Date Night Outfit

Wednesday night was date night and here's what I wore! I stuck with the earthy tones and added a bit of black for some contrast. The top is from Diesel and you can't really see it properly because of my scarf but it's in a military style. I wore it with leather leggings to our New York meet & greet! This time I paired it with tan skinnies from Selected (these are really old and I'm kind of surprised they still fit!), black wedge boots from Whistles and a printed circle scarf from Accessorize. The bag is by Prada and I'm also wearing my gold Scorpio necklace & matching bracelet along with a black & gold bow bracelet from Kate Spade

On my lips is MAC's Shy Girl lipstick teamed with Soar lipliner. I was going to do something nice with my hair but I ended up just leaving it natural (no heat just washed the night before and left to air dry!) because I was too lazy! And you know on top of this entire outfit I threw my massive Parka London coat...Jonathan kept it classy with his white shirt & trench but not this girl!! I will choose looking like a fisherman over being cold any day of the week, date night or not! 

What I Ate Wednesday! {22.2.16}

I haven't done one of these blog posts in forever! 

Breakfast (8:30am)
Lately my breakfast has been the same every morning. I have organic porridge oats with skimmed milk, a medjool date (these taste a caramel sweet!) chopped up into it along with some cinnamon. I also have a cup of black coffee (not pictured) and a pint of water before eating anything!

Lunch 12pm
After breakfast I did a 20 minute HIIT workout & drank another 500ml bottle of water. Then I had lunch at noon which was wholegrain pitta bread with avocado, cucumber, feta cheese, peppers, rocket and lemon juice. Even though there are actually two pitta breads in this picture I ended up eating one and leaving some feta (my eyes are ALWAYS bigger than my belly!). 

Snack (3:30pm)
In the afternoon I always go through a bit of a slump which usually means I need coffee! So I had another black one with some fruit salad. (Fruit and coffee actually don't go that nicely together...but I try to keep my snacks healthy during the day!) Today's fruit salad contained blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, kiwi, mango and a splash of Innocent Mango & Passionfruit Smoothie. After my snack I also downed another 1/2L bottle of water!  

Dinner (6:15pm)
I totally forgot to take a picture of dinner until I was about halfway through...oops! Yes, pasta portions are always massive! For dinner I had wholewheat casarecce pasta with aubergines, onions & mediterranean veggie sauce. This is one of my favourite meals ever. Pasta & veggies = yum! Along with dinner I had another bottle of water.  

Dessert (8:45pm)
That evening while Jonathan & I were watching TV we enjoyed some tea & biscuits. It's become kind of a night time tradition to do this together and I love it because it makes cold evenings seem really cosy! I have peppermint & licorice tea and he has camomile. We both like the Teapigs brand best. My current favourite sweet treat of the moment is chocolate Hobnobs! I know I've mentioned them before but I am obsessed! They're even better dipped into coffee or hot milk ;)

Here's the video on my workout and what I ate...what did you eat today?!

Day at the Park

On Saturday we went to the park for some family fun. Emilia & Eduardo love going there, especially our local playground which is always full at the weekends! My outfit was really comfy & casual. Over this I wore my huge green parka which is lined with fleece and soooo cosy! It's not the prettiest coat but it's the one I've been reaching for the most lately as it's the most practical for when it's freezing cold outside! My jumper is one of my favourites this season as it's super soft and a beautiful baby pink from Ganni. My jeans are the light grey high-waisted skinnies from 7 For All Mankind. The high-tops are my grey suede Nikes which I got on sale from Net-A-Porter and I am wearing my Scorpio necklace in rose-gold on the 60cm (medium) chain. I've also got on the Zodiac bracelet in gold but it's not quite visible here! My grey bobble hat is from Esprit (I've been obsessed with these hats lately as you can tell!)

Here are Emilia & Eduardo's outfits! Emilia is all in burgundy; her skirt, cardigan and tights are from Du Pareil Au Meme, the boots are from Zara and her bow is from Belle Vintage Boutique. She is wearing her rose-gold Virgo necklace on the small (45cm) chain! Eduardo's shirt is from Gap, the top underneath and high-tops are from Zara and his jeans are Armani

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Don't forget to check out today's video below, which is an Ask Anna where I answer your questions from Twitter & Facebook! Hope you enjoy :) 

Long Time No Bloggy!


Hello patient friends!! 

I'm back to blogging and I've missed you all so much! It's been a busy start of the year...we went to Ireland recently on a kind of family holiday to break up the post-Christmas gloominess and it was a week of absolute bliss. Delicious food, a beautiful hotel, quality time with loved ones and did I mention the yummy food? Oh yeah...there was a lot of that ;) I tried to keep on track with my workouts during the week but we definitely over-indulged so I've probably put on a bit of...ahem, padding! But it was worth it. Jonathan had an amazing birthday getting totally spoiled! We did some damage in Brown Thomas the day before where he got some much-needed additions to his wardrobe (I was very jealous...but I am proud to say I resisted temptation and did not cross one TOE from menswear over into the beauty department. And believe me, that took a lot of willpower!) I then organised a couples spa day on Saturday, while Emilia & Eduardo were whisked off to my mum's. Poor Jonathan was a bit nervous as he had never had a relaxing massage before (he'd only had sports ones) but he ended up really enjoying it! We both felt super relaxed and enjoyed a very non stressful kid-free room service lunch before going to my mum's for some birthday cake she made him. That evening we got all dressed up for dinner in Jacob's On The Mall which is hands-down the BEST restaurant in Cork. Their food is to die-for! I left feeling very much like a stuffed sausage (hopefully all my fellow mamas out there can relate to that post-pregnancy belly expanding bloat!!). Note to self, do not wear a figure-hugging peplum top when a huge three course meal is on the agenda, or pretty but painful Louboutins in the pouring rain. (There were actual puddles in my shoes on arrival at the restaurant...I wish I was joking.)

So now we are back to the reality of home life and I'm finding myself waiting and wishing for brighter, warmer Spring time! Although these pictures were taken on a sunnier moment today, the weather hasn't been particularly nice and it's SO cold! Which is why I'm living in Uggs and oversized jumpers at the moment. Even the rips in my jeans are getting too chilly to bear...seriously! Today I'm wearing my tan Ugg boots, Ted Baker ripped jeans, Jack Wills cream cable knit jumper & Burberry scarf. My bag is the Louis Vuitton Neverfull which Jonathan calls my "always-full" because between kids' changes of clothes, nappies, wipes and my hundred thousand lipsticks I tend to carry around with me it is always full to the brim. On my lips today I have on MAC lipliner in Soar coupled with MAC lipstick in Shy Girl. I'm also wearing my gold scorpio necklace with the 45cm chain (available here) and the matching bracelet (these just launched exciting!!) and rose gold Swarovski stud earrings.

To find out more about the launch of my bracelets, you can watch the video I made on them here! And let me know which type you prefer. Also I promise not to neglect my blog any more...I will try my best to upload three times a week from now on! Thank you for sticking with me even though I kept you waiting so long. I love all of you so so much! <3
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