Tuesday, November 8, 2011


What I'm Wearing:
Mushroom cardigan w/black sequin trim from Soaked in Luxury
Black basic tank top from Heatons
Black Kate jeggings from ASOS
Lace-up wedge boots by London Rebel from ASOS
Gold 16" XO necklace c/o Designs by Farah M (Free shipping code ANNAFS)
Black patent Appear watch c/o Phosphor
Freshwater pearl earrings bought in Sorrento, Italy
(Spotty socks peeking through - hahaha!)

This cardigan was another birthday present from my mom -- the colour is what I like to call "mushroom" and I ate a mushroom pizza for dinner today so I guess you could say I'm in a mushroom mood...hahaha!  I do love the black sequin trim on this cardigan, it makes it a little bit fancier - I wore it on top of my black Vila dress from LoveClothing when I went to the opera for my dad's birthday. 

An update on the housing/gas situation, after 3 months of living in a crappy house with no gas (heating, hot water or stove to cook on) I've decided to stop paying rent until the letting agency/landlord does something about it.  But essentially, we've made the decision to move...again.  We've been busy house-hunting the last couple of days and fingers crossed tomorrow's one will be the right home for us!  It sounds promising so we'll see.  Also, our gas/electricity company called me today after many cross emails from me (I woke up this morning freezing cold and in a terrible mood, after having slept in my dressing gown for the 2nd night in a row) they finally apologised for the 3 month delay of this mysteriously long-winded process of unlocking the gas supply, and credited our account with €80.  We decided not to bother switching the gas on here (there's also a €79 fee to do so, um...so not our problem!), as we should be out of here in a matter of days.  I'm disappointed this place didn't work out but at the same time I feel like it was a blessing in disguise.  I don't feel like we ever really "settled" in this house...though how could we with so many problems!  I am looking forward to a more long-term home where we can happily put up our Christmas tree! :)

Stay Stylish!


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