body shapes.  I hope some of you find this helpful!

Dress #1: Perfect for the boyish body shape, this dress has a racer back and halter neck with lots of gathering in the front creating volume and giving the illusion of a fuller frame!  

Dress: Benetton (similar style by Dorothy Perkins here)
Footless Tights: M&S
Boots: ASOS
Clutch: Vintage (similar style by M&S here)
Earrings: Accessorize
Jacket: H&M (similar style by Oasis here)

Dress #2: Super flattering for girls with curves, hourglass or full-figures.  The structured shape and cinched in waist accentuate the natural curves of your body :) 

Dress: French Connection (similar style from Oasis here)
Blazer: Zara (similar style/price, different colour from ASOS here)
Tights: ASOS
Shoes: New Look (get them in nude here)
Clutch: Vintage (similar style in black by Fiorelli here)
Earrings: Accessorize

Dress #3: Amazing on apple-shaped girls, this dress balances out the frame by adding volume to the lower body with the pockets and tulip skirt while flattering the upper body with the v-neck.  The simple waist-line and zipper elongate the mid-section and make it appear slimmer!

Dress: Whistles
Tights: ASOS
Coat: H&M (simillar style by Vanessa Bruno in black here)
Shoes: New Look (get them in nude here)
Clutch: Vintage (similar style by New Look here)
Earrings: Accessorize

Let me know which dress is your favourite!  Hope this helps, and that you all have a great time this holiday and party season!  :) 
Stay Stylish!

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