Tummy Tuck!

Okay so I didn't get a tummy tuck.  Hahaha!  But I wanted to let you guys know a little style tip that I've found to be very useful when you want your tummy/waist/midsection to appear smaller, leaner and longer.  All you need is a long flowy cardigan!  This is my new favourite one from ApartStyle, in a soft brown colour which can be added to any look to instantly elongate the upper body and make it look slimmer.  I've been really loving this look lately!  While my tummy has never been my problem area and my waist is naturally small, I do have a short torso and this look just balances out my shape a lot better.  
Cardigan - ApartStyle, Jeans - Hello! Skinny Jeans, Shoes - New Look, Shirt - ? (a gift from my mom..she brought it back from Sweden!), Bag - Modalu London (Shopalike), Cuff - Jewelmint, Earrings - Accessorize
The cardigan came in this lovely little box and is made from 60% viscose, 40% cotton so it's great quality with just the right amount of stretchiness to it.  I absolutely love the ApartStyle website...their clothing is so beautiful and it's definitely worth checking out!

On a totally unrelated note, last night was the first time ever that we all took a family bath together...it was so much fun!  Apart from the fact that we definitely need a bigger tub, and Jonathan and I are both now covered in scratches from little puppy nails - it was a cool experience!  Remember family bathtime from when you were younger?  I'd always take baths with my mom & sister and I really wanted Albi and Sina to have that memory too!  Am I crazy?  Maybe.  But I think they enjoyed it and now we all smell of Lush Rockstar soap. ;)

Stay Stylish!

Disclaimer: ApartStyle kindly provided me with my this cardigan for reviewing purposes.  I was not paid for my blog post nor am I affiliated with this company in anyway.  My 100% honest opinon, as always. :) 

Photoshoot at The White Door

Today I was kindly invited by Niamh Byrne of the Sunday World Magazine to take part in a blogger photoshoot & interview hosted by The White Door, a trendy new boutique which has just opened in Exchequer Street in Dublin.  I was gifted the amazing White Out Hello Skinny Jeans which I modelled for the shoot -- they are proven to suck everything in and make your legs look longer and skinnier!  Needless to say, I love them!  They're not too tight, yet fit my body really well so that they don't lose their shape after wearing them a few times.
Check out these insane nude heels I wore with them -- painful but pretty!!
The White Door boutique is pretty cool actually, what I loved about it was the fact that they don't just carry designer clothing.  They also sell makeup, accessories, soft toys (cute!!), homeware, handbags and shoes.  Jackie, the boutique owner really knows her stuff as she was able to tell my exact jeans size as soon as I walked in the door...she threw me a pair of jeans and said "they should fit you!"  We'd never met before and I was wearing a maxi dress...so I was doubtful!  But they fit like a glove...how did she know?!  She has magical jean-matchmaking powers...hahaha :)
Probably the best part of the shoot was that I met fellow Irish bloggers, Lorna Weightman (StyleIsle) and Suzanne Jackson (SoSueMe), and they were super sweet (and tall)!  We all got along so great and I can't wait to see them again soon :)  

The White Door ships internationally and is located on Exchequer Street, Dublin.  The photoshoot will be printed in the July 10th edition of the Sunday World.  Jonathan also kindly filmed a lot of my experience today, so stay tuned for tomorrow's vlog ;)

Stay Stylish!

Impromptu Meetup in Dublin!

Today we had an impromptu meet-up at Stephen's Green Shopping Centre in Dublin where we handed out 6 signed t-shirts.  We decided to play a little game this time...Jonathan tweeted our location and the first six people who arrived got t-shirts! It was so much fun meeting our Dublin subbies for the second time and once again we were really happy with how sweet they all are!  Thanks to everyone who came to see us today!  Now we're off to Cork for another few days...until next Tuesday when I have a photoshoot, eek!  So much travelling, but I'm so grateful that I am able to do it with my little family :)
Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on yesterday's post, I really appreciate every single one of them and I'm trying to reply to everybody!  I love you all! <3 

Stay Stylish!

Our Ireland AM Appearance!

Eek!  We were on national TV this morning!  It was such a fun and positive experience - both Jonathan and I had a great time and we thought the interview went really well!  The two presenters, Sinead and Mark were incredibly genuine and friendly and although we were a bit nervous before we went on, the interview was actually very relaxed and chilled!  It's so weird looking at a TV set from the other side...I've always pictured the Ireland AM set as someone's cosy living room with a beautiful garden outside - in fact it's all very fake and artificial!  There is no sitting room in anyone's modern home - it's just a set and a bunch of props...very strange!  And the "garden" backdrop is actually just a screen, those aren't real plants behind us!  Hahaha...I know this is all probably very obvious to most people but what can I say, I'm totally taken in by all of these things!  But what we were most surprised by was how down to earth and "real" the presenters were.  They were the exact same off camera as they were on, and they made us feel right at home.  It's strange how it all happens, we were actually deep in conversation before the cameras started rolling and so everything felt very natural and you do end up believing that you're sitting on someone's couch having a chat in their living room, even if you're not!  After the cameras stopped we continued our conversation as well, it wasn't as if they completely changed character or lost interest.  
We were on at 8:15am which meant that I woke up at 6am to start hair & makeup (all by yours truly! ;) and we slept in my future mother-in-law's house.  Albi was a total brat and woke us up about 15 times during the night...for some reason he gets anxious whenever we're somewhere new.  Sina is much lower-maintenance!  When we arrived home we went straight to bed and took a much-needed nap!  These pictures were taken on the way into the TV3 studio:
My Makeup: 
Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer (eclat medium)
Flawless You Forever (FYF) Impeccable Mineral Loose Powder Foundation (Medium)
The Body Shop Bronzing Powder (#03)
Sedona Lace Peach Blush (Blush Palette)
Silver/Grey Smokey Eye (makeup tutorial)
Rimmel Airy Fairy Lipstick
My Hair: 
Watch the video tutorial here!
My Outfit:
Whistles Jessica Tuck Detail Dress (buy it here
Navy blue belt (came with a cardigan I own)
New Look Suedette Bow Heel in navy (buy them here)
Talullah Tu Silver Pearl Statement Chandelier Earrings (buy them here)

If you missed our Ireland AM interview, you can watch it here!  Let me know what you think! :)

Stay Stylish!

The "4 Week No Heat" Challenge!

Left: My hair now (June 2011)
Right: My hair 4 weeks ago (May 2011)
As you can see, 4 weeks without heat styling has definitely made a difference!  My hair was about just above my bust before and now it's about mid-boob...lol!  My goal is to get it to below the bust by my wedding (September 1st 2011).

The Pros
Hair growth (I would say about half an inch?  What do you guys think?)
Feels stronger and healthier
Less frizziness
Silkier and smoother - not as dry as before
Very few split ends...considering I haven't cut my hair since October, eek!

The Cons
It gets pretty boring.  By the end of the month I was really craving my GHD!
My hair now, styled with my GHD.  Watch the tutorial here.

Some products I've been loving lately:
Tresemme Luxurious Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner
Leaves hair feeling incredibly soft and moisturised.
John Frieda Frizz-Ease Transform Hair Serum
Tames flyaways and frizz.
Shielo Bounce Style Creme
Adds texture and definition to natural waves.

I would definitely recommend this challenge to anyone!  My hair feels healthier and thicker than ever and I'm really happy with the length!

Stay Stylish!

Feathers In Her Hair!

Pants - ASOS, Tank Top - NafNaf, Booties - ASOS, Earrings - Topshop, Watch - Phosphor
This is my first time wearing this tank top and I've had it for so long!  I guess I just never got an opportunity to wear it till now!  I really love black and army green together.  Also, a little update on my hair (more detailed blog post will follow tomorrow!) I did the "No Heat Hair Challenge" for exactly one month which means that I wore my hair natural without any styling from blowdryers, GHDs or curling irons for four long weeks!  My hair has definitely grown and I am seeing the benefits.  It's healthy, strong and I have only a few split ends, considering the last time I cut it was back in October!!  I am in need of a trim though...  But aside from that I couldn't recommend this challenge enough if you want to improve the health of your hair or if you are growing it out.  I originally had thought about doing this for 3 months but I think one is enough...my lovely pink GHD beckons!!  Also I am going to be on TV on Friday (yay!!) as Jonathan and I are going to be interviewed by Ireland AM and I am pretty sure I'll be heat styling my hair for that so...yeah.  But it was worth it!  In the future I am going to try not to use heat on my hair so much and embrace my natural "frizz" more often.  Here's a look at how long my hair is now:
My goal is for it to be beneath my bust...it's getting there!

Would you be interested in taking the 4 Week No Heat Challenge?

Stay Stylish!

Lunch in Kinsale!

Today we spent the day in Kinsale, a very pretty coastal town about a 20 minute drive away from where we live.  It was a beautiful day so we decided to make the most of the sunshine! 
We couldn't get a place at the popular Fishy Fishy restaurant so we ended up eating lunch at a new cafe, The Lemon Leaf.  It was so cute and the food was delicious!  I think we will definitely be back again.
I got the goat's cheese bruschetta.  It was yummy!
My mom got the fishcakes.
Jonathan got the chicken skewer - he was pretty happy about that, hahaha!
Jeans - Gap, T-shirt - Primark, Cardigan - Soaked, Bag - Modalu, Flip-flops - Saint Tropez, Bracelet - Jewelmint, Watch - Phosphor
My outfit of the day, snapped in the bathroom! 

How did you spend your Sunday?  

Stay Stylish!

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