I'm in Dublin, Ireland!

Hi everyone!

I apologise for the lack of blog posts and videos over the last few days but as many of you probably already know, I am busy house-hunting in Dublin! We arrived with the ferry at 6am Wednesday morning...we basically packed up our whole lives into one car and drove.

So today, when we were house-hunting we went to the beach. It was Albi's first time and he had SO much fun! I can't wait to live here so we can take him everyday.  As you could tell he made friends with a little Bichon. Albi was pretty popular with all the dogs because he hasn't been neutered yet...hahaha! He's so cute though, he gets freaked when the other dogs start sniffing at him too much and he comes running and hides behind me!

He's like "I just need my space!"

Another one of Albi's friends...


Bichon following Albi

If you want to know what I'm wearing, I'll put a list below but you can't really see too well in these photos...also it's a whole lot of Zara as usual...what can I say, I love Zara!

Shoes: Zara
Coat: Zara
Black Turtle-neck: Gap
Houndstooth City Shorts: Sisley
Sunnies: Oasis

Also, we found a house today that we love, it's near the beach and it's a 2 bedroom, 2 bath house with a pool. It's in a beautiful area and allows pets. My only problem is that it's pretty far away from, well...anything. So we're looking at another few places tomorrow. I can't wait.

*BY THE WAY - DISCLAIMER* I just wanted to add one thing...I noticed there's some kind of crazy war breaking out in my comments of one of my videos (Winter Fashion)...about my body. I'm kind of disappointed that people are so obsessed with this kind of thing but anyways... I just want to let you guys know that I would never "mislead" you in any way or try and "confuse my young viewers" by claiming that I'm a certain body-type when I'm not. I realise that I'm relatively slim, but bodyshapes come in all different sizes. For those of you that are saying I'm "too thin" to be an hourglass, my measurements are 34-24-34. That basically means that my boobs are in proportion to my hips and my waist is 10inches smaller...you could be any weight, any size but if you have a similar bust-waist-hip ratio, that qualifies as an hourglass. If you don't believe me, google it. But you can be sure that I would certainly never lie to you guys or try and say I'm something that I'm not. Everything I preach on The Style Diet channel is what I practice in my daily life and my job as a stylist. So I would never give out wrong information...that's just not me.

For those of you that always have my back, love you guys! 

Stay Stylish!


Accident Prone!

Here I am wearing a cute sweater dress from Benetton, flats from Zara and a lovely leather jacket from H&M.  About 2 minutes after this photo was taken, I went to bring my puppy Albi inside, set foot on my balcony...SLIPPED and landed with a crash on my whole left side of my body!! It was SO sore!!

My loving boyfriend Jonathan took these pictures of me crying! Sorry you can kind of almost see my bum in the first one but hey, hahaha!

Albi came over to try and console me...

Jonathan thought this picture was "cool". Never mind the fact that I was in terrible pain and bawling!! :/ Aren't boyfriends thoughtful!

Ha ha, I suppose that's what I get for being such a poser ;) 

Stay Stylish!


My Job

People ask me all the time about my job.  Things like, what's it like working from home?  Do you make a good living?  What's it like being a stylist?  Is it secure?  What is it you actually do?  And so on.  I decided to answer a few of those questions right now and debunk all the rumours and myths going around...

1. What is it that you actually do?
I work as a freelance personal stylist.  I basically tell other women what to wear based on their body shape, colouring and lifestyle.  I have a lot of international clients so I do most of my work online.  I communicate via email and put together look books, style profiles and colour palettes for women who want to learn how to dress better and feel more confident.

2. How much money do you make?
I'm not going to tell you that, I'm afraid...hahaha.  I will say that it's difficult to get started but once you make a few good contacts and get your name out there, it gets easier.  My YouTube channel has definitely helped me gain exposure as a stylist.

3. What is it like working from home?
It's much more difficult than people think.  I love it, because it suits me and it suits my boyfriend (he also works from home as a freelance digital artist).  It definitely works with out lifestyle as we move around a lot but you need to be dedicated, hard working and very disciplined.  If you don't put the work in, you won't get paid!

4. How did you get into personal styling?
I started a fashion blog when I was in college (thestylediet.blogpspot.com, now deleted) and working for a local newspaper as their fashion columnist.  (See picture above.)  I would answer questions on fashion and style and post them on my blog as well.  I started getting clients and work through the exposure I got and it just kind of went from there!

Welcome To My Blog!

Welcome to my blog!  
A little about me...my name is Anna, I'm a 22 year old fashion stylist living in London, UK.  I'm half Italian, half Irish and grew up in a couple of different countries but went to school for the most part in Ireland.  I am currently living in South East London with my amazing boyfriend, Jonathan and our Maltese puppy, Albi

I work as a part time model and freelance personal stylist and I love to make women and girls feel good about themselves through the way they dress.  In January 2008 I started writing a book called The Style Diet, a positive body image book for teens.  I'm still writing.  In the meantime while researching online, I found the beauty community on YouTube but realised there weren't very many fashion videos on there.  So in February 2009 I started making videos giving fashion and style tips under the username "TheStyleDiet".  I now have over 10,000 wonderful subscribers (thank you if you are one of them!!)  and it has become somewhat of a part-time job.  But I mustn't forget my love for writing...which is where this blog comes into play.


Sidenote: The photo above was taken at a promotional photoshoot I did for TK Maxx.
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