First Day of Make-Up School!

Yesterday was my first day of make-up school!  I'm so excited to be getting my diploma in Make-Up Artistry!  I can't wait to share what I learn with you guys!  All students are required to wear black during the course, so I will be posting a video featuring all my outfits on how to wear black/dress for work once I finish in 6 weeks time.  I think that could be really helpful for anyone whose profession requires that you wear black, especially if you work in retail, where your outfits can get a bit repetitive.

What I'm Wearing:
Black jeggings -
Black flats -
Silver cuff - Newbridge Silver (similar style here)
Silver studs - Accessorize
Black cropped jacket - ASOS (available in beige and white here)
Black empire-line shirt - Esprit (similar more embellished style here)
Beige handbag - Chloé Paddington

I also tied my hair in a French plait/braid, which if you don't know how to do it you can watch my tutorial here.  Let me know what you think!  I love wearing black in general anyway, it's so classic and chic!

Stay Stylish!

I Wish I Was...

This is Jonathan (my fiancé's) favourite kind of outfit I wear...jeans and a t-shirt!  What can I say, he's a simple guy!  But I have to say, it's nice when your other half loves how you look when you're dressed down just as much as when you're dressed up.  That's true love right there, girls...hahaha!

This is one of my favourite probably can't tell because of the flash but it's actually a very pale apricot colour.  I wore my hair in a side-braid which I've been loving lately as it's perfect for a laid-back, summery look and I'm wearing a new eye-shadow by Pupa - Mineral Silk in #07.  It's a coppery beige colour which comes as a loose powder.

What I'm Wearing:
Light peach/pink t-shirt - Zara (similar style by American Apparel here)
Grey acid wash skinny jeans - Zara (similar style by J Brand here)
Grey and black ballet pumps - Zara (similar style by La Redoute here)
Copper earrings - A local market (similar style by Oliver Bonas here)
Pink and silver beaded bracelet - JouJou

What did you wear today?  Are you a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl?

Stay Stylish!

Back To School Shopping With Erika

How cute is Albi pulling all his toys out of his crate?!  Ha ha ha!  Every evening before bed I put all his toys away and every morning when he wakes up he pulls them all out again...  Yesterday I spent the afternoon shopping with my little sister, Erika!  It was so much fun, as both of us start school (kind of) at the same time, we went shopping for supplies.  It was her first day of secondary school yesterday morning and I start make-up school next week!  This is a current favourite outfit of mine as it's so comfortable.

What I'm Wearing:
Long grey cardigan - Primark (similar style by Phase Eight here)
Black tank top - In Wear (similar style by La Redoute here)
Black jeggings -
Black flats -
Silver cuff - Newbridge Silver (similar style here)
Black studs - Vero Moda (similar style by Miss Selfridge here)
Grey tote - Pomegranate Boutique, purchased in TK Maxx (similar style in black by Claudia Canova here)

The Gap were having a special Back to School offer where you get €10 off a hoodie of your choice, using a voucher we received two weeks ago.  She opted for a turquoise zip-up one which I think suits her so well!  She was torn between this colour and the navy blue, which was also really cute on her.  What do you guys think?  Erika's twelve but she's still quite little so she got this from the kids' section.  (You can buy these online here.)

Then we also did some Back to School make-up shopping!  As Erika is still young and only going into first year, she doesn't wear any foundation, blusher or bronzer but she does wear a little concealer, eye-shadow, eye-liner, mascara and lipgloss (sometimes).  She doesn't need any face make-up as her skin is very young and fresh but she likes to wear some very neutral eye make-up.  I bought her Maybelline Pure Cover Mineral Concealer in the shade Sand (03), for brightening up under her eyes.  I also got her All That Glitters eye-shadow by MAC, as it's a light, peachy colour which is neutral enough for school but still gives her a bit of shimmer.  She also sometimes uses MAC's Sweet Lust which is a shimmery light pink.  Lastly we got a voucher in Boots for No.7 products so she picked up this silvery purple nail polish in the colour Milan.

Let me know what you think of what she got and if you like both of our outfits!

Stay Stylish!

Back To School Fashion!

So I've been getting quite a lot of comments on my latest videos from worried viewers who fear I've neglected my fashion tutorials...don't fret, little ones!!  I haven't forgotten about the fashion side of my channel, I'm just branching out with the make-up ones.  And what's wrong with a bit of variety to spice things up?!  Honestly though, I don't think a lot of people who watch my YT vids even know I have this blog, where I regularly post my Outfits of the Day and such.  I think I had mentioned in my Back to School Make-Up post that there would be a follow-up post on fashion.  So If you're reading this blog and you know about it, you're one of the clever ones who gets all the inside scoop! 

I put together three looks that I personally feel are perfect for back to school/college.  These will all be in today's video but you special blog followers/readers get to see them here first!  These three looks reflect my own style, so do keep that in mind.  It's quite difficult to try and cater to everybody's style especially when you're young and in school, so my main priority was to keep the looks comfortable, relaxed and simple so you can build upon them with accessories.  When you're dressing for a school environment you don't want to feel uncomfortable or over-dressed but a lot of people get bored of the same old "jeans and t-shirt" look so I tried to make these a little bit varied and different than that!

What I'm Wearing:

Look #1
Khaki green combat-style pants - Primark (very similar style/price by ASOS here)
Grey ribbed long-sleeve t-shirt - Primark (similar style by John Lewis here)
Leopard print flats - Faith (similar style by Dorothy Perkins here)
Silver studs - Accessorize
Grey fringed jersey loop scarf - Accessorize (similar style in red by Bleu Dame here)
Metallic bangle - A local boutique (similar style by Oliver Bonas here)
Leather satchel - Joop! (similar style by Topshop here)

Look #2
Khaki green jacket - Bershka (similar style by ASOS here)
Black t-shirt - Mexx
Black pointy-toe flats - ASOS
Black/brown skinny jeans - Cheap Monday
Green disc earrings - Diamonds & Pearls/Bijou Brigitte (similar style here)
Vintage cuff - Stolen from my mom! (similar-ish and very fun Coca Cola style here!)
Leather satchel - Joop! (similar style by Topshop here)

Look #3
Black/brown skinny jeans - Cheap Monday
Dusky pink sweater - Sisley (get it in hot pink here)
Ballerina flats - Dunnes Stores (similar-ish style in grey by La Redoute here)
Dusky pink pashmina - Local market (similar style by M&S here)
Pink and gold feather earrings - Forever21 (get them in peachy pink here)
Leather satchel - Joop! (similar style by Topshop here)

I really hope you guys like the looks.  Please remember that everyone's style is different, so this is by no means the only "right way" to dress for school, it's just my input.

Stay Stylish!

Girls' Night in Dublin

Last weekend I went to Dublin with my girlfriends for my engagement party!  My four best friends from school, Emma (my maid of honour), Martha, Kate and Rebecca are all coming to my wedding in Ischia next year and they all threw me a girls' night/engagement party of sorts.  Unfortunately our one friend Rebecca couldn't be there.  When we had all finished school the four of us actually went to Sorrento for a holiday, which happens to be very near the island of Ischia where I'm getting married so it will be like a kind of reunion!

Here's what I wore on Saturday, when I took the train to Dublin and we spent the whole day shopping!  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of my outfit that evening but I had posted two dress options on Twitter which many of you helped me decide between so thank you!  I ended up wearing the black and white dress, featured in my Munich Haul video (to watch, click here)!

What I'm Wearing:
Ribbed tank top in oatmeal - Primark
Striped turquoise/cream cardigan - Farrell and Brown
Dark-wash skinny jeans - Miss Anna (bought at Tzar in Covent Garden)
Navy-blue ballet flats - Accessorize (buy them in leopard print here)
Turquoise dangly earrings - Swap gift from the US

For make-up, I wore the same as usual on my face and lips and on my eyes I did my Silver/Grey Smokey Eye (see video tutorial here).

I didn't really take many photos in Dublin as I was also filming for the daily vlog (which you can watch here) but here's the place we ate lunch at, which is one of my favourite places to grab lunch at when I'm in Dublin!  It's called Nude and is apparently owned by Bono's brother.  They make delicious wraps and soups and I love the way it's decorated!  

What did you get up to this weekend?

Stay Stylish!

Vote for Albi!

Some of you may remember last week I went to the opening of Creedon's Doggie Daycare with my fiancé, Jonathan and my puppy Albi (click here to watch the video).  Albi and I posed for this picture in a little playhouse and were entered into a competition on their Facebook page!  The winning pup gets one month of free daycare, a pamper session at the groomer's, two nights free boarding and a place on any training course of choice.  So...if you think Albi deserves all of this please vote for our picture here by clicking "Like"!  Of course you don't have to vote for Albi and me if you don't want to...this isn't anything to be taken seriously, it's all just a bit of fun.  Feel free to take a look through the album at all the other cute entries!


Simple Stripes

It's a yucky, rainy day in Cork today so I thought I'd prove it to you all with a photo of my very wet-looking balcony!  How do you like my three little geranium plants?!  Hopefully they're not all dead by next week.  That's normally the case with any plants I get.

What I'm Wearing:
Striped shirt - GAP
Indigo jeggings -
Ballet flats - Accessorize
Pearl bracelet - A gift from my mom
Earrings - Accessorize
Bag - Chloe

As you can see from all my outfits, my style is very simple and I favour neutral colours like navy blue, black, beige and grey!  I kept my make-up neutral too, and am wearing my Kiko blush in #1 Soft Sand with Benefit's Hoola as a contour and Bonnebell's Blend'n'Glow as a highlight.  On my eyes I have the usual: Maybelline Line Definer and Impala Waterproof eye pencil in black with The Body Shop's Big and Curvy mascara and Kiko eyeshadow in #80.  On my lips I have Summer Angel lipstick by Rimmel!

For my hair, I styled it in a simple classic bun.  You can watch the hair tutorial on this look here.

When I was in Kinsale yesterday, I picked up the cutest pair of blue and white striped flannel shorts in the sale for €36 in a local boutique.  I know summer's over but I couldn't resist these!  The brand is an Italian one, Egerie and they're a size too big so I may have to get them taken in a bit.  But they were just too sweet to leave in the shop!

What did you wear today?  Have you bought anything new in the sales?

Stay Stylish!

Presents from Polina!

Yesterday I got some lovely gifts from my friend Polina, who lives in Bulgaria!  She sent me a CoverGirl LashBlast mascara which I've been dying to try for the longest time.  I've heard such great things about it and CoverGirl is a brand that isn't sold here in Ireland or the UK so I've never tried it.  I thought the wand looked pretty cool with the orange spikes!  She also sent me a beautiful scarf and a tinted lipbalm.  Above are the swatches taken without and with flash.  

Let me know what you think!  Have you guys tried LashBlast?  What are your thoughts? 

Stay Stylish!

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