White on White!

My Outfit: 
Pants - Hello!Skinny Jeans c/o The White Door
T-shirt - Ralph Lauren
Shoes - ASOS
Bracelet - A gift from my mom
Earrings - Krystal from ASOS
What better way to accessorise an all-white outfit than with a white puppy!
  So normally I wouldn't wear this much white but yesterday I was just feeling it for some reason, maybe it was the sunshine (which is now gone!).  I have also now worn my Hello! Skinny Jeans for three days in a row, I love them!  They are the perfect summer jean.

I also have amazing news!  Today we went to view the bungalow in the same estate as our original "dream house" and just as I thought, it wasn't as nice.  I'm not sure I like bungalows anyway, they're not really my thing but I guess it's just personal taste.  I like a staircase in my home!  It only had 2 bedrooms and one bathroom plus there were no gates in the garden so the doggies could get out onto the road = major fail!  We then went back to view our "dream house" once more, just to remind ourselves why we loved it so much and we were sold.  We are putting down the deposit on that one today - woo hoo!  We also managed to get a really good deal on it and for once ended up going UNDER our budget - phew!  I absolutely love it and I can't wait to move in!  I hope you will like it as much as we do :)

Stay Stylish!

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