Mommy Monday: Our Morning Routine

Sorry this post is late - we've been so busy packing & organising for LA! But here is yesterday's video which is our morning routine! This was such a fun video to do...and rest assured my mornings are normally a lot more chaotic than this! But here's an edited version ;) Also sorry the audio of the voiceover is a bit low - I did increase it to 150% but for some reason people are still finding it hard to hear!

Fashion Friday: Summer Lookbook

Today we enjoyed a beautiful sunny evening and although this outfit is very simple, it's one of my favourites! The ripped jeans are from Ted Baker and fit so well - they're mid to high rise and made from a super stretchy denim so they're extremely comfortable. My tank top is from Forever21 and I love the high neckline. I like to wear this with this navy Floozie bra with ruffle detailing on the straps because I think it adds something to the top! My sandals are from Carvela and they go with absolutely everything! 

My earrings & bracelet are from Swarovski and I'm wearing my gold Scorpio necklace from my dad. I also got a mani/pedi today in preparation for our trip to LA - I am so excited!! I knew I wanted a bright, summery coral so I went for OPI's I Mainely Eat Lobster. It looks quite bright in pictures but it's actually a salmon/coral colour. I love it!

I also filmed a summer haul/lookbook featuring the items that I recently bought from ASOS with both our LA & Italy trips in mind! If you'd like to see what I got, you can watch the video here!

Throwback Thursday: On A Train

This week I thought I'd share this rather artsy black & white photo of me from when I was little...probably about 6? I'm not quite sure. I think my mum said this was taken on a train. An OshKosh dungaree dress & a polo neck - you could tell I was a '90s kid, hahaha! Who do you see here, Emilia or Eduardo?! I think Eduardo in this picture. What do you think?

What I Ate Wednesday {7.7.15}

This ended up being a very "Fourth of July" inspired breakfast, ha ha ha! I didn't plan it that way but I kind of like how festive it looks. I had my usual porridge with almond milk, 1/2 a banana, blueberries and strawberries with a sprinkling of cinnamon on top. I also had a black coffee & pint of water with lime in it. 

After breakfast I went for a 30 minute walk. When I came back I was starving! For lunch I had a Caprese sandwich...I made this using a wholewheat pitta, 1/2 mozzarella ball & about four cherry tomatoes chopped into halves. I added some rocket, a pinch of salt and a dash of extra virgin olive oil. This was SO good, it's the perfect summer sandwich! I had another pint of water & followed it up with a black coffee. 

I had a dentist appointment later that afternoon, so before I went out I had a quick snack. I've been trying to vary my snacks lately so today I chose figs chopped up into natural low-fat yoghurt. This actually ended up being very delicious so I will definitely try it again! 

For dinner I made salmon, sweet potatoes & green veggies. I baked the salmon in the oven wrapped in tin foil with a little bit of olive oil, salt & black pepper. I baked them along with the sweet potatoes with the skins on. Then I added the veggies which were Bird's Eye SteamFresh (you can cook these in the microwave, super quick & easy!). To drink I had more water! 

Evening Treat
I'm trying to be good in preparation for our upcoming trip to America (which is really hard...especially when Emilia & Eduardo baked brownies today!!) but this is kind of a good mix of healthy with a hint of indulgence! I basically took a wholemeal baguette, sliced it and added some Boursin Black Pepper cream cheese, then topped it with avocado. The combination of black pepper, avocado & cream cheese is so yummy! Especially since the pepper gives it a flavourful kick. (Boursin are giving away a meal for two at Michelin star London restaurant Le Gavroche - for the chance to win, click here!)

Those were my meals for today! I also drank two litres of water and had a cup of peppermint & licorice tea before bed. And drooled a bit over those brownies. What did you eat today?! 

Beauty Tuesday: 5 Tips to Feel Beautiful

I was pondering this whilst taking a shower the other day...what makes me feel most beautiful? What are my top beauty tips that I use regularly to make me feel my best? And here's what I came up with. 

1. Exercise
Yeah, this is going to sound like a bit of a cliché but beauty really does come from the inside out. When I'm consistently working out I feel healthier, stronger, fitter and more beautiful. I've never been that into exercise but recently I've been on a bit of a fitness kick. And I can honestly say that there are far more benefits to it than I realised! Exercise improves your mood, circulation and health so it's really just an added bonus that your clothes fit better & you lose a few lbs! 

2. Healthy Eating 
This is a huge part of how to feel more beautiful...the foods you eat really do play a part in how you look & feel. When I eat better I notice my skin is clearer & brighter and I have more energy during the day! Certain fruits & veggies are full to the brim with antioxidants, vitamins & minerals which make your skin glow...I'm no nutritionist but it's not rocket science which foods you should & shouldn't be eating. I have the worst sweet tooth though, so I also think balance is really key! Drinking enough water is something I think goes hand in hand with good nutrition - I aim for 2 litres a day and again, the benefits of this are huge! Your skin will thank you, you will feel less tired and it also helps keep you regular ;) 

3. Fake Tan
I live in England where unfortunately there isn't a whole lot of sun but I always feel my best when my skin has a bit of colour! I do tan easily in the summer anyway but to keep my skin topped up year long, I use Dove Summer Body which is a gradual self-tanner. I use it twice a week and apply it all over my body after my shower & before bed. That way the next morning I wake up with a bit of a glow. I know it sounds silly but having a tan makes me feel slimmer, more toned & beautiful!

4. Sparkly Smile
Having a whiter smile definitely adds to feeling more beautiful! Since having my teeth professionally whitened before my wedding in 2011, I have tried to keep it up by using whitening toothpastes that actually work (Oral B 3D White and Colgate White Max White are the ones that I'd recommend). A great tip I learned from YouTube is not to rinse your mouth with water after brushing - so just spit out the remaining toothpaste after you're finished and don't swish water in your mouth, that way it whitens more effectively! I don't know why but this really does work and having a sparkly smile makes me feel more confident :) 

5. Mani/Pedi
There's nothing like a good old mani/pedi to keep me feeling pampered and pretty, so why not do what makes you feel good? I've recently started getting gel nails and cannot recommend them enough - especially if you're a mum! The colour lasts about 2 weeks on your hands and 6-8 for your toes which means no chipping, no waiting anxiously for your nails to dry. And the result is beautifully polished hands & feet you can be proud of. I look forward to picking my new nail colour every two weeks and love how long it lasts. It's also helped my nails grow considerably longer & stronger (though good nutrition will help with this too ;)

And that's it! Those are my top 5 tips on how to feel your most beautiful, inside & out! 

Mommy Monday: How To Be the Perfect Mother

Question: How can I be the perfect mother?
Answer: There is no such thing!

This is something I've learned throughout the past (almost) three years and it's something I need to remind myself constantly! Often we get so caught up with portraying this image of a perfect life, especially through social media. I think a lot of mothers are guilty of putting themselves down by comparing themselves to other women or trying to meet impossible expectations. When I see comments telling me I have the "perfect life" or that I'm a "perfect mum" it makes me feel uncomfortable because to be totally honest, 99.9% I haven't a clue what in the world I'm doing and don't feel like I have it together AT ALL!! Hopefully this video explains my feelings on the did turn into a bit of a ramble!

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