Lunch at the Farm Gate!

What I'm Wearing: 
Brown waterfall cardigan c/o ApartStyle
Dark brown skinnies from Cheap Monday
Cream tank top from Primark
Brown suede boots from ASOS 
Pearl bracelet & earrings from my mom
Gold necklace from my dad

Inside photos again because it pretty much rained all day :(  Also I'm wearing the exact same tank top and boots as yesterday but with different cardigan and pants, haha!  I got ready in a hurry this morning and this was what I came up with!  My mom treated us to lunch at the Farm was super yummy!  I had goat's cheese salad and apple tart with whipped cream for dessert -- mmm!  Thank you, Mama!

Stay Stylish!

Turquoise Stripes

What I'm Wearing:
Striped cardigan from Farrell & Brown
Cream tank top from Primark
1969 Always Skinny Jeans from Gap
Brown suede boots from ASOS
Gold and faux pearl earrings from Accessorize
Gold Scorpio necklace from my dad

We sent out the last of our UGuYs t-shirts today, so if you ordered one in the second batch you should get it soon!  We also totally failed at going to the gym today -- lol!  We were going to join but woke up waaaay too late and missed the off-peak slot we were going for, um...major day 1 fail!  However we did kind of make up for it by going on a 1 mile walk with Albi & Sina -- woo hoo!  At this rate we will be fit in no time ;) 

Stay Stylish!

Sedona Lace Vortex Brushes Review

If you watch my make-up tutorials on YouTube you'll probably have noticed that I've been using a different set of brushes lately.  These are the Vortex Brushes designed by YouTube guru MakeupbyRenRen.  This is the same set that I used for my Wedding Make-up and the one that I took with me to Italy.  I own three brush sets by Sedona Lace, and I can safely say that this is my favourite by far!  The brushes are a lot more "professional" in that they are very specifically designed and each are multi-functional.  Like all the Sedona Lace sets these are high quality and most do not shed, especially after washing them.  They also come with a brush belt which I absolutely love!  Here's a breakdown of the Vortex Brushes and how to use them:

Jumbo Fan Face Brush
This is my first one of these and I was really excited to receive it.  I like to use it with translucent powder underneath the eyes to wipe away fall-out but you could also use it to highlight the cheekbones.

Tulip Contour Face Brush
My favourite way to use this is to apply blotting powder to my t-zone.  You can get a really even application and it's become my favourite all-over face brush.  However you could also use it as a contouring brush as it has a defined tip that can be used in the hollow of the cheeks.

Dome Contour Face Brush
I used this to apply highlight to my cheekbones on my wedding day, and I have been loving it ever since!  It's now a staple in my daily routine as it's smaller than a regular face brush but bigger than a fluffy eye-shadow brush.  You can also use it for cream or liquid foundation as well as contouring the cheeks.

Flat Top Buffer Face Brush
Possibly my favourite of the whole collection, this gives a perfect airbrushed effect to your skin when used with cream foundation.  I especially love this with my Body Shop Cream Foundation to cover acne/spots!

Universal Blender Eye Brush
I like this to pack on colour to my lids -- I used it to apply the gold eyeshadow in my bridal make-up look.  You can also use it on its tip to apply colour into the crease and blend as it's super fluffy!

Flat Synthetic Eye Brush
This is my favourite concealer brush as it's a lot denser and thicker than the regular ones.  I feel like it's easier to blend the product into my skin and especially around the under-eye area.  Could also be used to pack on cream eyeshadow base to the lid.

Synthetic Blender Eye Brush
I used this to blend my eyeshadow and also to apply highlight to my brow bone and inner corners.  However you could also use this to apply highlight to the face or concealer to the under-eyes.

Pointed Crease Eye Brush
This is THE BEST brush for applying crease colour to the lids because of the defined tip/point which makes it extremely easy to get a "cut crease" effect.  

Brow Spoolie Duo Eye Brush
In this case, I actually prefer the pink brush set as the bristles on this angled eyebrow brush are a little too harsh and coarse for me.  I prefer the dense, softer bristles on the pink eyebrow brush however the spoolie does come in handy for grooming brows and it's pretty cool that it's double ended.

Bent Liner Eye Brush
Honestly, this brush saved my life on my wedding day.  Eyeliner has never been my forte, especially gel or liquid liner and a shaky hand on one of the most important days of my life was definitely not helping things.  But this brush makes it SUPER easy to get into all the corners and apply a thin, defined line to the upper lashline.

Detailed Shader Eye Brush
I haven't really gotten much of a chance to use this yet, however I imagine it would be great for smudging colour onto the lower and upper lashline as well as highlighting the inner corners!  

Angled Detail Eye Brush
Again, I haven't gotten the chance to make much use of this brush yet - probably because I've been too busy using the bent eyeliner brush instead!  This would be perfect for applying winged liner though, and the bristles are very compact and thin making it just right for getting into any small spaces.

Capped Lip Brush
I honestly way prefer this to the standard thin lip brush, as I think this one gives a much better and fuller application.  This was a must-have in my wedding clutch!

The Vortex Brush Set is available from the Sedona Lace website for $79.95.  I can honestly say that I thoroughly recommend the set, especially for someone who is more advanced at make-up application and would enjoy a more professional set.  If you do decide to purchase these brushes, or anything else from Sedona Lace, don't forget you can get $4 off your purchase by using my promo code: THESTYLEDIET.

Stay Stylish!

Disclaimer: The Sedona Lace Vortex Brush Set was kindly sent to me for consideration to review.  I was not paid for this blog post, nor am I affiliated with the company in anyway. This is my 100% honest opinion, as always :)

Bagel Boo-boo!

What I'm Wearing: 
Cardigan c/o ApartStyle
V-neck tee from Primark
Faux fur shoe boots from River Island (last winter)
Khaki pants from Primark
Beige Chloé Paddington handbag
Fake pearl & gold earrings from Accessorize
Vintage gold bracelet from my sister
Gold scorpio necklace from my dad

We went to the Bagel Bar for lunch today and once again I was kind of bagel of choice has always been "The Veggie" which you can see on the website, it says is made with feta cheese, peppers, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, vinaigrette and sun-dried tomatoes.  Well it used to be made that way but the last couple of times I've been there I got NO sun-dried tomatoes, wth?!? They're the best part!! And today it was the same thing, except that this time there was no vinaigrette either! Grrr :( I don't get how you can put things on a menu and then not serve them, it makes no sense! 

Anyway enough ranting about food, lol.  I also re-designed my blog today -- what do you guys think? I'm still not finished yet though, I think I will add a few more things to the sidebar to make it easier to navigate and find stuff.  Let me know if you have any suggestions or requests!  I also updated my FAQ page.

Stay Stylish!

Date Night!

What I'm Wearing: 
Grey acid wash skinny jeans from Zara 
Black suede boots from ASOS (last winter)
Black boyfriend cardigan from ASOS (last winter)
Grey tank top from InWear
Silver necklace from Agatha
Leopard print beret from ASOS (last winter)
Black quilted handbag by Moschino

You'll have to excuse the inside photos and super bright wash-your-face-out flash but tonight was absolutely horrible weather :(  Super rainy, stormy and dark!  We decided to brighten up our Friday night by going out to dinner.  I wanted to try out this local pizza place but they were full and it didn't look as great from the inside as it did from the outside!  So we headed to what we thought was Pizza Hut, only to find that it had been shut down and bought out by Costa Coffee (can you tell we don't get out much, lol!!).  So we ended up going to Nando's which is nothing new but it ended up being a nice evening after all of that adventure! 

Stay Stylish!

Black & Nude

What I'm Wearing: 
Nude cigarette pants from Zara (this summer)
Black round-neck top from Vila
Black Moschino bag with gold hardware
Freshwater pearl necklace & earrings from my mom
Phosphor Appear black leather watch
"Prada" knock-off bow flats from Hello Kitty store in Sorrento

Today the sun decided to come out and it was a little warmer than usual so I finally got to wear my faux Prada flats which I bought from the Hello Kitty shop on our honeymoon.  I actually liked these so much that I bought them in 3 different colours -- they were a total bargain at €15 a pair!  

We had to go to my least favourite shop in the world today - Game, as Jonathan's Playstation 3 had to be exchanged for the FOURTH time which if you ask me is a whole load of crap for such an expensive machine.  Thankfully he had insurance so he was covered but still -- annoying!  And I tried to get our wedding photos printed for the millionth time, but failed as I realised at the last minute that I had brought the wrong SD card with me...doh!  What an idiot I am...maybe next time!  I can't wait to show you guys when I have all the photos I want framed and displayed in our home :)

Stay Stylish!

Riding Boots

What I'm Wearing: 
Burgundy rugby jersey from Ralph Lauren
Nude cigarette pants from Zara (this summer)
Brown leather riding boots from Faith (about 5 or 6 years ago)
Chloé Paddington bag in beige
Beige and tan scarf from Zegna

Breaking out the riding boots for autumn!  I really love these rugby jerseys for keeping warm, though I did sneak a blazer out the door with me as well...what can I say - I get cold easily! ;)  I've been getting a lot of comments about my hair, to answer your questions it is now pretty much back to my natural colour (give or take a few stubborn strands!) and this style is from my "Angel Curls" tutorial -- it's super easy and my favourite go-to look at the moment!

Stay Stylish!

Looking Forward...

What I'm Wearing: 
Brown suede boots from ASOS (last year)
GAP 1969 Always Skinny jeans
Brown blazer/jacket from H&M (about 6 years ago)
Chloé Paddington in beige
Chunky knit scarf from Zara (about 5 years ago)

It was far too cold to take off my jacket and show you guys what I have on underneath, lol sorry!  But it wasn't very interesting I'm afraid...just a plain blue shirt with a white collar.  It was very autumnal weather today, too cold to go without a scarf but probably not cold enough to wear a big coat!  I'm already looking forward to Halloween (even if I feel like it crept up on me way too fast!) and I can't wait to buy Sina a costume!  It's her first Halloween ever, so we have to make it special ;) Albi already has his bug costume from last cute!

Stay Stylish!

Home Decor

Today we went a little crazy in the home decor shopping department, hahaha!  We bought quite a lot of things for our new home but all of them were very necessary...or at least that's what I told Jonathan ;)  We stopped by Heatons this afternoon and the first thing I bought was this pretty pink orchid for my dresser in our bedroom.  It matches perfectly with all my pink accessories, hehe...

I also got another white orchid for the living room mantelpiece, as well as some glass frames for our wedding photos that we're getting printed.  I can't wait to do that!  We don't really have any "official" pictures of us together so these will create the perfect finishing touches to our home.  Other not-so-exciting things we picked up today included a stainless steel rubbish bin, toilet brush (always fun!), car bin and some rubber duckies for the puppies' bath-time!  

Stay Stylish!

Walk in the Woods

What I'm Wearing:
1969 Always Skinny jeans from GAP
Rugby jersey from Ralph Lauren
Calf boots from Dune
Navy blue scarf by Zegna
Grey blazer from ASOS

What I wore for a walk in the woods with my hubby, Albi & Sina!  It was an exciting day for the two of them as they met some cute ponies in a neighbouring field -- these two were cuddling each other, aww! <3

Stay Stylish!

Already Autumn

What I'm Wearing: 
Leopard print cardigan from Dunnes Stores
Black top from Vila
Khaki pants from Primark
Black boots from ASOS
Black patent Appear watch from Phosphor
Handbag by Moschino

I've been wearing boots ever since we got back from Italy :( It definitely feels like autumn here in Ireland, which I wouldn't be so upset about if we had actually had a summer to begin with! Usually September is quite a pleasant month weather-wise but right now it feels a lot like October...I'm not ready to let go of my ballet flats, lol!  Hopefully the weather is nicer where you guys are!

P.S. Sorry about the water stain on my shirt, haha! I accidentally got some toothpaste on it when I was brushing my teeth...classy eh?!

Stay Stylish!

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