Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How To Dress Like Rachel Bilson!

I was requested to make a video/blog post on Rachel Bilson's style and how to dress like here it is!  I have to admit I really enjoyed styling these looks and researching her, it sort of reminded me why I started making YouTube videos and blogging in the first place.  Let me start by saying that I do not think I look like Rachel Bilson in anyway, shape or form!  This was just requested by one of you guys and I thought it would be fun :)

I also need to point out that her style is different than's more eclectic, vintage, slightly bohemian and sometimes even hobo chic (think Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen).  My style on the other hand is more simple and classic, or boring as some of you guys like to tell me!  But that's okay because what I'm trying to convey here is that everybody has their own style!  Also please keep in mind that I was obviously limited to my own wardrobe so I did my best but this post probably would have been a lot better if I had a limitless supply to beautiful clothing, hahaha!  

Finally, one more point before I begin -- it's important to realise that Rachel Bilson is petite (I think she's roughly 5'1" but I'm not can probably find out online) and pear shaped, even though she's very slim.  This means that if you have the same body shape or are the same size as her, the outfits she wears are probably going to look best on you BUT that does not mean that you can't emulate her style if you're NOT the same shape/size.  You'll see that in my video I give lots of tips on how to vary and change up the outfits based on your own body shape.   

Blouse/Saint Tropez, Shorts/Zara, Sandals/New Look

This is a classic Rachel Bilson look -- shorts, a pretty vintage blouse and gladiator sandals.  I would have preferred if these shorts were less baggy, more fitted and a tiny bit shorter but this was what I had to work with.  For reference, here's the look I was inspired by.

Jacket/Bershka, Sweater/Benetton, Skirt/Esprit, Shoes/Hello Kitty Store in Sorrento

This look was probably my least favourite because it's something I would never wear or think of putting together but Rachel Bilson tends to wear a lot of really shapeless sweaters over dresses and then throw a khaki jacket on top, creating a sort of hobo chic style which is kind of arty and cool!  In the look I was inspired by, she had actually paired it up with black brogues and matching tights but instead I went with beige flats because that was what I had and I thought this colour went better with my outfit!  Also, the skirt should ideally be in a delicate floral print like what Rachel favours but I hate floral print so I own nothing in it...haha! 

Boyfriend jeans/ASOS, Blazer/Zara, Scarf/Accessorize, Boots/London Rebel

My face in the picture above is saying "Yay!  Finally, something I would wear too!".  I have to say this is my favourite of all four looks because it suits my style as well as hers.  Rachel Bilson is the queen of boyfriend jeans in my opinion, as she was one of the first celebrities to make it a popular trend.  She also loves to pair this style up with shoe-boots, mostly of the beige or brown variety but I only had black so that's what I went with.  I think that she likes the menswear trend in general as I've seen her pair her jeans up with boyfriend blazers or "power shoulder" blazers as well.  To finish off the look I added a scarf as she does tend to wear scarves with her more casual outfits.  Here's an example of the look I was going for (it's the first picture).

Dress/Whistles, Blazer/ASOS, Shoe boots/ASOS

To re-create Rachel Bilson's "going out style", I think a mini dress, fitted blazer and pair of shoe boots just about does the job.  Although she does like the maxi dress, I feel like that was more her style a few years you often see her at events looking like this.  As I've said before, the shoe boot is a staple of her wardrobe and pairing an edgy dress underneath a more classic black fitted blazer is the perfect way to show off her style.  To see the looks that inspired me, check out the first and third picture of this set.

I hope this helps you guys to re-create and emulate Rachel Bilson's style!  If you want to check out the video version of this post, you can watch it here and don't forget to check out today's daily vlog here!

Stay Stylish!

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