Summer Term

It's finally getting nice enough to go outside without a big heavy coat and boots so I am embracing all of the lighter spring colours and fashion! I recently picked up these pretty nude Iris & Ink espadrilles which are SO comfortable and easy to wear. I love nude shoes with a skinny white jean. The jeans are from J.Brand and the shirt is...a surprise ;) I can't actually tell you where it's from yet but just know that it is part of an exciting project I've been working on for months & months!

At the time of taking these photos I still had my Easter decor up, you can kind of see my Easter wreath peeking out from behind me! That's all put away now and as much as I'm always a bit sad to see the spring decorations go, it was also nice for our house to get a bit of a refresh!

I hope you're all enjoying the beginning of summer term, especially if you have little ones at school...I can't believe we're already here! As Andrea is 8 months old now and therefore a lot less reliant on me for breastfeeding I have been doing the after-school pickups and am loving it. It sounds a bit sad but I really missed doing the school runs since having the two babies. It makes me feel more connected to the older two, and I love our little car chats every afternoon before the chaos of having to juggle all four of them when we get back home ensues!

Eduardo's Frozen Party

Welcome to Eduardo's Frozen Party! Unlike Alessia's party, we were not so blessed with the weather. So the temperature dropped and although we were glad it remained dry, some of us were well & truly "frozen"! I actually had to keep Andrea indoors for most of the afternoon as he already had a cold and it was just too nippy for a small baby! But the other children threw their coats on and loved it...I think children forget about the cold so long as they're having fun! 

Eduardo has been totally in love with Frozen ever since he was a toddler so it's no surprise that he wanted a recreation of Emilia's 4th birthday party! Regardless of the cold weather, we were so happy to be able to host this at our home and I think it made the day even more special. The first photos that you see above are of Eduardo's initial reaction to meeting Elsa & Anna as they walked up the steps of our garden. He was so excited!

Eduardo chose to invite his class from school to his party, along with two other girls from different classes that he is also friends with. It was a totally different vibe to Alessia's party but I was really pleased that it gave me the opportunity to get to know more parents from his form group. I haven't been the best at socialising since I had Alessia & Andrea and unfortunately this change happened around the same time that Eduardo started school. So I feel like I made a better effort with getting to know Emilia's year (as she started pre-babies) whereas when it comes to Eduardo's I'm totally clueless. Added to this is the fact that Eduardo's friend group is primarily made up of I did know a few of the girls' mums but not enough of the boys'! 

List of Vendors: 

These guys styled the event, brought all of the props & games, provided the goody bags, the children's food, adult food, balloons, decorations and made everything look beautiful. They also organised the children's entertainment which included a visit from Elsa & Anna. They were amazing at keeping everything running seamlessly!

When I heard we were getting a teepee for the back garden, I didn't realise it was going to be as epic as this one! I had sort of envisaged a normal sized children's teepee like the one Alessia had at her puppy party or the ones the kids have in their when the crew came to assemble it a few days beforehand I was pretty shocked to say the least! Hahaha! It looked amazing and definitely helped to keep the cold breeze out.

How incredible was Eduardo's Frozen cake?! I am so in awe of how professional bakers can create this kind of beauty...and get it to taste good too! I'm not a huge chocolate cake fan but I had absolutely no problem devouring this! The cake pops are my personal favourites these kind come with triple the frosting! 

We have worked with Greg countless times before and as always I am so appreciative of how well he captures our children's happy faces on their special day. I think you can all see from the photos here how excited and on top of the world Eduardo was. We also got some beautiful shots of the girls and although Andrea didn't feature for most of the party we even got a few of him!

What I Ate Wednesday {17.4.19}

What I Ate Wednesdays are back...with a twist! I've listened to your feedback and from what I can see you all miss the food posts of what I eat in a day but you also enjoy the outfits of the day, so I decided to combine the two into one. Groundbreaking stuff, am I right?! Hahaha...but seriously I can understand where you're all coming from and I get it. Although I do post WIAWs on Instastories, it's also nice to have something a little more permanent. 

So here's what I ate today as well as my outfit. It finally heated up just enough so I could wear this blouse which was a pretty recent purchase from Warehouse. I also got this pair of white jeans which I bought in my regular size, but it's not my regular jeans brand (I almost always go for 7 for All Mankind, these are JBrand). I'm assuming JBrand runs a bit larger because as soon as I tried them on they were big. I was too scared to exchange them for a smaller size because I didn't want them to be too tight but now that I've worn them quite a few times I realise that unless I puuullll them all the way up so they're in the right position (like in these photos) they eventually end up somewhere around my ankles. Okay, slight exaggeration but they are falling off me and don't look the most flattering! I like jeans to be pretty tight without being uncomfortable if you know what I mean! The shoes were a splurge and are from D&G...kind of like a pre-holiday present to myself if you will! We are going away for next half term and I wanted some cute espadrilles for walking around in that weren't the usual basic nude/brown that I normally go for. I love the colour of these!

Breakfast 8:30am
Onto what I ate during the day; breakfast was no different than probably the last time I posted a What I Ate Wednesday! I'm sorry I'm so boring but this is just my absolute favourite breakfast! If you don't already know, it's 1/2 a cup of sprouted oats, 1 and 1/4 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, cinnamon, raisins and a medjool date cooked on the hob. I also had 1 cup of black coffee and a few hours before this I drank a 900ml bottle of water with my workout. 

Morning Snack 10:30am
I've been on a bit of a Greek yogurt kick lately. For my mid-morning snack I had a bowl of red grapes and some natural Greek yogurt. 

Lunch 1pm
For lunch I was craving a melted cheese sandwich. I normally have something with eggs or avocado but I hadn't had a proper cheese sandwich since I made them for my mum and me last time she was over. I use two slices of organic seeded bread, drizzle both of them in olive oil (the outside), then I spread one half with sticky pickle, cover in grated cheddar cheese and toast in a sandwich press. The olive oil makes it crispy and delicious! Then I added some mixed leaves & baby spinach, beetroot and pickled gherkins along with another 900ml bottle of water. 

Afternoon Snack 3pm
After Eduardo's birthday we have so many baked goods in the fact it's been this way since Alessia's birthday two weeks ago! Just as we got through all of hers, we had a ton left over from Eduardo's Frozen party so I am dutifully making my way through all of the cake, cupcakes and cake pops! Today was a slice of his birthday cake which was absolutely delicious and I'm not even that much of a chocolate fan! I had this massive slice with an almond milk latte. 

Dinner 5:45pm
For dinner I made turkey chilli casserole with turkey mince, kidney beans, chopped tomatoes, white wine, ground cumin, coriander, mango chutney, smoked paprika & tomato paste. We had it with basmati rice and some cheddar cheese on top. Jonathan loves chilli and he thought this was the best one yet! I also drank another 900ml bottle of water (I aim for three a day).

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