Emilia's Bedding Arrived!

Emilia's bedding finally arrived yesterday, yay!  I am so happy with it and it was so much fun to "make her bed", ha ha ha :)  We bought this set the same time we got her crib, stroller and mattress but the boutique didn't have it in stock so we had to wait a little while for it to come.  As you can probably tell we went with a pretty neutral theme when decorating her nursery!  I don't mind pink accents here and there but I wanted to keep the decor quite classic. (Plus you never know, we could have a boy next time! ;)

Here's the link to the bedding set we got.  Jofus & I both fell in love with the Bramble & Smudge characters, they are soooo cute!  The only part I don't like right now is the bumper because it doesn't work well on this crib setting.  Once we lower the setting when she's a little bit older it will wrap around the crib better.  It's okay for now but as you can see it doesn't fit with the sleigh bed structure of the crib so we might remove it if it's not really needed.

I still need to hang her "E" and frame her other picture for the adjacent wall.  Then I think we're done!  I can't wait to see the final look :)

Stay Stylish!

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  1. We went for neutral too for our little boy :) I'm just a few weeks behind you and blogging too! Such exciting times :) x


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