Update: Wedding Plans

So I know I've been slacking on my blog recently and I'm sorry for that.  But this week was pretty busy as my family had some friends over from Germany and things have been pretty hectic with trying to organise all the photos for the book.  It's so difficult when you're trying to do everything yourself, and in some ways I just want it all to be over...photoshoots are not easy to plan!!

Anyway, I realised I haven't updated you guys on the wedding plans and I know that this is something a lot of you request that I cover in my blogs and videos so here is a little sneak peak into what's been going on...

The Venue: If you've read my first wedding post, you'll know that my fiancé and I are getting married in Italy, because I am half Italian.  My favourite place in the whole of Italy has to be Naples.  This is where my family is from and where I spent a lot of time growing up.  I've been to and lived in a few Italian cities but Naples is by far my favourite.  I can't even properly explain why...it may not be the most historically beautiful city but the atmosphere, the people, the food...are just amazing.  Naples is like my second home.

So for that reason, we've decided to get married close to Naples...in a beautiful town on the Amalfi Coast.  Here's where I'm going to get a bit vague...and leave you guessing as to which town it is ;)  I hope you'll understand that I'm not going to say where exactly it is until after the wedding!  Just for privacy reasons.  In any case, the town is very pretty and I've been there many times before.  It's the perfect location for a wedding.

Neither Jonathan nor I are particularly religious, so we're not getting married in a church.  In fact, very little about our wedding will be traditional.  It's going to be small, simple and elegant...just how we want it :)  We've decided to have a civil wedding, outside in the gardens of a villa.  I've picked out a few in the area that I like and my uncle, aunt and cousins are helping me decide which villa to choose for the venue.  It definitely helps to have family there when planning from a different country!  We're going to rent the same villa for the duration of our stay and have the bridal party stay with us (depending on the size of course!).  

The Reception: Our wedding is going to be quite a private, small affair with only close family and friends.  I think I've counted about 60 people total.  Both of us are very happy with that, because I think sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming when you feel like you need to invite absolutely everyone.  However being that we're getting married abroad, this makes it easier to cut down the guest list.  The reception will be in the gardens of the same villa, of course.  I'm still undecided on what we're doing for food, but one thing is for sure: the food will be authentic Italian and very very good!  This is something I'm willing to splurge a little bit more on.  

The Cake: I'm not really into a traditional wedding cake but I do want something tiered.  I found this picture of an absolutely beautiful and original cake (stolen from Style Me Pretty) that I think I'm going to try and get replicated for my wedding...it's so unique and I love the colours!

The Theme: A lot of people thought my theme was going to be pink...hahaha!  I have no idea why...hmmm ;)  But no, I tricked you all, my theme is not pink.  Not even peach or blush pink.  It's actually...(drumroll please)...neutrals!  Bet you didn't guess that one...or did you?!  Yes my theme is neutrals meaning white, champagne, nude, beige and brown.  It's what I've always wanted but since my favourite colour is pink, that's what so many people just assumed I'd pick!

Bridesmaids: Onto the most exciting topic :)  I'm having four beautiful bridesmaids...my two sisters, Emma and Erika...and my two best friends, Emma and Kirsten.  What will they be wearing??  I haven't found the perfect dress yet.  But they'll be wearing something champagne coloured, very simple and chic.  I'll let you know as soon as I find the perfect dress!  

Groomsmen: Jonathan's older brother is going to be his best man.  Aside from that he is having two close friends as groomsmen.  I really object to the traditional "even on both sides" idea and I actually prefer a bit of unevenness in our bridal party!  It makes things more  natural looking.  So in my opinion, three groomsmen against four bridesmaids works well together.  I never really understood why it had to be even anyway...I mean it's not like any of these people are together!

Flowergirl and *ahem* Dog-Walker:  My adorable niece and god-daughter, Sophia is going to be my flowergirl.  She will be six at the time of the wedding.  She is so cute!!!  And her equally handsome twin brother, my nephew Matthew will be the ring-bearer's dog-walker...hahaha, poor guy!  I would post a picture of their incredible cuteness here but my brother would probably freak...sorry :) 

Ring-Bearer: ALBI!!!  Of course Albi's in the wedding.  How could he not be.  Albi will probably be wearing a big champagne bow around his neck.  But no tuxedo or silly outfit...

Dress: No dress yet, sorry girls!!  My heart is still set on something very elegant and classic though, and I did find a dress online that I like the look of but nothing is for sure yet as I'm planning on trying on a LOT of different styles before I make my final decision.

Groom's Attire: Jonathan is not into wearing suits...and my feeling is why should you try to be something you're not on your wedding day?  I find that really pretentious and I would hate for him to feel uncomfortable on his big day.  That's just silly!  So, he'll be wearing a casual, light beige linen suit and probably some Converse or something like that :)  I am not into changing his style or forcing him to wear something that completely contradicts who he is.  

The Date: Shh...it's a secret!  ;)  I'm not telling...yet.  But you will find out, I promise.  For now, I can tell you that it will fall around the end of August/beginning of September 2011. 

Flowers: I'm not a big flowers person...honestly.  I've never been into flowers, whether it's real flowers or floral prints on clothes.  I prefer leafy plants than flowers to be honest.  For my wedding, the only flowers that are important to me are the bouquets and corsages.  That's it.  For the centrepieces, I'm thinking more along the lines of candles in big vases filled with sand from the beach.  Yeah, that's more my style!  But in terms of the bouquets, I love the look of white and cream roses.  Very neutral and classic.

Favours: Italian "confetti"...what else?! ;)  For those of you that aren't familiar with Italian confetti, these are sugar-coated almonds which are traditionally given out at Italian weddings and christenings.  These will be wrapped in little tulle bags and given out as favours for our guests.

So there you go!  These are just some of the updated wedding plans so far...I'm sure I will update you guys more along the way and of course, especially as I pick out the most important things like the dress!!  Thanks for reading and commenting, I really appreciate it!

Stay Stylish!


  1. Oh Anna,
    I am so so happy for you! Every time I read an update on your wedding I put a smile on my face since I feel so happy and wonder how everything will go.
    Up to now, everything looks simply perfect and I know that the wedding will be amazing.
    Lots of love,

  2. i am so happy for you. i feel so good to have someone supporting you all the time and understanding you, actually i am engaged too since a few months ago it feels so good to know that i am starting a new life, i wanna be the best wife, hope i reach my goal jeje
    congrats on you wedding i love the candels floating above the rocks

  3. It sounds like it will be a beautiful wedding! You two are the perfect couple :) Great location!

  4. I was so excited when I saw that your post was about your wedding! :)

    I have to say your choice of a location is beyond lovely! Isn't the Amalfi Coast simply gorgeous...one of my parents favorite places to visit and my good friend just got back from a vacation there this week!

    I am not religious either and have always said I would not get married in a church, so, I love that you are choosing to do outside of that and I think your idea is perfect!

    I would be all about elegance too and I simply cannot wait to see picture of you on our wedding day and all the lovely details you choose and put together...I know it will be beautiful!

    Your idea of neutrals will be simple and make for such soft wedding pictures...I love it!

    Albi is going to just be adorable as the ring bearer...since we didn't have any little girls in our family, my sister chose our 2 little nephews to be leaf boys and sprinkle fall leaves down the aisle instead of flowers! :)

    I agree that you should each be yourselves and be comfortable on your day...and good for you for not trying to change him, after all, you are marring him for who he is!

    Thank you so much for such great updates...I'm sure it is a busy time for you, but I love hearing about all your plans and am excited for you and Jonathan!

    Liesl :)

  5. P.S. I LOVE that picture of you, Jonathan and Albi...so pretty!!! :)

  6. Oh, Anna!
    I`m so happy for you and Jonathan :) Your wedding plans are so unique and special and they reflect your personalities so well.

  7. The location looks very nice :D
    Im sure you'll have a fab day...I think 60 people is a lovely amount for a wedding


  8. Thank you so much for your guys' support! <3

    @Catanya Thank you so much, darling :) That means a lot!

    @Liliana Congratulations on your engagement! I'm sure you'll be a perfect wife :)

    @Anonymous Thank you so much! Yes, the location wasn't very difficult for us to pick, it's lovely :)

    @Liesl As always, Liesl...thank you so much for your lovely comments :) That idea about the leaf boys is sooo cute and original! I love it! I absolutely loved your sister's wedding pictures by the way, what a gorgeous wedding it was, with lovely colours. Thank you also, for your compliment about the picture, we actually just got that framed today for our living room! :)

    @Anonymous/Inga Thank you :) I'm happy you think so, I want our wedding to be different than the norm :)

    @Yasmine Thanks! Yes, I didn't want a huge wedding with lots of people I hardly know!

  9. I just love absolutely everything about this! You're doing it your way and it's so refreshing. I like that it's going to be uneven (WHY is it always even??) and that Jonathan doesn't have to wear a tux but what he wants. And I agree with the flowers. I was sneezing like crazy at the last one I went to. Going to be so nice Anna and you're going to be such a stunning bride :)

  10. Everything is so chic and classy.. much like yourself! I am so happy for you and Jonathan :) Thanks for keeping us updated!!

  11. naples would be a gorgeous wedding venue! i wish you all the luck!


  12. This sounds like it it is going to be such a beautiful wedding!!

  13. *SIGH* Makes me wanna re-do my wedding just like YOURS!!

    BITCH!! It's going to be GORGEOUS!! Like your face...!!!! aghhhhalskfja;lwk

  14. Sounds perfect and so like you...I am so happy for you both!

  15. omg your wedding plans sound amazing darling. I just recently got married too, nothing big considering it was planned in 3 months. I still dont know how we did it. Anyways we didnt have that many people either it was something small and elegant. The centerpieces were made from scratch by grandmother and my dress was white and ivory. I really hope everything comes out just the way you want it. If you ever need help with anything or any ideas just message me. GOOD LUCK!

  16. Loved reading this post! Sounds like it will be the most amazing wedding :)

  17. I love that Albi is going to be the ring-bearer :)

  18. Your wedding planning sounds so perfect! I love that youre blogging about it. Feels like we're helping you plan along the way. I think I'll do the same with mine, one day! HA!

  19. Ciao, Anna!
    My guess is Castelamare or Sorrento!!!?? So you are not celebrating it on Ischia?
    Anyway, I lived in Napoli for 3 months and I fell in love wit the city I like it even more than Roma, but I also like Firenze pretty much :)
    Baci da Lettonia! ;)

  20. Congratulazioni Anna! Sono molto felice che festeggerai il tuo matrimonio nella nostra splendida terra. Sono sicura che sarà una cerimonia stupenda, mi piacciono tantissimo le tue idee :)
    Ti seguo sempre, sei fantastica! :)
    Spero che non ti dispiaccia che ho risposto in italiano :)
    Un bacio

  21. I know that you and Jonathan will have a very beautiful wedding! You have class and you'll make the wedding look stunning. The rest will be only joy and love! :)

  22. Sounds lovely, Anna. I especially love the sound of your colour scheme and the fact it sounds like it will be a lovely, laid back, enjoyable day.

  23. Anna is that a wedding cake made of cheese?

  24. @Rebecca Thank you!! Hahaha, you actually just reminded me...I get really bad hayfever so it's probably just as well that we're not having too many flowers! LOL!

    @Sarah Thanks! :) I hope everything will look that way on the day!

    @AnnaKatrina Yes, I love Naples. It's a really charming city.

    @Vikki Thank you!

    @Cynthia Shut up!! Your wedding was amazing!!! You're crazy, ho ;)

    @Ruby Thank you so much! Let's hope everything goes according to plan, LOL!

    @Joiarib Wow, 3 months that is quite an achievement! It sounds like it was beautiful :)

    @Dutchess Roz Thank you, sweetie! <3

    @Paulina Haha couldn't have the wedding without Albi :)

    @crawlinginmyweb Hehe and when you do, I'll be here to help you! :)

    @Anonymous Ooh...good guesses! ;) I've never been to Rome but I lived in Florence for a year! Florence is beautiful but my heart is still in Naples ;) No, we decided Ischia was a little too awkward for our guests to get to as it's not on the mainland.

    @Marta Grazie, cara! E' stato un piacere leggere la tua risposta in italiano :)

    @Shopperita Thank you so much :) xx

  25. It looks like it's going to be such a beautiful wedding! I love that you don't want to change his style, I think that he has to be comfortable on his big day too!
    Many people who aren't religious get married on a church, which I don't understand. I'm glad you're not being an hypocrite about that, even though I always knew you weren't ;)
    I love neutrals has a wedding theme, and even though I love pink too, we have to remember that there's a groom too! ehehe

  26. isn't that cake just cheese piled one on another? :DDD

    congratulations anna!!! :)

  27. Contests on the wedding!!! He is so perfect for you and I've only just discovered your blog/YouTube videos. They help me alot.

  28. Contests on the wedding!!! He is so perfect for you and I've only just discovered your blog/YouTube videos. They help me alot.

  29. @Marisa I agree, getting married in a church when you're not even practising that religion is quiet hypocritical. Exactly, I think Jonathan would probably have objected to having to wear a pink tie! hahaha :)

    @Anete Oh, yeah..it's cheese! Hahaha it still looks yummy though! :)

  30. Aww your plans sound gorgeous! I love that Albi is involved <3 xo

  31. I worked in the last days, so I didn't have time to read this post!!

    I'm Italian, but I never been in Napoli. Anyway, everybody told me it's a beautiful city!

    I didn't get married in a church, too, and I agree when you say it's not nice to ask Jonathan to wear something he is not confortable with, only for the wedding.

    And I want to see little Albi at your wedding! It's a pity I couldn't bring my cats :D

    I'm sure it will be an amazing day!

  32. Very much enjoyed reading this post! Love hearing all about wedding plans! It sounds like your wedding will be just perfect xx

  33. This realli sounds awesome:) Ur wedding is going to be lovely for sure. I like that ur wedding's so unique. U don't hav equal number of bridesmaids and groomsmen. John's nt wearing a tux. COOL>.<

  34. I was there! The sister of my love lives in Napoli (Agerola) near Amalfi!

  35. I am from Napoli and I'm a Saccone like you , compliments for the choice of the place and I wish you all the luck :)

  36. Italy is my favourite place in the whole World for wedding venue and you both are looking so beautiful


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