Dublin Tour

What I'm Wearing:
Grey leopard print cardigan from Dunnes Stores
Black basic long-sleeve top from Vila
Khaki skinny leg pants from Primark
Black boots by London Rebel from ASOS 
Grey jersey fringed scarf from Accessorize
Black quilted handbag by Love Moschino
Silver necklace from Agatha
Silver Mumbai bracelet from JewelMint

Sorry for the lack of blog posts lately...we have been super busy this week with travelling up & down from Dublin (that's where we are now), filming, editing and uploading videos and meeting new friends!  Today we did a mini "tour of Dublin" with our friends Lindsay, Phil, Kevin, Matt & Mark who are visiting from the States!  We had a very jam-packed but fun day and are looking forward to seeing them again tomorrow for Phil's Meet-up in the Convention Centre!

How cute are these boots by the way?!  I absolutely love them -- these and another wool scarf were a generous gift from my friend Michael whom I've met through YouTube, thank you Michael! :)  They're super comfy (even after traipsing for hours through Dublin!), warm and make a great alternative to my black ASOS Kooper boots, hahaha! 

I hope you are all having a great weekend! 

Stay Stylish!

The Body Shop Christmas Launch

Last night I attended The Body Shop Christmas Launch in their Grafton Street store in Dublin.  It was my first time going to one of their official events and I was so excited to see all the new products from their winter collection, as well as meet their celebrity make-up artist Karim Sattar again.  Karim did my make-up last summer and gave me a lot of amazing tips for my upcoming wedding!  This time he gave me a darker, and "sexier" smokey eye using the Silver Black palette, one of the two new quads launching with the winter trend.  I really loved the look Karim created, and especially appreciated the flawless base he achieved with The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals cream compact & loose powder foundations (the two I used on my wedding day -- absolute staples in my make-up bag!).  The cream compact foundation is a dream for covering up breakouts which I am unfortunately very prone to!  

I will be saving the rest of the products for a separate post, but in the meantime I hope you enjoy these pictures of the evening!  You can also check out a little "sneak preview" video of the event on our daily vlog if you would like!  I had a wonderful time and would like to say a huge thank you to The Body Shop Ireland for inviting me!

You can find The Body Shop Ireland on Facebook and also follow them on Twitter!

Preparing the base for my smokey eye
Cute Christmas cookies and gingerbread house!
Jonathan and me with Karim
Me with Suzanne, The Body Shop's lovely PR manager who invited me to this event!

Stay Stylish!


What I'm Wearing:
Leather jacket from H&M
Striped pullover from Vero Moda
Grey acid wash jeans from Zara
Black suede boots from ASOS
Times Square earrings c/o JewelMint

I am literally rushing to get ready as I type this super quick blog post!  We are getting ready to drive to Dublin for The Body Shop Christmas Launch, woo hoo!  I'm so excited :) I love The Body Shop and I can't wait to see what they have in store for this winter!  I am sure I will update you guys tomorrow with more pictures from the launch, in the meantime enjoy these outfit pics!  (Oh and this is what I'm wearing to the event this evening, plus maybe my leopard print beret and a scarf if it gets chilly!)

Stay Stylish!


What I'm Wearing:
Light grey cardigan from Primark
White 3/4 sleeve t-shirt from Heatons
Blue jeggings from Zara
Charcoal calf boots from Dune
Grey jersey fringed scarf from Accessorize
Silver Mumbai bracelet c/o JewelMint
Diamond stud earrings from my hubby (bought in local jeweller's)

Apologies for the ugly grey stone wall in the background!  Our back garden isn't much to look at but I was freezing cold today and in my strange little mind I figured it was warmer out here than in front of the house...hahaha!  Maybe because the walls make it more insulated?  I don't know...  Anyway sorry they're ugly, if we weren't renting I would probably plant lots of creeper to cover it up.  I suppose it matches my grey toned outfit!

I'm honestly not a huge fan of this cardigan...I don't really like the bell sleeves and the fit/shape of it but until I find another one in the same colour that I like I'll continue to wear it.  Plus it was super cheap, so I don't mind.  I guess Primark can be a bit hit & miss sometimes!  

Stay Stylish!

Go Veg?

What I'm Wearing: 
Cream chunky knit cardigan from Mexx
Black basic top from Vila
Black leggings from Heatons
Black suede boots from ASOS
Champagne scarf from a lovely subscriber of mine! 
Skinny patent leather belt from ASOS
Freshwater pearl earrings from Sorrento, Italy
Gold Scorpio necklace from my dad
Black patent leather watch c/o Phosphor

I know, I know.  I wear these boots almost everyday BUT they're really warm, comfy and go with almost every outfit so I love them!  I miss my flats & pumps though :(  It's just too cold to not wear boots in this miserable weather!  It pretty much poured all day until later this afternoon so we went on a pointless trip to Blackpool Shopping Centre to find a cable my hubby needs for his PS3 (things I don't understand at all, but sadly for him none of the shops we visited had this stupid old cable!).  

It was too wet & rainy to take Albi & Sina for their walk so we took them for a mini playdate with their two bichon friends Misty & Daisy who live across the road from my mom.  My sister and mama cooked us the most amazing vegetarian meal this evening!  Emma made eggplant "meat"balls with a tomato/carrot/onion sauce and my mom made home-grilled-in-the-oven chips (fries) and a lamb's leaf lettuce salad.  It was DELISH!  Even Jonathan agreed, and he loves meat!

I would love to be a "real" vegetarian...I feel like if I applied myself and actually made an effort to cook veggie meals I could do it being that I'm not a big fan of meat anyway and usually only eat chicken or fish.  Whenever I go to a restaurant, 99% of the time I order a vegetarian meal.  I even opted for the vegetarian dish at my own wedding!  Of course the gas/stove issue we are experiencing in this house makes things 100x more difficult (soooooo frustrating) but also if I'm honest I usually fail due to laziness.  I've been vegetarian off & on for the last few years I've lived away from home but what always makes me slip is the fact that Jonathan really only ever liked meat so for convenience sake I always end up cooking meat meals for both of us.  I never saw the point in doing separate meals for two people but now I feel like he would actually like to try new meatless dishes if they were super yummy like today's one!  Especially after his juice detox, Jonathan seems to be embracing new tastes & adding tons more fruits and veggies to his diet - yay! 

Stay Stylish!

Paranormal Activity

What I'm Wearing:
Cashmere sweater from InWear
Grey wool shorts from GAP
Black opaque tights from Esprit
Black suede boots from ASOS
Quilted gold chain handbag by Love Moschino
Freshwater pearl earrings & bracelet set from Sorrento, Italy
Black patent leather watch c/o Phosphor

Nails: Forever Strong Midnight Blue by Maybelline

See my fringe, billowing in the wind?  It kind of resembles horns (lol) which totally goes with this evening's theme...we are heading out to see Paranormal Activity 3 tonight -- eek!  Probably not the best thing to see/do while drinking nothing but fruit & vegetable juices, hahaha!  I don't know about you guys, but I absolutely LOVE horror movies.  Thank goodness Jonathan is the same way, otherwise I don't know how we would have lasted four years together!  We have seen Paranormal Activity 1 and 2, we preferred the first one and apparently this one is more like that than the second so we are PUMPED!  

An update on the juice detox: I'm not gonna lie, day 2 was hard especially in the evening time.  I was seriously craving a pizza!  I find the daytime is much easier than the evenings, because that's usually when I eat more.  Today has been smooth sailing so far, and thankfully my stupid old pimples have gone down a little bit.  The other thing I liked about this detox is that we went for lots of walks with the doggies...something they enjoyed too, it passes the time and the fresh air feels so much better than going to the gym (although I will start going again after this, but we thought it safer not to during these three days).  

I feel pretty good about myself on day 3 and I could definitely see myself incorporating more smoothies & juices into my diet especially because they're super yummy!  I quite like the idea of strawberry, pineapple and yogurt smoothies for breakfast...mmm.  But I miss proper dinners and I miss my "treats".  So on that note ....*don't kill me*.... I MAY cheat tonight and get a (small) popcorn at the cinema.  I've been soooo good, guys!!!  And plus 9pm is almost midnight which is technically the end of day 3, right?!  LOL.  Go on, tell me.  I'm weak! ;)

Stay Stylish!

Day Two

What I'm Wearing:
Brown cardigan c/o ApartStyle
Green 3/4 sleeve t-shirt from Bien Bleu
1969 Always Skinny jeans from GAP
Fur-lined shoe boots from River Island
Grey jersey fringed scarf from Accessorize
Freshwater pearl earrings from Sorrento, Italy

I am currently on Day 2 of the Juice Detox and it's going pretty well so far!  Day 1 was surprisingly easy...maybe because the juice is so yummy!  What I love about this is that you don't feel hungry or deprived in the sense that you're actually consuming lots of fruit & veggies and not just water or...air!  Jason Vale's book warned about headaches as a side-effect but so far I have not experienced any (yay!).  You will however crave "real food" on this detox, without a doubt.  Strangely enough both Jonathan and I are craving savoury things rather than sweet which is especially weird for me, being that I have such a sweet tooth!  But I could murder a sandwich, or a pizza, or even better Wagamama Veggie Yaki Soba...ugh!  I don't know why but we're both also craving Wagamama's for some reason -- that's totally where we'll be on Saturday (probably all day long...lol).

One thing I did notice is that I broke out REALLY BAD this morning.  My skin was not perfect before or anything, and I definitely had a lot of bumpiness & redness going on especially on my forehead.  But it was as if Day 1 brought everything to the surface of my skin...apparently this is part of the clearing  & detox process.  I literally woke up with TEN new pimples on my face this morning...eek!  Horrible :(  I hope they go away soon!  

All in all though, I'm pretty impressed with this juice detox so far.  It's not as difficult as you might think, and even though you do get cravings I like that I'm never feeling hungry. I've also never consumed so much beetroot in my life, haha.  It makes my lips pink! :)

Stay Stylish!

A Change of Heart

What I'm Wearing: 
Chunky knit cardigan from Vero Moda
Basic white t-shirt from Heatons
Grey jersey fringe scarf from Accessorize
1969 Always Skinny jeans from GAP
Charcoal calf boots from Dune
Brown leather Modalu London Kiera bag c/o Shopalike UK

I am not a fan of the hair today...I was just too lazy to do anything with it this morning, so I scrunched it with some curl mousse and blow dried it but I'm not happy with the result.  I think it needs a cut, actually!

Also after much pleading & begging, my hubby convinced me to do the 3 Day Juice Detox with him -- argh!  I know I probably sound like a hypocrite because I'm totally eating my words from yesterday "NO I am not doing the detox" -- hahaha...  But poor Jonathan, it really is half the battle if you do it together.  I just want to be clear on one thing, normally I'm totally against detox "diets" of any kind or fad things and I have never done anything like this before.  In other words, I freaking love my food guys!!  But when Jonathan started this morning I was intrigued, he made me read this book and I figured, "oh what the heck" so I'll give it a go.  Having said that I do have two veggie burgers on call, just in case of emergency.  Jonathan has a packet of jelly squirms with a hand-written note taped to them "In Case Of Emergency" hahaha!  

So we've completed Day 1 and it's actually not as difficult as I thought.  I think what helps a lot is that we're in it together, so we don't feel so isolated or deprived because we're basically just spending all our time at home with the doggies avoiding any strenuous exercise and taking frequent naps.  We sound like OAPs, I know.  But it's quite relaxing and the fruit & veggie juices taste amazing!  Plus, tomorrow we get a smoothie for breakfast with live yogurt -- OMG I am so looking forward to that!!  I don't feel hungry really, or deprived because the juices fill you up.  Tonight for dinner we had one blended with avocado, which gave a much welcomed texture to the juice.  

If any of you are interested in doing something like this, please stay tuned as I promise to give my 100% honest feelings throughout the entire process.  I am the ultimate detox critic so I will not be so quick to say "OMG this makes me feel amazing!!!" when really I feel like poo and would happily wolf down a pizza.  I will make sure to keep you updated on how I do!  And if I fail, well at least I have my veggie burgers!

Stay Stylish!

Juice Boost!

What I'm Wearing: 
Oversized black & grey chunky knit top from Heatons
Black Kate jeggings from ASOS
Black suede Kooper mid calf boots from ASOS
Quilted bag from Love Moschino
Silver "Mumbai Bracelet" c/o JewelMint (50% off with promo code TheStyleDiet50)
Silver 14" name necklace c/o MyNameNecklace.ie

I picked up this top in Heatons two days ago and I think I got the last one!  I can't find it on the website either, but perhaps you'll have more luck in your local store.  I also just realised how faded my Kate jeggings are...I have had them for a few years, I kind of like it though!  Sorry there's no close-up of my boots but they need a good scrub, too many walks in the mud I think! 

My hubby is starting a three day detox juice fast tomorrow and although I will most certainly not be joining him, I thought I'd share a picture of what he'll be eating drinking these next few days!  Please try to ignore the crazy Halloween decorations that tried to sneak their way in...a bat in our fruit bowl?  Yes, well fruit wants to feel festive too sometimes so why not ;)

Anyway, if any of you are interested in following Jonathan's juice detox plan or if you want to join him he will be posting the shopping list and pictures on his Facebook page and also recording videos on his personal YouTube channel.  And once again, NO I am not taking part in this juice fast and NO I have no "secret plans" to lose weight as one commenter tried to point out.  I am perfectly happy with my body size/weight and am not trying to lead teenagers down the wrong path...geez!  I personally think it's great that Jonathan is doing this because he is the right person for it.  As somebody who never ate fruits or veggies before, he has come a long way and this is a huge step for him.  I am really proud and will be supporting him throughout the process!   

Stay Stylish!

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