Easy Makeup for Blue Eyes!

Watch the video tutorial here!

I don't have blue eyes, my eyes are brown.  But I love love love wearing colours that are made for blue-eyed girls...I can't help it!  They're just so pretty!  If you are a blue eyed beauty and you really want to make your eye colour POP, you should opt for warm browns, gold, bronze, and copper.  Blue is one of the lightest eye colours so wearing very dark or vibrant colours can sometimes look too harsh.  You'll also notice I used black eyeliner in this tutorial but this is because my eyes are brown and I feel they can take so much intensity.  However often with lighter eye colours, a brown or a grey eye pencil works better!

To achieve this look, I used my Sedona Lace 120 Palette (2nd Edition).  You can purchase it here.

I first primed my lids with MAC's Prep + Prime for eyes.  This will help the shadows stay on for longer and show the true intensity of the colours.

I used a shimmery copper colour (1) and put it all over my lid with a flat eyeshadow brush. I then used a blending brush and applied the bronze shimmery colour (2) onto the crease and with a pencil brush I also applied it to the lower lashline.

I then took a fluffy brush and applied this gold/buttermilk colour (3) onto my brow bone and blended it into the crease colour to avoid any harsh lines.

I used a thin line of liquid liner on the top lids (Maybelline Line Definer in black), a pencil liner in the waterline (Impala Waterproof liner also in black) and a volumising mascara (CoverGirl's LashBlast). 

Here is a closer look at the finished eyes!

It's such an easy look, with only 3 colours and I think this is perfect for both evening and daytime!  

To finish it all off, I applied some of Maybelline's Rosewood Pearl lipstick.  The warm tones in this shade compliment the golden/bronze eyeshadows.

Let me know if you like the look and if you have any requests for more makeup tutorials to suit different eye colours, just let me know! 

Stay Stylish!

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick

I recently picked up two lipsticks from Maybelline's ColorSensational range.  Shimmery nude pinks are my favourite lip colours (hello Rimmel Summer Angel addiction!) so I was pretty excited to try these out.  I got Delicate Pearl #812 and Rosewood Pearl #842.

I was actually wearing Delicate Pearl in my last video and got quite a few compliments about how "glowy" I looked!  I think this lipstick definitely helped with that...it's a beautiful pearlescent baby pink which compliments both warm and cool tones.

Rosewood Pearl is also very pretty.  I actually tend to gravitate towards anything "rosewood" as that colour seems to work well on me!  It's not as shimmery as Delicate Pearl and is creamier in texture.  This would definitely compliment warmer tones.

Here are some swatches of both lipsticks:

I really like both shades and definitely think they fit perfectly with the rest of my collection!  My only problem with Maybelline lipsticks is that in Ireland they are SO expensive for a drugstore brand.  Although they only retail at £7.19 in the UK, I paid over €10 for each of these babies :(  Boo!

What are you favourite drugstore lipsticks?  Have you tried either of these shades before?

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Win A Signed Copy of My Book!

Sorry to inundate you with posts about my book...I promise this will be the last one for a while!  I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm giving away three signed copies of my book.  All you have to do is be a follower of my blog (the follow button is over there to the left ;) subscribe to my YouTube channel and leave a comment on THIS video, telling me why you think you should win.  That's it!

Winners will be announced in about 2-3 weeks.  The contest is open internationally so no matter where you live I will ship it to you!  And I will even try and get Albi and Sina to sign it for you if you want...hahaha!

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Navy and Cream

Sometimes it's okay to be matchy-matchy!

Especially when the two colours are navy and cream...hahaha!  I absolutely love this colour combination and I was completely inspired by this beautiful scalloped skirt from Anthropologie.  I got it for my 22nd birthday and have only worn it twice!  It's such a pity because it really is a gorgeous piece but I just hardly ever find the right occasion for it.  Tonight we (Jonathan, my mom, my two sisters and I) are going out to eat at Wagamama's (a japanese noodle bar) to celebrate the release of my book!  (Watch the video here!)

This is what I'm wearing.

Jacket - Laura Ashley, Sweater - Benetton, Skirt - Anthropologie, Shoes - New Look, Scarf - Zegna, Tights - Oasis

I am also wearing a new lipstick I bought yesterday which I'm really loving!  Maybelline's Delicate Pearl (#812)  It's a pretty frosty/shimmery baby pink!

Stay Stylish!


Click here to buy your own copy :) 

As most of you probably already know from Twitter and Facebook, my new website went live today which is where you can buy my book!  I am so excited that the day has FINALLY arrived!  I have included a section on the book here on my blog, where you can read a 5 page preview of it but I thought I'd do a separate post as well, just to let you guys know!

If you do buy/read my book please let me know!  I am dying to hear from all of you :)

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Vegan Food Haul!

Well hello there!  I'm just sipping on some Dr. Stuart's naturally caffeine free tea that will hopefully cleanse and purify my skin from the inside out!  Hahaha, let's see if it works!  

This is just one of the many purchases we made from the health food shop today!  It's part of our new "experiment" that my fiancĂ© and I have decided to do.  Last night we did a lot of research on vegetarianism, veganism and going dairy and meat free.  We watched a lot of YouTube videos, but the ones that stood out to us the most were the Bill Clinton one and this video of Alicia Silverstone talking about her book, The Kind Diet.  What we understood from all of this was that vegans tend to feel better, live longer, have more energy and are all-round healthier than people who eat meat and dairy.  Whether this is actually true or not, we both honestly don't know.  So we thought we'd try it for a day, see how we felt and then attempt to go vegan for one week.  After the week is over, I'll update you guys and let you know how I feel!  

I want to make it clear though, that I am NOT doing this to lose weight.  Jonathan and I are just doing this to see if it makes us FEEL better and healthier!  If it works, that's great but if it doesn't suit us and we don't see a difference, then we'll stop!  I'm up for the challenge though, and I think this will be a fun experiment!  My biggest challenge will be the dairy.  I love cheese so that will be the hardest to give up!  Jonathan's biggest challenge will definitely be meat.  He loves eating meat but he doesn't really like dairy products anyway. I don't eat a lot of meat.  If we could combine the two of us, we would have the perfect vegan, hahaha!

So first off, we stopped by our local farmers' market and bought some hummus, semi sun-dried tomatoes, red and green chili sauce and a jar of apple chutney.  We had a lot of fun tasting everything when we got back and Jonathan was amazed by how much he liked the hummus!  For lunch, we had bagels with hummus and sun-dried tomatoes...YUM!

After lunch, we ventured into Holland & Barrett, the health food shop and picked up a few goodies!

We picked up two different types of Dr. Stuart's naturally caffeine free tea.  Jonathan got Echinacea and I got the Skin Purify one. 


Jonathan got some Hemp protein powder to put in his smoothies for breakfast.

I got some of these 100% raw Nakd bars, which are SO amazing!!  Unfortunately you can't buy them in bulk though :( 

Jonathan got some Goody Good Stuff vegan sweets to munch on.

And I got some of my favourite dried fruit - mangoes and apricots!  Albicocca!  Hahaha!

We then stopped by Tesco (how boring of us!) and picked up some bananas, clementines, soy milk and a smoothie.  We actually wanted almond milk but they didn't have any.  The Innocent smoothies are for Jonathan's breakfast...these are sooo good and they have nothing but fruit in them!  

(Watch our vegan food shopping vlog here!)

Oh, and we also found these two lost little pups along our way...hahaha, not!
Watch my vlog from yesterday and help me make a big decision concerning Albi and Sina!
Although I think it may have come across wrong...I was actually talking about both dogs together, not separating them.  But anyway...if you watch the video you'll understand :) 

Let me know your thoughts on going vegan...I know it can be controversial but I'm curious to know how many of you are vegan/vegetarian and how you feel about it all.  Let's see if we can survive this week!!

Stay Stylish!

Skincare Tips and Tricks

Watch my Skincare Tips & Tricks video here!

I have been asked by so many of you to share some of my skincare tips and tricks, so here they are!

1. You don't need to spend a ton of money on your skincare.
I have used both high-end and drugstore skincare products, yet the brand I always come back to is the ever-affordable drugstore brand: Nivea.  This actually works BETTER for me than Estee Lauder did.  I used to work for Estee Lauder and although some of their products are good, the cleanser for my skin-type would always dry out my skin and irritate my eyes :(  Not nice!!  My advice?  Find a skincare line that works for you, whether that's high-end or low-end it doesn't really matter.  But the fewer products you load onto your face, the better!  I only use about two every single day.

2. If you have acne, try Benzoyl Peroxide.
I suffered from acne on my forehead pretty badly when I was a teenager.  When I was 18, my brother's wife who was a Mary Kay consultant introduced me to their Acne Gel which contained 5% Benzoyl Peroxide.  I used this along with the Velocity Cleanser and Moisturiser and together they completely cleared up my skin.  Unfortunately, Mary Kay is pretty difficult to get a hold of in Ireland so I moved onto something called PanOxyl, which is basically the same thing as the Acne Gel except you get it behind the counter at a pharmacy.  I got it in level 5 (5%).  This treatment is a concentrated gel which completely dries out the acne or pimple and gets rid of it really effectively!  I still use PanOxyl if I ever get a spot which thankfully, is very rarely now!

3. Don't use cleansing wipes!
I used to use cleansing wipes to take off my makeup at night, ALL the time but stopped a while ago after I realised that they were doing absolutely nothing for my skin.  We also learned in beauty school, NOT to use them as they clog your pores and are so bad for you.  Now, instead I just use my Nivea cleanser and water.

4. Wash your face after shampooing and conditioning your hair.
This is another tip I learned in beauty school and it has really stood to me!  Apparently most shampoos and conditioners can block your pores and cause spots (this is why a lot of people tend to get them around their hairline!) so it's really important to wash your face thoroughly after you use them.  I used to always wash my face first thing when I got in the shower but now I do that LAST.  I always make sure to cleanse it really well around the hairline to make sure there isn't any residue left from the shampoo/conditioner.

5. Be diligent with your skincare regimen.
After my acne cleared up, I would still get a few spots...usually during my time of the month.  I just thought that this was to do with the fact that my skin is oily and there was nothing I could do about it.  When I started beauty school, the skincare brand we used for mini facials and things like that was Dermalogica.  I was SO close to purchasing a whole "starter pack" from them, because I thought this would totally clear my skin and solve all my problems.  Before purchasing though, my teacher actually asked all of us the same question "are you really using your skincare products diligently?"  When I thought about it, I realised that I was not.  Think about it.  Do you honestly use your skincare products religiously, every morning and night?  Do you ALWAYS take off your makeup at night before bed?  My answer to both questions was NO.  So my teacher said to give it 2 weeks, and I did.  During those two weeks I stuck firmly to my skincare routine (using the same Nivea products) and my skin was completely clear.  Since then I only get a spot or pimple once every few months or something like that.  So my advice is to give products a chance to work and do their job, and really stick to your routine.  Also never, EVER go to bed with makeup on because it's so bad for your skin!!

Those are my skincare tips for today, and here are the products that I keep coming back to, time and time again!  They've worked for me and they're really affordable.  I love them!

CLEANSER: I cleanse my face with Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Refreshing 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner.  I use this in the shower, AFTER I shampoo and condition my hair!  At night, I use the same product to remove my makeup, using either a cotton pad or just my hands.  

MOISTURISER: In the summer time, when my skin is more oily I use Nivea Visage Oil Free Moisturising Fluid.  In the winter I when my skin is more combination, I use Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Light Moisturising Day Cream.

Like I said above, if I do get a pimple or a spot I will use PanOxyl, but only on that area - not my whole face!

I hope this skincare post will help some of you guys with a similar skin-type as me!  However please keep in mind that I am NOT a professional and can only speak for myself, with regards what has worked for me and what hasn't!  

What are your favourite skincare products?

Stay Stylish!

Biker Chick

I got a couple of requests to do an Outfit of the Day post on the look I was wearing in this video.  It's super simple and basic, which is why I wasn't even going to do a post on is but here it is!

It features my Bershka "biker" jacket which I got 3 and a half years ago, when I first met my fiancĂ©.  He drove a motorbike then and I needed something to keep me warm on the back of the bike!  This was my jacket of choice, as it zips up to my chin and fits very snug!  I love this jacket but had forgotten about it and it had been feeling very unloved for a long time in my closet!  

Here's what I was wearing underneath the jacket: 

Jacket - Bershka, Jeans - Miss Anna, Boots - ASOS, Cardigan - Wallis, Shirt - Gap

This is actually a pretty typical spring time outfit for me, minus the boots.  I like to layer a lot in the spring, as it's still pretty cool in Ireland.  This outfit paired up with the boots and warm jacket makes it okay for winter.  I know it isn't spring yet but I'm wishing it was and really looking forward to the weather getting just a little bit warmer!

Also, don't forget to check out my girlicious vlog from yesterday, hahaha!  I filmed for most of the day while Jonathan was at work.

Stay Stylish!

What's In My Purse

Watch my What's In My Purse video here!

What's in my purse posts are always fun, because whether we like to admit it or not...there's something strangely intriguing about knowing the contents of other women's purses.  Why, I have no idea!  I guess we're all nosy!  The first time I ever found the beauty community on YouTube was by watching what's in my purse videos.  I made one back in March of last year (click here to watch) and I thought I'd make an updated one...this time featuring my black leather tassel barrel bag from ASOS!  (Buy it here.)

Here are the contents of my bag!

My studded knit Alice Hannah gloves 
2 pens
A pink teasing comb
2 passports (American and Irish)
My Liz Claiborne black patent wallet (bought 2 years ago at TK Maxx)
My 1920s Vogue diary
2 elastic hair-ties
Set of keys with doggy key-cap from Paperchase, Accessorize keychain and Wizard of Oz keychain from Past Times
Pink digital camera (a fujifilm jx200)
Little yellow shopping bag that you can scrunch into itself and looks like a bee...hahaha! 
My iPhone 3GS with a pink cover from Paperchase
 Davis accent nude pink lipliner
The Body Shop coral lipgloss (not sure of the name)
Maybelline Watershine gloss in Baby Pink
 Avon Hollywood Lights lipgloss in Celebrity Pink
4 Rimmel Lipsticks (2 Summer Angel, 1 Airy Fairy, 1 Glam)
FYF Cosmetics Natalie lipstick
3 black kohl eyeliners (Sephora, Barry M and Rimmel...hahaha!  A girl needs options!)
Made From Earth vanilla lip balm
The Body Shop Hand Moisturiser
Aloe Vera Hand Sanitizer
 A Maltese nail file
Compact (Benefit's Get Even blotting powder)
1 month's supply of Yasminelle (birth control pill)

I actually can't believe how much lipstick/lipgloss and black eyeliner I carry around with me!  I think I might have a problem...

So, what's in YOUR purse?  I'm tagging anybody who follows/reads my blog to do this.  Let me know if you do!  

Oh, and I totally hitched a ride with Hello Kitty yesterday...watch the video here!

Stay Stylish!

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