OOTD: Getting My Hair Did!

Blazer/LoveClothing, Blouse/LoveClothing, Belt/ASOS, Jeans/ASOS, Flats/Zara, Earrings/Diamonds & Pearls, Bracelet/Accessorize, Bag/Chloe

This was the outfit I wore last week when I got my hair done!  It was nice to get a little bit more dressed up for the day...sometimes when you work from home it's easy to fall into the routine of wearing the same/similar clothes everyday (especially if you're pregnant!).  These are actually the ASOS "maternity" jeans that I bought, and as you can see I've decided to keep them.  They are definitely NOT good maternity jeans but perhaps rather a regular "fat day" pair as they do have a little bit of elastic on each side.  At 6 months pregnant I wouldn't recommend them as I do need to wear them with a bump band and that can get quite annoying, especially when you have to bend over to clean up puppy pee all the time, ha ha ha!  But I do like the dark wash, the fit of the leg and aside from the fact that they don't come near to buttoning up at the waist they are comfortable.  

I absolutely LOVE this blazer...it's such a perfect spring/summer look that's fresh and not too fussy!  It's also quite a statement piece so I went pretty simple with the rest of the items in this outfit.  This was the first time that I wore this white blouse by Vero Moda and I found it okay...the fabric is definitely not the highest quality and a little bit cheap feeling but I love the shape and fit, especially with a skinny belt at the waist!

I also just wanted to let you guys know that today's Style Diet video is taking a lot longer than we expected as it's quite a big topic to cover (How To Pack for A Sun Vacation!) so it will be up tomorrow instead.  Hope you guys don't mind! 

Stay Stylish!

My Travel Makeup Bag!

Here's all the makeup that I'm taking with me to Sorrento next week!  Please keep in mind that this doesn't include toiletries, skincare or haircare products.  I even left out perfume...those will be part of a different post!  Everything bar the Naked Palette and brush kit fits into my little pink Barry M bag.  I got quite a few requests to show exactly what I'm bringing with me so here it is!  

I got this bag at the Barry M event in London in 2009.  I still use it everyday to store all of my basic makeup items!  It's relatively small yet can actually fit a lot of products...plus it's really cute ;)

Here are my face and lip products minus the powder which mysteriously got cut out...ha ha oops!  

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream
I repurchased this in the shade Apricot (Universal Glow) when I started tanning and at first I found the shade too orange but quickly learned that it's all in the technique of how you apply it -- a little goes a long way and you need to be careful to blend well into the hairline.  It gives a lovely warm glow to the skin, isn't as heavy as a full-coverage foundation and has SPF 30 so it's perfect for a sun holiday or day at the beach! 

Maybelline SuperStay 24h Concealer 
My go-to holy grail concealer -- I have this in the shade 02 Light.  It covers blemishes, acne and dark circles really well.  Seriously, it's a life-saver!

Rimmel Clear Complexion Clarifying Powder in Transparent
Setting powder in a translucent shade which blots away shine and oil from my t-zone.

For the lips I'm just taking two products.  I'm pretty low-maintenance when it comes to summer holiday lips and like something really natural & preferably shimmery :) 

Maybelline ColorSensational Cream Gloss in Coffee Kiss
I bought this last week and I love it.  It's not particularly long-lasting but it is very pretty and the perfect creamy brownish nude sparkle!

Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Frosting
My first Revlon Lip Butter!  I'm not sure if the colour is all that flattering on me but nevertheless it's a lovely frosty nude pink!

Sarah G Cosmetics Face Kit
This probably seems like a very bulky item to bring in my travel bag, especially since I'm only bringing it for one item (the matte bronzer).  However I like to have the option and variety of the other shadows & blush, just in case!  Plus the bronzer is really amazing for contouring the face and it's just the right colour for my skin tone.

P2 Sun Love Sunny Moments Blush in Summer Flirt
My all-time favourite blush for summer!  I think I actually brought this with me to Sorrento last year as well.  It's such a gorgeous peach/golden shade that just gives a warm healthy glow to the cheeks without being too glittery or in-your-face!  Unfortunately this is only available in Germany and was a limited edition shade :(  Boo!  It also doubles up as a highlighter so you don't need to bring one!

HD Brows Kit
Another staple -- I use the ash brown shade to fill in my brows daily.

Urban Decay Naked Palette
When trying to decide which eyeshadows to bring, this was a no-brainer.  It gives a huge variety of neutrals and you can go from super natural to night-time smokey looks very easily.  Plus there's the added bonus of the eyeshadow brush which came with it!

Pink Tweezerman Tweezers
Just to maintain my brows...I only really pluck them once a week but you never know when you might need to use them on a stray hair or two! :)

Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen
I can't go anywhere without my eyeliner, and this one is super easy to use.  The marker/felt-tip pen makes it fool-proof plus this has lasted many months without fading or wasting out.  The line is always thick, black and long-lasting!

Impala Waterproof Eyeliner 
This is another German product sent to me by Polina (Policosmetics82) and I use it daily on the waterline.

Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara
This isn't my favourite mascara but it's the one I'm using now and it's good...just not my all-time fave!  It's not waterproof but I don't really like the formula of those on my lashes anyway so it'll do for me!  Plus it's surprisingly long-lasting and I have cried with this on and no panda eyes ensued ;)

Finally, here are the brushes I'm taking.  Last year I brought an entire brush roll, lol!!  I suppose I was doing my own wedding makeup though...  This year I kept it much more limited and sensible, ha ha ha!  

Dior Face Brush: For my setting powder
Dior Blush Brush: For blush, duh!
Sedona Lace Contour Brush: For my bronzer/contour
Sedona Lace Angled Brush: For my brows
Dior Eyeliner Brush: For setting my eyeliner with shadow and the lower lashline
Sedona Lace Blending Eyeshadow Brush: For the crease colour on my eyes

And also the Urban Decay eyeshadow brush which comes with the Naked Palette.

That's it!  That's all the makeup that will be coming to Italy with me this year.  What are your travel makeup essentials?  Do you have any favourite summer holiday products?  

Stay Stylish!

Week 26 Bump Update!

Watch my 26 Week Pregnancy Vlog here! :)

How far along?  26 weeks!  Emilia is now about 14 inches long and around 2 pounds!  Similar to our 8 week old puppies, ha ha :)

Total weight gain/measurements: 15lbs total!  My waist is 31" and my tummy is 36", same as last week.

Maternity clothes: I bought this dress in the rose colour from ASOS for my cousin's wedding in Italy!  I paid extra for fast delivery...cutting it close I know!  I am obsessed with maternity clothes shopping right now -- even if I don't end up buying anything I just love browsing...it's very dangerous!!

Stretch marks: Still none to report!  I have been using the Dream Belly Stretch Mark Cream this week and I absolutely love it!  Fairhaven Health were kind enough to send me two tubes of it as I liked the belly butter but found it too thick to use during the day underneath clothes.  The cream is much easier to apply and feels lovely on my skin.  It absorbs very quickly and is made with all-natural ingredients.  Yay!

Sleep: Sleep was pretty good although I haven't been getting a lot of it because we've been going to bed so late and then waking up early as well.  So I will usually fall asleep around 5pm for about an hour!

Best moment this week: Getting my highlights done!!  I absolutely love my hair now and felt amazing afterwards :)

Miss anything? Nope!

Movement: Tons of movement like always :)  I'm also getting used to her sleeping pattern because I now kind of know when she's most active during the day...she usually gets pretty hyper around mid-afternoon and then again late at night when we're going to bed.  Also Jofus was playing with her again...tapping and jiggling my belly so that she would kick back, he he he :)

Food cravings: I don't think I had any this week!  I still love donuts but I think that might just be a normal non-pregnancy related thing, ha ha!

Anything making you queasy or sick? Seafood!  And I always forget to mention this but I have completely gone off tea this pregnancy.  Even green tea, which I used to love.  This has been the same way since the very beginning, it doesn't make me feel physically sick but I just really don't want it.  

Gender:  Girl!

Labour signs: Nope, still no Braxton Hicks!

Symptoms: My boobs were quite itchy again this week and I barely used my Moo Goo cream because it kept ending up that they would get really bad whenever I was out of the house and didn't have it handy!  I've also just spotted the beginnings of the linea nigra on my belly!!  So weird...Jofus & my sister think it looks like my tummy is getting ready to split in half, not a very nice image...lol.  I guess one of my symptoms has also been nesting because I'm constantly cleaning our house.  The puppies might have something to do with that too though...we are toilet training them at the moment on pee-pee pads so there's a lot of clean-up involved! 

Belly button in or out? In!

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy! :)

Looking forward to: Sorrento - this day next week we will be there!!  I'm so excited...I've started planning my outfits already!

Stay Stylish!

My Week in Pictures #7

Saturday - Leggera Pizza for Lunch at Milano's!  This was delicious! :)

Saturday - We went shopping!  Yay!

Wednesday - Getting my highlights done!

Wednesday - Set in hot rollers!

Wednesday - My New Hair! :)

Thursday - Lunch in Captain America's!  I had the veggie enchilada with a side salad.

All pictures are from my Instagram -- follow me here! :)

I hope you all had a wonderful week and are enjoying the sunshine (depending on where you are in the world ;)!  We are so exhausted and I am just looking forward to two days of doing absolutely nothing but with four puppies in the house, the cleaning never stops!  Ha ha ha...they are worth it though!  

We also have some fun summer holiday themed videos coming next week so stay tuned for those!  See you all Monday for the bump update! <3

Stay Stylish!

Back to Blonde!

Watch my Back to Blonde video here! :)

My new hair!  Woo hoo! :)  Let me know what you guys think!

As many of you know if you follow me on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram yesterday I was super excited about getting highlights done!  I haven't highlighted my hair in a really long time so I was a little nervous but I knew I wanted a change!  I think the last time I had my hair coloured in Cork was about 5 years ago so I had no idea which salon to go to or what was even out there anymore.  Through SalonAddict.ie I found V2 Hair in Ballyvolane and was really curious to try their organic highlights.  These are 100% bleach & peroxide free and yes, safe for baby :)

My stylist Nicole was so lovely and professional...she did a full head of highlights using three different colours, a light brown, a dark blonde (similar to my natural colour) and a lighter blonde.  She also gave my ends a quick trim and put a deep conditioning treatment through it.  My hair felt AMAZING afterwards!

Here's the before shot!  I had just washed it the night before and thrown it up in a bun so it wasn't styled or anything...I know it looks very straggly, lol!

Waiting for the colour to develop...the entire process (from start to finish) took about 4 hours!!

Taking out the foils...look how crazy blonde my hair looked at first!!  Jofus wanted it to stay like that...ha ha ha :)  It reminded him of Khaleesi from Game of Thrones!

My pink towel :)

Blown out and styled in rollers...getting ready to go home! 

This was such a wonderful experience -- Nicole told me to maintain this will be very easy as we went so natural and close to my own hair colour.  Next time I visit I will only need to get the roots touched up in about 8 weeks which of course, is a much faster process.  She also gave me lots of great tips and product suggestions which I will share with you guys soon...and to my surprise she told me my hair was in excellent condition, who knew?!  I always thought it was much more damaged than it looked but apparently not! :)  Yay for healthy hair! 

Thank you so much to SalonAddict for this opportunity, and of course to V2 Hair for allowing us to film & take lots of pictures of the entire process.  Some information about SalonAddict: 

- SalonAddict.ie has over 250 salons to choose from
- SalonAddict.co.uk has over 750 salons in London to choose from (if you live in the UK!)
- Customers can book their hair and beauty services online at a salon near them (I find this part really appealing as I do everything online!)
- The further in advance that you book, the cheaper it is (advance booking discount)
- The site is easy to use, where you can compare pricing, reviews, location and availability instead of phoning a bunch of salons
- You pay a small deposit online to confirm the booking and they accept all major credit & debit cards.  The balance is then payable in the salon when you go in for the service. 

Let me know if any of you have tried SalonAddict before and if you like it/what your experience was like!  I would love to hear about it :)  And of course let me know what you think of my new hair!!  I couldn't be happier!

Stay Stylish!

Disclaimer: This opportunity was kindly offered to me by SalonAddict for free.  I was not paid for my review/blog post and am not affiliated with the company in anyway.  My 100% honest opinion, as always :)

Green is the New Black!

Watch my April Glossybox & mini March Glossybox review video here! :)

April's Glossybox was another special edition (yay!) and this month they went with The Natural Box.  I love when Glossybox do cute and fun things like this, it makes each month even more unique and exciting!  Again the attention to detail that goes into the packaging, product choices and theme is something I really appreciate.  To go along with the eco-friendly theme, the box is bio-degradable, the confetti is a rustic brown cardboard instead of the usual glossy black and the ribbon is a cheesecloth/natural cotton material.  How adorable!

Glossybox have always been supportive of natural & organic brands so I actually recognised some of these but here's a basic rundown of what I got in my box: 

Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum
This says it's for dehydrated skin and my skin type is oily/combination however I've used it a couple of times underneath my make-up and I actually really like it.  It's a very light consistency, non-greasy and just provides a lovely refreshing base to my skin.

Inika Cosmetics Certified Organic Eyeliner
I was so happy to get this in the colour Sapphire, as I'm brown-eyed and have always been told that navy makes my eye colour pop.  So I'm curious to see how long-lasting and pigmented this is.  When swatched on my hand it looks good, so we shall see!

Monu Professional Skincare Enriched Body Cream
I am excited to try this as Jonathan received a couple of Monu products in his Glossybox for Men last time and they are wonderful!  I think I'll save this for Sorrento as the travel size is handy to take with me in my suitcase!  Though I did sample this on a dry patch of skin this morning and absolutely loved the smell.  Very fresh and my skin felt super soft afterwards!

Figs & Rouge Lip Balm 
I could not get over how cute the packaging of this was!  This is a 100% pure, natural and organic peppermint and tea tree balm for face & body.  When I first opened this I was really surprised by how buttery it feels.  It sort of melts at the touch of your skin, and is the perfect little handbag accessory :)

Philip B Drop Dead Straightening Balm
Not sure how much I'll use this serum as it's a supposed to give your hair a sleek, straight finish which is not what I'm into.  But we'll see how it goes, maybe I'll use it to tame flyaways :)

Overall I'm really happy with this month's box.  I am by no means a natural product junkie because I just feel like I haven't done enough research on the subject to make an informed decision about it.  However I'm always open to new things and happy to try out any new brands...if they're natural & organic then that's an added bonus!

If you'd like to sign up to Glossybox you can do so for £12.95 a month here.  They do ship to Ireland and I am happy to report that they now also ship to the US.  Yay!  If you do subscribe to Glossybox and you also received this box, let me know what your thoughts are!  As always, I would love to hear from you guys :)  Your comments mean so much to me! 

Stay Stylish!

Fake Tan Challenge!

Watch our Fake Tan Challenge video here! :)

It's no secret that I'm not a big fan of self-tanners...I definitely believe that natural always looks best and I have had my fair share of fake tan disasters in the past (see videos from summer 2009 for reference!).  However I do remember when I was about 18 I had a good experience with Johnson's Holiday Skin when it first came out (this was before they changed the formula) and I am pretty sure this has something to do with the fact that it is a gradual moisturising tan.  Gradual tanners seem to work best for me, so I decided to put Dove Summer Glow to the test last week as I had heard a lot of great things about it!

I actually purchased a bottle of this last summer but chickened out after about one application because it was coming up to my wedding and I certainly didn't want any mishaps!  Also last summer was considerably nicer than this one weather-wise and I developed a really good natural tan during the month of April...just from walking the dogs everyday and an occasional bask on my balcony!  

My skin has always gone super dark at even the hint of sunlight, as with all of my immediate family.  I don't burn...in fact I think I have probably only been burnt once in my life, and I always feel so much better when I have a tan.  But years of living in Ireland's grey and cloudy climate has meant that for the better half of the year, my skin is generally a pasty white.  :(  Blah.  This is NOT to say that pale skin is ugly, not at all.  I just personally find that with my skin tone I am one of those people who just looks better with a tan.

So I purchased two bottles of Dove Summer Glow (they are having a buy one get one in Dunnes Stores, if you're interested ;) for Normal to Dark Skin as I had read in reviews that this one works best.  I ended up using this every night before bed for 5 consecutive days. Jofus actually got so jealous of my tan that he wanted to try it out too!  So he used it for 2 days to build up a lighter colour.  This was his first time ever using any kind of self-tanner or gradual tanning moisturiser and he just wanted a subtle glow.  Here were the results!

My tan results -- 5 days later

Jofus' tan results -- 2 days later

The Process

First step for both of us was to exfoliate completely before application.  We used My Body Shop dry body brush in circular motions all over, then showered, exfoliated the face and dried off completely before applying the Dove Summer Glow.  We both did this at night before bed, as we didn't want to be sticky or for the tan to interfere with our clothes during the day.  Jofus' least favourite step was the exfoliation...he did NOT enjoy the experience at all, lol! 

We both used our hands to apply the product all over, then washed them afterwards.  I did my entire body as well as Jofus' back which he couldn't figure out how to do by himself...ha ha ha!  I then waited a couple of minutes before putting on my PJ's and getting into bed.  It is quite sticky but my arms & legs dried pretty quickly.  I should add that we also both used the Dove Summer Glow on our face (no break-outs!).

The next morning we washed it off in the shower.  I also moisturised afterwards with my regular moisturiser but Jofus didn't and neither of us experienced any patchiness or anything so...we had pretty much the same results.

The Pros
- The colour is very buildable which is great if you just want something very subtle.  I found that after 3 days of application it looked the best and most natural yet noticeable.
- It does not go on patchy or streaky at all and the colour is very even.  This is probably what I liked best about the product.
- If you wash your hands straight away, you will not get orange palms...yay!
- The original scent is quite fresh and nice, although the morning after smell is a little biscuit-y but if you shower that goes away.
- It is SUPER moisturising so even if you don't care about the tanning part, this will leave your skin feeling very soft and supple!
- It doesn't transfer onto clothes.  I did use it at night and after about 3 days you could see a faint orange tint to my PJ's but with my everyday clothes there wasn't a hint of colour and I wore a few white items!

The Cons
- Orange elbows.  Yes, my elbows were the only thing that turned slightly darker and although it wasn't extremely noticeable it irked me.  Jofus did not experience this after 2 days of application though!
- The "white glove" effect.  Probably the most annoying con but pretty unavoidable if you use your hands to apply.  My hands ended up being white and the tan just stops at my wrists which I hate because of course that is one of the tell-tale signs that your tan isn't real...however this was really only noticeable after Day 4.
- Watch out with your facial hair, if you have it!  Jofus had to be careful and apply a thinner layer to his beard as this has a tendency to go slightly orange.  Same with eyebrows and the hairline!  

So on the whole, I would recommend this product if you're looking for a gradual, easy-to-apply base tan.  Again I would say to use it for 3 consecutive days to get the best most natural results.  Now I have stopped using it everyday and am maintaining it every 3 days instead.  

I hope that this was helpful!  Please let me know your favourite fake-tan/gradual tanner and if you have any tanning tips or advice, I would be more than happy to hear from you! :)

Stay Stylish!  

Week 25 Bump Update!

Watch my 25 Week Pregnancy Vlog here! :)

How far along?  25 Weeks!  Emilia is the size of an eggplant!  I remember seeing this when I first started reading baby books and thinking "woah, that's a really big one!"  Now I can't believe I'm already there!

Total weight gain/measurements: Our rickety old scale from the 50's finally broke last week, ha ha ha!  Although the doctor did weigh me at this week's appointment on Friday and apparently I've gained 6.4 kilos.  No idea what that means, lol.  But he seemed happy!  And measurements were crazy this week!!  My waist is now 31" which is 1 1/2 up from last week (holy moly!) and my tummy is 36" which is up half an inch from last week.

Maternity clothes: Yes!  I finally bought a couple of things for Sorrento and I actually returned to H&M and was super impressed.  It seems they have updated their summer stock and had a lot more items there this time.  I got two things: 

White maternity shorts -- super comfy!  They had these in an array of different colours.  I decided on white for summer but I was also really loving black.  I already have a pair of nautical terry cloth shorts in blue & cream which I got last year in a size too big and they now fit perfectly!  So I will be taking those along too.

A black maternity sundress -- my bikini is black so I thought this would be perfect for the beach!  I also love the gold detail on the straps.  They had these in different colours too if you're interested!  I can't remember the prices of these but they were not expensive.  I got a blue & white maxi dress in Primark/Penney's as well but it's wasn't maternity wear so I didn't include it in this post!

I also bought the jeans I'm wearing in my bump shots...they are SUPER comfortable maternity jeans from Topshop.  These were pretty expensive though, €58 which I think is a lot for maternity but my mom & Jofus convinced me that they were worth it!  I am so happy they did because comfort is definitely key during pregnancy!  Topshop had a tiny maternity section but the stuff they had was pretty nice (albeit, pricey!).  

I mentioned in my last bump update that I had purchased a pair of maternity jeans from ASOS along with a maternity top.  Well I am returning the jeans because they are the most ridiculous design I've ever seen for maternity!!  They have hardly any elastic in the waist so that when I went to button them up, they wouldn't even come close to fastening.  And I got them in my size! :(  The legs fit fine but the waist is just like a regular jean, when I showed them to my mom she said "they're not maternity!!"  I'm so disappointed...ugh!  The only way I can wear them is with a bump band but that completely defeats the purpose, right?!  However the top is really cute, I will probably show it in an OOTD post soon!

Stretch marks: None to report so far...I was actually sent one of the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks in the new advanced formula and I LOVE it!!  It's so much better than the last one, the smell isn't offensive at all and it's just like a lighter version of the original Cocoa Butter Formula (which I love also).  It's not sticky at all and applies really easily to the skin.  I've been using it everyday for about a week and I thoroughly recommend it!  I will definitely be repurchasing this when it runs out...I think they go for about €5 in Tesco, so very affordable!

Sleep: Sleep was good this week...thank God for my white noise app!!  

Best moment this week: These are always hard to think of but I'm going to have to say shopping for Sorrento on Saturday!  We don't usually spend a lot of money on clothes or holidays so it was nice to splurge for once :)

Miss anything? Going for walks!  We've been really bad about that lately, we used to go about 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes (usually closer to an hour) with Albi & Sina before the puppies came but since then it's been more difficult to get out of the house and we've been so busy with everything that it kind of gets forgotten about.  But we all feel better when we exercise so it's something we need to start doing again!  It doesn't help that the weather in Ireland is totally crap this summer either!!  Grrrr...

Movement: Lots and lots :)  Am loving it!

Food cravings: Had a weird one this week -- chocolate cereal, mostly Weetos which I hadn't eaten since I was little!  And I don't even like chocolate normally!  But I bought a family pack of Weetos this week & also a box of Chocapic.  Ha ha ha :)  So strange!

Anything making you queasy or sick? Same as always -- seafood!

Gender:  Girl!

Labour signs: Nope

Symptoms: Heartburn (not as much as last week though), and my boobs weren't as itchy this week either but having said that my mom did buy me this cream!

It's called Moo Goo Irritable Skin Balm and it's made from 100% natural ingredients.  Apparently this company is Australian?  Have any of you tried it before?  Like I said, my boobs weren't giving me any trouble this week so I haven't used it yet so I will let you know if it works!  (It was €15.95 though, so I'm thinking it better be good for that price!!)

Belly button in or out? In!

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy! :)

Looking forward to: Sorrento -- 2 weeks baby!! Yay!

Stay Stylish!

My Week in Pictures #6

I didn't take very many pictures on my phone this week, so I've stolen a few of my hubby's Instagram shots...he he he!  Hopefully he won't mind :)  You can follow Jofus here and me here! :)

Friday - Blowdried my hair!  
You guys are probably like "yeah, so?" but this is a rare occurrence...ha ha!  It just takes so long I usually wash it at night & sleep on it wet!

Saturday - My sister baked double chocolate cookies!
I am not a chocolate-lover but they were very good :)

Saturday - no makeup!
My skin is actually looking okay lately...so I took the opportunity to snap a pic without makeup.  It actually turned out to be quite a confidence-booster as you guys were so lovely and left lots of sweet comments, so thank you! <3  Instagram filters are amazing...just sayin' ;) 

Tuesday - my sister's dessert "invention" that she baked...soooo delicious!!  
It was rhubarb, meringue, cream with chocolate biscuit and nuts on top.  Amaze-balls!  Whatever it is, it needs a name and it needs to be recreated soon!  This pregger likes her dessert!!

Tuesday - Getting ready to shoot my gownie video!
I realise I took a lot of pictures of myself this week...I'm not vain I swear!!  Lol :(  Sorry!

Thursday - Lunch at a new place.  We will be returning.  
Jofus got a chicken pesto bap (that's it in front), I got a tuna one!  (Ha ha, could you guess?!)  

Today's video script!  (Coming later this evening on TheStyleDiet!)

Jonathan has been SO amazing with my channel this week...I was really struggling with editing (my laptop is a sack of poo and crashes every 20 seconds when I edit) and my camera was just not working for me at all...it made everything look so cool-toned and just...blah.  So when he covered for me on Monday when I was sick and couldn't film the pregnancy vlog, his video was so well-received and liked by all of you that I thought, I really need to make use of this guy's skills!!.  Jofus is qualified to a very high level in multimedia & production so it's kind of a no-brainer that he should be in charge of that end of my channel.  I guess I just never thought about it, even though it was staring me so plainly in the face!  

So this week Jonathan took over TheStyleDiet's production & filming end...and so far I think (and hope!) that you guys are really happy with it.  The feedback I've gotten has been very positive so we've decided to continue on this way.  The editing, lighting, camera and overall video quality is far superior to what it was before and I honestly do listen to what you guys have to say so I hope you know that your opinions all count and I'm always open to suggestions, comments, tips, requests etc.  After all, this should be a two-way street.  I want to know what YOU want to watch (or in the case of my blog, read!) so feel free to let me know your thoughts, good or bad!

I hope you all have a great weekend and I will see you guys on Monday for the 25 week Bump Update! :)

Stay Stylish!

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