Fashion Friday: Gold & Tan

Today was a pretty busy/hectic day - Emilia had nursery in the morning and I had an appointment, then we were filming with ITV all afternoon and my mum & sister are visiting from Ireland! So it was a little bit crazy but I somehow managed to squeeze in a few outfit pictures :)

I'm wearing (almost) head-to-toe Michael Kors which was totally unintentional, it just so happened that both items went together nicely! I bought the jeans last winter and the top is a more recent purchase from when we were in America. My shoes are super old ballet flats from New Look. Emilia is wearing a pair of yellow jeans from Next, her new lemon t-shirt from Zara which was a present from my mum, and a matching yellow bow from Layniebug Designs.

I also uploaded my July Favourites video which is a combination of lifestyle & beauty faves - hope you enjoy and have a lovely weekend!

Throwback Thursday: Bonnet Baby

Here's an old picture of me which my cousin recently shared on Twitter! I am pretty sure this was at my uncle & aunt's wedding (I was their flower-girl) so that would have made me about 3 or 4. And that was not my hat! I actually had a flower crown :) Do you see Emilia or Eduardo?!

What I Ate Wednesday {4.8.15}

Here's what I ate today! 

This was the usual (minus cinnamon as we're out): porridge with almond milk, half a banana, blueberries and a cup of black coffee with a half litre of water. After breakfast I worked out and drank another half litre (I aim for 2L a day so it helps to drink one earlier in the morning!).

For lunch I had a wholegrain pitta bread with smoked salmon, light cream cheese and cucumber slices with some leftover cherry tomatoes (one is hidden! ;).

Later that afternoon I had another coffee (also black) along with half a mango (cut horribly!) and some coconut chips. These are my new favourite snack - they are so yummy! 

Evening Snack
While waiting for dinner to cook I got hungry again so I had another half banana (this was leftover from my breakfast!) with a heaped teaspoon of peanut butter. This really fills you up and tastes like dessert - I love it.

For dinner I baked chicken breasts marinated in Nando's peri-peri seasoning rub, along with some grilled veggies (I buy these frozen) and sweet potato chips. This is delicious and such a hit with the kids. To drink I had more water!

Night-time Tea
Before bed I had a cup of my favourite tea - Teapigs Licorice & Peppermint which is great for sweet cravings. I love this right before bed!

And that was everything I ate! You can watch my video below. What did you eat today?

Beauty Tuesday: July Favourites 2015

Here are my beauty favourites for the month of July, which I will also be sharing in an upcoming video (along with a few other non-beauty faves). But here is a sneak preview! I actually had quite a few that I wanted to share with you. 

This has been my must-have lip combo for the end of the month...I'm obsessed! At first I wasn't sure if I liked this lipstick or not as it's a little bit darker than what I'm used to but now I love it. The gloss is about a shade lighter so I apply it to the middle of my lips & then just blend it out. 

Here's what it looks like on - along with the eyeshadow palette mentioned later in this post :)

I bought this mascara at the duty free on our way to LA and I love it! I was actually about to repurchase Babydoll but the woman at the counter advised me to get the original one & I'm so happy she did. It's 100 times better than the other, as it gives so much length & volume! Plus you don't need that many coats because it's super thick. 

This is my friend Pippa's eyeshadow palette & I am so proud of her...she sent it to me while we were in America so I came home to a lovely present and have been using it ever since. I am usually quite skeptical of new makeup lines/brands that I'm not used to but this is brilliant. The shadows are mainly matte & very neutral so this would be perfect for beginners or everyday looks, plus you get a highlight, blush & contour in it too. The shadows are all highly pigmented & blend so nicely. I instantly got compliments on my makeup after using this! 

This stuff has become one of my nightstand favourites! I have a little collection of products that I use every night on my bedside table...this is what I use on my hands & it smells delicious! Anything almond scented is probably going to end up being a favourite of mine anyway because I can't help myself - it smells like a cake my mum used to bake :) 

I think this is my favourite suncream I've ever used...I don't know if it's the coconut smell or the fact that it comes out streaked with a bronze colour (which doesn't give you more of a tan or shimmer) but for some reason when I apply this I feel like I'm glowing. Maybe it's my imagination! Either way I love it and will definitely be taking it with me on holiday to Italy!

I don't know if it's the fact that this is called "Candy Cream" or the yummy blueberry & acai scent but I'm obsessed with this body lotion! Yes it's from my friend Zoe's product line but she knows more than anyone that I wouldn't recommend something unless I genuinely loved it - and this is amazing! Although I feel like it's more of a body butter than a lotion as the first time I put this on I used WAY too much and turned myself white, ha ha ha! It also comes with tiny hot pink beads which blend into your skin & are super moisturising. I apply this at night after my shower and the morning after my skin is lovely & baby soft. 

Those were my favourites for the month of July! What were your beauty faves? 

Mommy Monday: Ralph Lauren Kids Haul

I know I've been very naughty and haven't updated my blog in a long time...apologies for keeping you all waiting on a new post! But I am back with a kids' clothing haul - these are some items I picked up in LA when we went shopping on Rodeo Drive (which was amazing by the way)! The first shop we walked into was Ralph Lauren and I headed straight to the kids' section because it was the least intimidating room in the flagship store, ha ha ha! The ladies in there were so helpful & nice (not at all like the Pretty Woman movie!) and they gave Emilia & Eduardo animal crackers while I went to town on picking out their new outfits. 

I didn't get a whole lot for Eduardo, only because his size was limited and also I'm really particular about his clothes. Emilia is easier to dress as I feel like she needs more options (I mean hello, she is a girl ;) That being said I do love shopping for both of them. Emilia got a striped blue dress, anchor bathing suit, anchor camisole top and denim shorts, Americana tank top and a pair of jersey star shorts. Eduardo got red swimming trunks (to match her swimsuit!), dusty red linen shorts and two polos (one white, one lemon).

I hope you guys liked this haul - let me know what your favourite item was! I think mine are the matching swimming costumes! You can watch my haul video here! 

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