Wedding Reception Inspiration

 I've been asked a few times to do some wedding moodboards and things like that to better show you my ideas and inspirations for my own big day.  So here is my first I've said before the style or "theme" that I'm going for is very simple, understated elegance.  Small, delicate details like candles in glass jars, neutral colours and rustic elements are what my wedding will be all about.  If you'd like me to create similar moodboards for other aspects of my wedding like the ceremony/attire just let me know! :)

Today was the day that I sent out our Save-the-Dates!  At first I wasn't even going to do them...but after giving it some thought I decided that because our wedding is abroad it would be better to let our guests know the details ahead of time!  (The invitations go out next month).  So everyone received an email Save-the-Date with a link to our wedding website today, with all the information about the venue, location, hotels, airport, thing to do in the area...etc. etc.  For the meantime we've decided to keep our wedding website private as it's just for guest information at the moment but after the wedding we will be making it public and adding all of our own pictures.  I will link you guys up as soon as that's ready ;)  

I'm also really excited about our invitations because one of YOU is designing them!  Yes, that's of my lovely subscribers/video watchers is making our wedding invitations!  Her name is Natalie and she's from Germany...she sent us two incredible handmade cards which both Jonathan and I were blown away by, so we asked her if she would like to design and create our wedding invitations and she accepted!  She has already done an amazing job.  I can't wait to show you guys!  

Stay Stylish!

Disclaimer: Pictures are from Style Me Pretty.

Italian Food Haul and Wedding Update!

I am so excited!!  Today I went to the Italian shop with my mom and's an authentic Italian store called The Boot's Specialties.  It's absolutely amazing!  The owner Pasquale is also from Naples and he and his girlfriend are such nice and genuine people.  I definitely recommend checking it out if you live in Cork!  I filmed a little bit of it in tomorrow's daily vlog so you can see what it's like, they basically stock all Italian brands that we love and have always bought both when we lived in America and Italy.  I love going there, they always offer us a shot of espresso and some Italian candies ;)  In fact Pasquale pretty much poured the entire contents of the sweet tray into my mom's handbag...hahaha!

Anyhow, that's not the only reason why I'm excited.  I'm excited because I bought my wedding favours!!  I couldn't believe it when I saw them there.  I purchased two packs which I imagine will be more than enough!  I'm doing little chiffon baggies filled with confetti (sugar coated almonds, traditional Italian wedding favours) for every guest to take home with them.  

Finally after a LOT of thinking I have decided what I want for my wedding centrepieces!  As I've said before, our wedding "theme" is going to be quite simple, understated and elegant so I didn't want anything too tall or too fancy.  Also, I'll be the first to admit that I am not a huge flowers girl!  I don't really like floral prints, nor do I decorate my house with flowers...I tend to be more inspired by things like candles and lights.  I also think these little "milk pail" lanterns with hearts on them compliment the style of the wedding really well so I'm going to go with a few of these per table, some with little tea-lights or candles in them and others with a few short flowers (all white and ivory).  I think that will look so pretty!  My sister bought this lantern in Powerscourt Shopping Centre in Dublin so I'm going to go see if I can buy them in bulk next time I'm there.  I plan on bringing an extra suitcase when we fly to Italy and pack all the little bits and pieces myself.  Even though I trust my wedding planners I want to feel like my wedding has our own touches to it and it wasn't completely done by somebody else! :)

Back to food :)  While I was at the Italian shop I also picked up this amazing tin!  It's so pretty and I couldn't resist...I plan on storing my makeup in here.  At first I actually thought it had some kind of giant powder puff in it...but no, it's a chocolate cake!  Hahaha!

Look how sweet all the little pictures are on the sides!  I love it!

Finally I also picked up some Barilla ricotta and tomato pasta sauce (the BEST sauce I've ever tasted from a's so yummy!)  and a tiny jar of anchovies.  These are one of my favourite things to eat!  Someday I'll teach you guys how to make a really simple and traditional Italian spaghetti dish with just anchovies, oil and breadcrumbs.  My dad used to make it all the time and it is delicious!!

I hope you enjoyed my little food haul and wedding update!  Let me know what you think!

Stay Stylish!

Voting Day

I'm in my mom's house writing this blog post as our internet is down for today so I've got to be quick!!  Today's outfit is one of my favourites, and I can't believe that not one of the pictures shows off my necklace properly...ahh!!  It's seriously so pretty but my hair ended up being in the way in every shot. :(  You can see it properly in yesterday's daily vlog.  It was a gift from my brother and it's from a French jeweller's called Agatha.  I love it!

I'm wearing it with two of my favourite affordable basics...a pair of khaki pants and a grey ribbed top from Primark.  The grey boots are from Dune and the blazer and bag are both from ASOS!  My silver cuff is also from my brother but it's Newbridge Silver.  I hope you like this outfit as much as I's amazing how much better my outfit posts look with a good camera!  (Jonathan took these with his Canon 550D.)  Now I'm going to go vote!  If you live in Ireland, then I hope you did too :)

Stay Stylish!

January Fashion Favourites

Instead of doing monthly beauty favourites, I thought I'd share some of my monthly fashion favourites instead.  This could be individual items, accessories or whole outfits.  The main reason behind doing this is because I don't really feel passionate enough about so many beauty products to make a video every single month...when usually, they're actually the same.  I can't say I'm very adventurous when it comes to beauty or makeup so it was beginning to feel a little stale.  

Last month my most obvious fashion favourite black suede boots from ASOS!  They actually ended up being featured in all three of my outfits of the day from that month, hahaha!  I must really love them a lot :)  They're such a classic pair to have in your wardrobe and they go with almost everything.

January Outfit #1.
You can find the original post here, but I wore variations of this look a lot all month.  The jeans are from Zara, the angora sweater is from InWear and the trench coat is by Sisley.  The bag is also from ASOS.  I've always loved black and tan together and I think the angora sweater makes any outfit look more expensive...even when it's not! ;)

January Outfit #2
You can view the original outfit post here.  This time I have the boots paired up with some footless tights and brown corduroy shorts high-waisted shorts from Zara.  A good trick for wearing tights in the winter is to wear them with boots...that way you can hide an extra pair of socks underneath and no-one will ever know!  I'm wearing this with a basic grey v-neck also from Zara, a brown pashmina which was a gift and a grey blazer from ASOS.

January Outfit #3 
This one was so simple and basic but a lot of you saw it in one of the daily vlogs and asked me to feature it.  (View the original post here.)  I am wearing my dark wash skinny jeans by Miss Anna, a stripy Gap top and a navy blue cardigan from Wallis.  I had paired this up with my black biker jacket from Bershka but my little sister Erika is borrowing it at the moment so I couldn't feature it here, sorry!

Let me know which outfit you liked best!  And what were your January fashion favourites?

Stay Stylish!

Sneak Peek of my Wedding Dress!

Okay, so I kind of tricked you guys with the title of this blog post...I'm sorry ;)  But keep reading and I promise you won't be disappointed.  I've been absolutely flooded with questions about my wedding dress, have I bought it yet, when will I show you guys, what is it like, what colour, and so on.  And while I definitely believe that some things are meant to be kept private (until after the wedding day that is!) I also feel bad so I wanted to give those of you who asked a little sneak preview of some of the wedding attire.  

I am actually wearing two wedding dresses (not at the same time though...that would just look crazy) as we are having the registry office marriage here in Ireland and then the symbolic ceremony will be in Italy.  The beautiful navy blue number pictured above is my dress for the registry office...I absolutely adore it!  My mom helped me pick this and she fell in love with it too.  I wanted something shorter, and more structured in a contrasting colour so I picked navy blue (are you really so surprised?!) with a gorgeous embellished neckline, defined waist and a skirt with pockets that falls just below the knee (super flattering!!)

Here's a closer look at the beaded detailing on the neck.  I plan on wearing it with gold earrings, nude pumps and my nude leather clutch from ASOS.  

And here's what the back looks like.  I love it so much!!  The square-cut back is so cute.  I really can't wait to wear this.  Our registry office wedding will be in late August, very close to the symbolic ceremony so fingers crossed the Irish summer will last till then!  (The dress is from Monsoon.)

Finally, because I'm such a kind soul I have provided you lovely readers with a TEENY TINY sneaky peek at my actual wedding dress...hahaha, but that's all I'm giving you!  One ruffle. That's all you get.  For now.  

Stay Stylish!

P.S. Fashion video will be up tomorrow instead of today due to a massive freaking HOLE appearing in my ceiling followed by a complete and utter panic attack.  Yup.  Not even kidding.  Apologies for that, but I'm sure you RAINED on my hallway.  No joke!

Preppy with a P

Jacket - Zara, Bag - ASOS

Why is it that every time I go to meet my friends for lunch it rains?!  It's like the world is against me...  I actually really like taking the bus, especially because the bus drivers on my route are always very pleasant but for some reason getting the bus in the rain is the most depressing thing in the world.  No idea why, but it is.  You should try it sometime if you haven't just to experience how utterly crappy it is.  And then when you get off the bus there's the the rain...battling it out with my broken but too cute to throw out pink umbrella.  Jonathan laughs at me everytime I use it because of its ridiculous pink lopsidedness but well, what can I say.  It still kind of works, depending on how you hold it.

Needless to say I don't meet my friends for lunch very often!  We're getting better's not that we don't like each other, it's that we're all very busy with our own lives and sometimes we get lazy.  Perhaps if we met up more we might actually get to see each other on a sunny day...I hope so.  I'm pretty sure they're sick of seeing my frizzy hair and battered umbrella.  I actually think this outfit would have looked better with my beige Chloe but alas, it was too late when I was running out the door and I didn't have time to change it!  

Pants - ASOS, Top - Primark, Cardigan - La Moxie, Boots - ASOS, Earrings - Accessorize

So I have been designing my save the dates and wedding website.  Since our wedding is in Italy, I plan on sending the invitations next month and the save the dates in the next few days.  We are doing email save the dates, which link to the website where our guests can find out more information about hotels, travel, the venue, the town etc. etc.  It's actually a pretty cool idea, and makes it easier for those unfamiliar with the area.  I also bought my dress for the registry office, which will also be next summer very close to the wedding (late August).  I won't be showing yet but it's a navy blue shift dress with a embellished neckline, square back and it comes to just below the knee.  I'm thinking of wearing it with nude heels and my gold studs (pictured with this outfit!).  I can't wait! :)  I will probably do an proper wedding update post soon so keep an eye out for that!

Stay Stylish!

Makeup for Beginners

A very popular request I get is to do a post on beginners' makeup.  I remember when I first got into makeup and I didn't have a clue what products I should use or how to apply them.  My mom was not into makeup at all except for lipstick...and I didn't have a big sister to teach me!  How I wish YouTube makeup tutorials existed then, hahaha!  It is difficult to know what products are best and how to achieve a "flawless face" without looking like you're wearing a mask!  I believe makeup should enhance your natural beauty, not hide or conceal it.  I also believe that you should look like the same person, the difference between your naked face and made up face shouldn't be so severe that people don't recognise you anymore!

These are my favourite base products, which help me hide my blemishes, under-eye circles and spots, even out my skin tone, control oiliness and give me a healthy glow.

Step One: Concealer 
Benefit Boi-ing is my all-time favourite concealer for covering up any kind of blemishes or dark circles.  I wear the shade 02.  It's very thick so you need to blend it with your fingers and a concealer brush.  It does have a tendency to crease under the eyes if you don't!  So make sure you blend and use it sparingly.  However, it's amazing for giving the illusion of flawless skin!  

Step Two: Foundation
My current absolute favourite foundation that I have ever tried is FYF Impeccable Mineral Foundation.  I wear the shade Medium.  First of all, I believe mineral foundation is the way to gives such a natural even coverage without looking like you're caked in makeup.  But this particular one is AMAZING!  It gives my skin this beautiful glow that no other foundation has ever given me before.  It makes me look like I'm wearing highlighter when I'm not.  Having said all of that, it doesn't make my skin look greasy or oily, which has been a problem with similar formulas before.  You can purchase this from the FYF website (and no, I'm not being paid to say that...I just really love this foundation!  Hahaha :) 

Step Three: Bronzer 
If you wish you can swap this step for blush, but I've always been a bronzer girl!  The one I always go back to time and time again is Benefit Hoola.  It really is the perfect contour as it lifts your skin and makes it look more tan without being orange.  Use this with a very light hand though, as it is highly pigmented!  I apply this to the hollows of my cheeks, my temples, jaw-line and blend it into my neck and chest using an angled brush.

Step Four: Powder
My favourite powder of all time is Benefit Get Even blotting powder which counteracts shininess and discolouration.  Sweep it all over your face or on your T-zone to set your makeup and stay shine-free throughout the day!

Step Five: Eyeshadow
My favourite palette for a neutral, everyday look is this Sedona Lace* 88 Warm Palette.  I think this is perfect for beginners as there is a variety of shimmer and matte shadows, they are very high quality yet affordable and with minimal fall-out.  I use a medium matte brown eyeshadow to fill in my brows.  I do this using an angled/eyeliner brush.  This frames the face really well, and I will do this even on days when I don't wear any makeup!  To achieve a wide-awake, neutral eye I first apply a light gold shimmery shade to my entire lid using a flat eyeshadow brush.  I then define the crease oh-so-slightly with a light matte brown using an angled shadow brush.  I highlight the brow-bone with a shimmery vanilla shade using a fluffy brush and deepen the outer corners of the upper lashline using a bronze shadow and a pencil brush.  

Step Six: Eyeliner
For a more natural look, I use a brown eye pencil by The Body Shop and apply this to the upper and lower waterline.

Step Seven: Mascara
To open up the eyes and make them look more awake, apply several coats of mascara.  My favourite of course is CoverGirl LashBlast which never transfers, stays on all day and is very volumising!

Step Eight: Lipstick
Use a neutral shade like Rimmel Airy Fairy.  The matte shade contrasts nicely with the shimmery eyes.  I use this without lipliner or gloss for a more natural look.

Invest in some good quality brushes.  The Sedona Lace* 12 Piece Professional Brush Set is a great affordable full set to have because those are all the eye and face brushes that you need for a basic makeup.  If you are using mineral foundation, I recommend the face brush from Bare Minerals.

Here is the final look!  I hope this helps those of you who are beginners at makeup!  I was one not so long I know how daunting all the products can be!  I think you just need to find what works for you and run with it!  This is what works for me, and what I feel comfortable wearing.  It may seem boring to some people but it's what I like!  

Stay Stylish!

*Sedona Lace Promo Code: THESTYLEDIET.  Get $4 off your next purchase!

Puppy Kisses

This is what we did today.  
Wore no makeup and lounged around in sweats while giving each other puppy kisses.  My sweet little girl and me...isn't she pretty with no makeup on?  Hahaha :) 

Stay Stylish!

Photos were taken by Jonathan with his Canon 550D.  Albi held the light...okay not really but he helped :)

7 Things About Me

I recently received a Stylish Blogger Award from the ever so stylish and inspirational LittleRus of Fashioned by Love!  Here's what you need to do if you are tagged:

  • Link back to the person who awarded you
  • Share 7 things about yourself
  • Award 10 great bloggers
  • Contact those bloggers and tell them about the award
I'm going to be honest, it was really difficult to pick my 7 things to share with you guys because I feel like you already know everything there is to know about me!  Between what I share on here, on my YouTube videos, my Formspring, Twitter, Facebook...I just feel like I'm going to bore you all with information you already know!  Oh well...hopefully you'll enjoy the pictures in any case, hahaha!  And maybe some of you will learn something new?  

1. I have a really, really sweet tooth (see, already this is a dumb can't not know this about me!!).  I pretty much have to eat dessert everyday otherwise I feel so depressed!  It's like there's something missing in my life if I don't eat anything sweet for a day.  This is another reason why diets never worked for me!  I don't do well with any kind of food restriction, in fact if you tell me I'm not allowed to have something, I'll develop some kind of monstrous craving and end up eating everything in sight...yup!  So now you understand why it's so important for me to indulge in ONE small sweet thing everyday :)

2. When I was 5 I lived and went to school in Florence, Italy for one year.  I was actually born and raised for the first half of my childhood in Baltimore, Maryland and moved to Ireland when I was seven.  But in between that, I went to live in Italy for a year because of my dad's work.  This photo was taken in the gardens of the Villa Spelman, which was our home for the year (it was owned by Johns Hopkins University where my dad worked).  I attended l'asilo (Italian preschool) and learned about how to tell left from right and collected Beauty and the Beast stickers.  To this day I still have trouble knowing my left from right...maybe because I learned it in Italian?!  

3. I met my hubby-to-be when he casted me in a music video he was directing!  I was only 19 and it was the first time I had ever done anything like this...I was soooo excited!  I also did all the styling for the shoot.  It was just a small production for a local band but at the time I felt like we were shooting a big budget Hollywood movie, hahaha!  I got a little bit carried away I think :)  

4. I've done quite a bit of modelling, nothing too serious but it was an experience nonetheless!  I believe in trying everything once... I'm only 5'5" and I'm not super skinny so I've only ever done commercial modelling (runway models have to be 5'8" and over) and although it was a fun experience, I much prefer doing what I do now because modelling can be a bit of an "empty" job :(  Now I only ever model if I'm representing my work or achievements and that's so much more fulfilling!  I've actually been asked to be do another photoshoot in March which I'm really looking forward to! 

5. I interned at Polo Ralph Lauren in Munich, Germany in the summer of 2008.  This was an absolutely amazing experience although somewhat bittersweet as leaving my dad was one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do.  (He was really sick when I left).  As much as I loved the job, city, people, culture a part of me felt like my heart was being ripped apart and I cried myself to sleep every night that I spent away from my dad, sick with worry that he would pass away when I wasn't there (he didn't).  Thank goodness Jonathan was there to help me through it, because he was an absolute saint!  I would love to visit Munich again and experience it in a happier state.  It really is a beautiful city and the people I worked with at Ralph Lauren were so lovely.

6. I am a certified fashion stylist, and graduated with my diploma in '09.  This picture is clearly NOT from my graduation (it's actually Jonathan's!) although it was around the same time that I got my diploma.  He graduated with a BA which is why he got the whole cap and gown and I didn't, hahaha!  I included this fact only because SOOOOO many people are confused about this!  Basically I started off in college in Ireland after I finished secondary school, studying Language and Cultural Studies.  After my first year I decided it wasn't for me at all, and changed paths completely.  This was when I made the move to fashion and completed my internship at Ralph Lauren, then went onto study Fashion in Bournemouth, UK.  In December of that year my dad died and I was constantly flying over and back to Ireland so I missed a ton of class.  When I came back to the UK I started fresh in a different course (Fashion Styling) and got my diploma the following summer!  

7.  My daddy is my hero!  He was an amazingly talented literary critic and is one of the most inspirational people I know.  He did not come from a rich family, and was the first of them to be university educated.  When he was 17 he was actually picked out of the nine people every year to attend the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, a highly acclaimed university in Italy.  In 2005 he was awarded "Commendatore" which is the Italian equivalent of the British knighthood.  You can read more about his work and contribution to Italian studies and literature here.  

Gosh guys, I hope these 7 facts weren't too boring!  I was just writing from the heart and kind of went with it!  I also tried to keep the timeline somewhat accurate.  (That's my obsession with organisation creeping in, hehehe!)  I would like to pass on this award to these 10 stylish beauties whose blogs I adore:

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Stay Stylish!

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