Fashion Friday: Postpartum Problems!

Shirt/Tommy Hilfiger, Jeans/GAP 1969 Always Skinny, Boots/LoveClothing, Tank top/Mexx, Bracelets/Dyrberg Kern & Tiffany's, Earrings/ASOS, Belt/Zara

This morning I tried on about 20,000 outfits...and this is what I finally settled on.  Jeans and a button down shirt, can you get anymore basic?!  But seriously, the problem with the weaning process (brace yourselves for TMI) is that the boobies tend to get super engorged/uncomfortable...coupled with the fact that I've gained 4-5ish pounds in the last month for reasons unknown to me, I am still having a hard time getting used to dressing my E-cup girls & postpartum "pooch" (and no, I'm not pregnant - I did test multiple times!!).  Prior to giving birth I was a neat C-cup, now none of my shirts button up past my waist and everything I put on runs the risk of either looking matronly or screaming porn-star.  Gahhh.  The glamour of postpartum problems!  I am willing to embrace my new curvier figure but I think this warrants a shopping trip & bit of a wardrobe makeover!

In other news, I am finally learning to drive!  You probably already know this if you watch the daily vlogs but I don't think I've ever mentioned it here.  A few weeks ago I passed my theory test (finally - I was super nervous having failed it the first time 5 years ago) and got myself a provisional license.  Interestingly enough, part of the process involved taking an eye test where I was happy to discover that my vision is still perfect - who woulda thunk it?!  Coming from a family of glasses-wearing folks (except for one of my big brothers - but he got laser eye surgery so that doesn't really count...) I really didn't expect to get off this easy but I have to admit a part of me was a little disappointed...I've always thought glasses are super sexy & stylish, what do you guys think?  Are you a glasses or contacts girl? Or are you like me, never needed them but secretly always wanted a pair?  This is probably a late-night rambling I should have kept to myself...ha ha ha!  In any case, the driving is going well (glasses or no glasses) and I am slowly getting less petrified with every lesson.  Baby steps...

Stay Stylish!

What I Ate Wednesday!

Breakfast (10am)
Flahavan's Organic Quick Oats with almond milk, 1/2 banana and cinnamon. Black coffee.
Emilia had 1/2 a Weetabix with whole milk and a banana.  (She never finishes anything, just FYI!)  Oh and I am totally cheating with this's from another post on my blog! I forgot to take WIAW pictures this morning so apologies for that! But my breakfast is almost always the same so it doesn't really matter :)

Lunch (2pm)
Emilia had cherry tomatoes, avocado, rocket watercress & baby spinach salad along with half her dad's Babybel cheese and a few fingers of wholegrain toast.

I had Sri Lankan Chicken Soup (Tesco Finest) with a Linseed & Oatbran roll (Lifefibre).

Emilia has really begun to love her solid food recently!  The last 2 weeks or so have been amazing - she eats everything and anything!  I am so proud of her :) 

Snack (5pm)
Organic dessert apple & a Babybel cheese.

Dinner (8pm)
Thai Prawn Chilli and Lemon Grass Fishcakes (Tesco Finest) and Mediterranean Vegetable Rice with watercress, spinach & rocket salad and a few cherry tomatoes.  

We were going to give Emilia some fishcakes but holy moly were they spicy so it was a no-go for now!  Instead she had some avocado (she loooved it at lunch!) a bit of our veggie rice and a few carrot sticks.  To drink during the day (aside from breast milk) she had some freshly squeezed orange juice diluted with water (1 part juice, 2 parts water).  

Dessert (10pm)
A bit weird but Jonathan had TONS of marshmallows left over from his Chubby Bunny video so I toasted a few of them on a candle flame...ha ha ha!  Please tell me I'm not the only freak who does this, I love toasted marshmallows!!

To drink throughout the day I had 2L water and 2 cups black coffee incl. breakfast :)

What did you guys eat today? 


Fashion Friday: Mommy & Baby

Pants/Primark, Top/Boob, Blazer/ASOS, Boots/Dune, Necklace/Agatha

Okay, so it is still quite cold out but it's beginning to feel a bit more like spring!  Emilia's outfit is very appropriate and mine is more "blah" with all the greys but...what can I say, I have the circulation of an old granny and I wasn't willing to break out the short sleeves!!

Speaking of which, I have discovered a new trick to get use out of all Emilia's pretty spring short sleeve tops - put a long sleeve vest/onesie underneath and voilà!  No-one even suspects that this isn't how it's supposed to look.  I've actually seen a lot of babies' clothes in this style...if only grown-ups could get away with it too, eh?

Emilia's t-shirt and leggings are from Baby Gap, the socks are from Tesco F&F and her hairbow is by Layniebug Designs.

Biker boots in the spring...ugh.  Only in Ireland!  

How cute is the little peplum detail on her t-shirt?!  Adorable!  

Looking like her daddy here (I think it's the eyebrows!).  And showing off those two teeth!  

Hope you are all having a fabulous Friday!  Enjoy the sunshine ;)

Stay Stylish!

Emilia & Me

This is what we did today.

Hung out in the sunshine :)

Emilia liked my stripes.  

Happy Tuesday! 

Mommy Monday: Emilia's 7 Month Update

Hi, I'm 7 months old! ;)

I can't believe this little chicken nugget is 7 months already...where does the time go?!  She's such a big girl!  Here's what's been going on this month.

Height/Weight: I don't know Emilia's height/length but we haven't had to move the level on her exersaucer yet so I'm guessing she's still quite petite.  I did weigh her myself this month and she is 20lbs right on the button!  She definitely feels like a big ol' 20 pounder's becoming increasingly difficult to lug her around for long periods of time, ha ha ha!  

Daily: I think I mentioned last month that Emilia was starting to settle into a routine of two naps (mid-morning/early afternoon and late afternoon) a day.  This has become even more apparent this month, especially as her mealtimes are more regular.  She is now eating breakfast, lunch and dinner (albeit TINY amounts) with about 3-4 milk feeds in between.  Her day usually looks like this:

9am - Wake up & play with her toys while I get ready.
10am - Watch Peppa Pig in her exersaucer while I make breakfast.  Eat breakfast with me.
11am - I dress her for the day, then give her a milk feed and maybe a bit of playtime before her nap.
12pm - Nap time
1-2pm - Eat lunch with me, this time varies depending on how long she slept for
3pm - Playtime!  She usually plays on her mat or in her saucer...whichever she prefers.
4pm - Milk feed and a short afternoon nap (if she doesn't have this she gets REALLY cranky in the evening!).
6pm - We start preparing dinner and she usually sits in her highchair to watch.  She loves her Tripp Trapp!
7pm - Eat dinner with us.  She doesn't have the same thing yet but we try to eat together at the dinner table as it encourages her to have more :)  
8pm - I bring her up for her bath and get her ready for bed.  Change her into pyjamas and bring her down for her bed-time feed.
9pm - I usually feed her to sleep on the couch then settle her down.  She normally wakes again right before we go to bed at about 11pm and then goes to bed with us where she "dream feeds" to sleep.

Bedtime: Her bedtime is pretty much the same as last month.  She goes to sleep around 8/9pm but still always wakes up around 11pm for her last feed.  This suits our schedule in the sense that we start going to bed around this time anyway.  The only thing is sometimes the night time "dream feeds" are a bit draining!  I did think that once Emilia started eating more solids they would decrease but that hasn't happened as I think it's more of a comfort thing.  She is still sleeping with us so I suppose that doesn't really help that habit, ahem ;)  But I have to say I don't mind the co-sleeping at all...I find it to be a lovely bonding experience and I know it won't be forever, so I'll make the most of it and enjoy it while this lasts :)

Eating: As I mentioned earlier, Emilia is now eating three meals a day but the portions are still pretty tiny and we are a bit behind on the feeding schedule from Annabel Karmel's book because I decided to take it slower than she recommended.  We are also doing a little of both baby led weaning and purées because Emilia seems to prefer feeding herself rather than being spoonfed.  She LOVES bread, rusks and any kind of carbs really...ha ha ha!  What I have just started doing is sort of spreading her meals on pieces of bread or toast which works surprisingly well at getting her to eat more!  She also really likes those Ella's Kitchen Cheese & Tomato Puffits and is entertained by trying to pick them up for ages...the puppies love them too as the vast majority seem to end up on the floor!

Sizes: We are now in that annoying in-between stage where Emilia fits into somewhere in the middle of 6-9 and 9-12 month clothing!  I haven't swapped her clothes out yet but we're almost at that stage.  Her nappies are now size 4+ and she still uses Pampers.  

  • First word!  She said "da-da" and more recently has also said what sounds like a mixture between "yes" and "yeah".  She doesn't say these words discriminately though, it's more like she is practising how to make different sounds.
  • She hasn't started to crawl yet but she does this funny movement when she's on her tummy like she's trying to do the's almost like a belly-flop which usually gets her to move direction slightly, ha ha ha!
  • Weaning - she has moved from one to three meals a day, as I mentioned before.  It's also nice because now we eat at the table together more as a family instead of in front of the TV which we did when it was just the two of us.
  • Assisted standing - now that she has mastered the art of sitting on her own she likes to stand while we hold her or holding onto something else.  We think she enjoys discovering new points of view!
  • Moving things from left to right hand - because she is sitting up on her own a lot more now, she can now pass toys over from hand to hand which is very exciting!
That's all I can think of for now.  I hope I haven't missed anything!  Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below :)

Bye-bye! :)

Sunday Style Diet

Boyfriend Jeans/ASOS, Shirt/Heatons, White Tank/Boob, Wedge Boots/LoveClothing, Bracelet/Vintage, Necklace/My dad's, Earrings/Accessorize, Hair Tie/Layniebug Designs

Yikes-a-roo, I lost my feet.  

That's better!  I hope you are all having a great weekend!  This outfit is from sometime last week...I can't remember the day exactly but it was nice and sunny enough to take pictures outside so it must have been a good one ;)

This is the comfiest most casual outfit ever and it's one of my all-time faves.  Boyfriend jeans, a flannel shirt and wedge boots - low maintenance with a little bit of height, ha ha!  

This was also the day that Emilia fell asleep in her Tripp Trapp.  

The glitter shoes really steal the show...a future diva in the making ;)  

Stay Stylish!

Style Saturday - Woop, I Just Made That Up!

Jeans/Gap 1969 Always Skinny, Boots/LoveClothing, Blazer/Zara, Top/Boob, Scarf/Gift, Earrings/Jan (Amsterdam), Necklace/My dad's, Changing Bag/Storksak "Elizabeth" 

This was actually my outfit from Wednesday, which I meant to upload yesterday but never got around to it...argh!!  We'll just call this "Style Saturday" ha ha ha!  Anywho, Emilia is currently being entertained by a packet of cheese & tomato puffits so I took the opportunity to finally post this now!  

...and then the sun came out.  It's crazy how dramatically the weather can change here, the lighting in one photo is completely different to the next!  Yesterday was blissfully sunny and we got lots of spring cleaning done - so motivated were we from the sun's shining rays (that and the fact that it highlighted all of my dirty windows...out with the Windex!!).  Today on the other hand is back to dreary, drizzly and depressing :(  How sad!

I had hoped to film another driving vlog - this time on the road, as I passed my theory test on Tuesday, woo hoo!  But Jonathan thought it would be too overwhelming in the pouring rain and obviously I agree whole-heartedly.  The stress!  At my level I can barely cope with a singular car coming towards me let alone rain drops on the windshield!  

On another note I happen to think this picture is hilarious...Theo and I trying to play it model cool while being completely windswept, ha ha ha!

And this...what is going on here?!  It's like Theo (with the visible bow) to Albi (beside him) is saying "c'mon let me into your secret club-house, I won't tell a soul!!" while Sina (in the front) pretends not to hear.  How can I tell who's who from this picture you ask?  Because I am a crazy dog-lady, that's why.

Stay Stylish! 

What I Ate Wednesday (Sorry It's Late!)

Sorry this is so late but Emilia is pretty much attached to me all day so the only time I get to blog is late at night!  Anyway, here's what I ate today!

Same ol' same ol'!  Flahavan's Organic Quick Oats with almond milk, 1/2 banana and cinnamon.  Black coffee (Lavazza Crema e Gusto).

Emilia had Organix Fruity Apple Baby Cereal with Glenilen Fromage Frais (Pear & Apple) for babies.  She ONLY wants to feed herself now so this is what our mealtimes look like!

We had a reeeally late lunch in BB's, which Emilia slept through!  I had an orange chicken wrap with lettuce, cucumber, red onion and sour cream.  It was actually really good! 

When we got home I had a pear and some almonds as a snack and Emilia had some pear in her mesh feeder thingy.

While cooking Emilia's dinner I felt inspired to cook for us too (this never happens!) so I made spaghetti bolognese with wholewheat pasta.  Surprisingly it went down quite well and nobody in the house has food poisoning (yet) so I will probably make this again!  

Emilia had Leek, Sweet Potato & Pea Puree which she basically fed herself!

Finally for dessert I scoffed three ice-creams!  Naughty, but they were small-ish so that's okay.  Two chocolate Milky Moos & one Twister...yum :)  Now I'm craving Twisters again...and it's almost 2am.  Oops!  But they are so good and refreshing!  

What did you eat today? 


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