What I Ate Wednesday {29.3.16}

Breakfast (8:30am)

For breakfast we went back to basics and had porridge with whole milk. (We actually hadn't eaten this in over a week!) I added my favourite toppings of medjool dates, honey and cinnamon. Before eating anything I drank a cup of Clipper Rise & Shine tea (to help with digestion) and a bottle of water. Right before working out I did also make myself a black coffee...I don't think my morning would be complete without it! 

Morning Snack (11am)

After my workout I had a banana and strawberry yoghurt. This is my favourite brand of the moment - Yeo Valley yoghurts are so creamy and delicious! I also drank another bottle of water during my workout.

Lunch (2pm)

For lunch I had roasted aubergines & courgette salad with lettuce, black olives, semi-sundried tomatoes, parmesan and Caesar salad dressing. You can also make this with chicken if you prefer! 

Afternoon Snack (4:30pm)

In the afternoon I usually edit videos so by about 3/4 o'clock I start to get really tired and in need of an energy boost! I had another coffee along with two mandarins and a granola bar. I ate the mandarins before taking this picture...ha ha ha! Evidently I was hungry! These granola bars are AMAZING; they are my newest obsession and I even included them in my favourites video :) 

Dinner (6:30pm)

I feel like I always show the same dinner on here, or at least variations of the same thing...oops! I must try to switch things up a bit more. We had chicken with mushrooms and sweet & sour sauce (we use the Seeds of Change brand) along with rice which we made with mixed frozen veggies (peas, corn, carrots), onions and coconut oil. I also had another bottle of water with my dinner. 

Evening Snack / Dessert (8:45pm)

After the kids go to bed I normally take my shower, change into my pyjamas and chill on the sofa surrounded by 700 dogs. I honestly look forward to this time everyday! So this is my time to indulge...ha ha! Tonight I couldn't decide between a cupcake & a cookie so I had both. These cookies are the raisin & oatmeal ones from Waitrose bakery and they are SO soft! The cupcakes was one of our homemade Easter ones I baked last week. They were lemon flavour with vanilla buttercream icing and I think these are my favourites! So simple but really yummy. I also had a cup of peppermint and licorice tea (Teapigs Sweet Treat) and another bottle of water. 

And that's it! What did you eat today?


Here's an outfit I wore recently when taking Emilia to ballet class. She joined a new class group recently and I had actually forgotten about it because it's on a different day so we ended up rushing in a total panic out the door! So this was kind of thrown together and had there been more time I probably would have swapped out my bag for a black one but this is what I ended up with! The jumper is a new purchase from ASOS; the brand is Selected. I actually really like it - comfy, cosy and flattering at the same time. And I feel like the white brightens up the look. My jeans are from Ted Baker (one of my favourite pairs), the black wedge boots are by Whistles and extremely comfortable for a 3 - 3 1/2 inch heel. My leather jacket is from Mango and although it ties the look together I quickly realised it's still far too cold to wear it :( My bag is the LV Neverfull (MM).

Today's video is a What's In My Bag, where I show you guys the newest addition to my collection and also give you a look inside it so you can see the huge amount of crap I carry around with me...ha ha ha! So if you're interested in seeing a ridiculous amount of lipsticks and old receipts, this one's for you! 

What I Ate Wednesday {15.3.16}

Breakfast (8am)

We are trying out a new breakfast every day this week in an effort to get the kids (well, Emilia) to enjoy it a bit more as normally it takes her about an hour to finish her porridge. So I figured I'd change things up a bit and so far so good! This morning I had greek yoghurt with granola, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. Before that I also drank a cup of Clipper Rise & Shine tea to aid digestion (works like a charm!). And of course I had my usual 1/2 litre of water. After breakfast I made myself a cup of black coffee. (I don't think I could live without my morning coffee!)

Morning Snack (11am)

After my workout I had a banana and tbsp of peanut butter. This is my favourite post exercise snack! And my peanut butter servings just keep getting bigger & bigger, ha ha! While working out I drank another 1/2 litre of water.

Lunch (1pm)

For lunch I had beetroot and feta salad with mixed beans, pickled gherkins and red onion. It was so crunchy & delicious! I think beetroot and goat's cheese or feta is one of my favourite combinations ever!

Afternoon Snack (4pm)

At about 4 o'clock I was hungry again so I had an apple & granola bar with my coffee. I love these Nature's Path organic trail mix granola bars. Jonathan loves the dark chocolate chip kind so we buy about 2 packs of them each! I also drank another 1/2 litre of water as I always get really thirsty around this time of day!

Dinner (6:30pm)

I think we had the same dinner as this last week but I'm not sure...it is one of our staples though! This is chicken pilaff made with jasmine rice, chicken thighs, carrots and coconut oil. I also had some red cabbage stewed with porcini mushrooms (yummy!!) on the side. Along with dinner I downed another 1/2 litre bottle of water.

Dessert (9pm)

After the kids had gone to bed I took my shower and then came downstair to enjoy one of these St. Patrick's Day cupcakes we baked that afternoon! I made these using my usual chocolate cupcake recipe and topped them with buttercream icing to which I added some peppermint extract and a few squirts of green gel food colouring. We decorated them with lucky charms and a Haribo rainbow stick. Even our cases were rainbow themed! I'm not normally a big mint & chocolate fan but I don't think I've ever met a cake I didn't like so of course I tried them...and they are actually really good and moreish! I had mine with a cup of Pukka Detox tea which contains fennel seed, cardamom and licorice root. It was good but the Teapigs Sweet Treat is still my favourite!

And here's the video of what I ate including my workout (which I do three times total...I feel like I repeat myself constantly but I still get questions on this everyday!). What did you eat today?

All About that Cape Life

I don't wear this cape often enough but when I do, I love it! I think the weather just needs to warm up a little bit before I can break it out more. The cape is from ASOS and I wore it with a camel Moschino scarf, Whistles blue shirt and Michael Kors green skinny jeans. My boots are from H by Hudson and I wore these to death last year! They are still one of my most comfortable pairs and I feel like they go with everything! My bag is the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM. 

My jewellery is all the same as always: Scorpio necklace in gold on the small size chain, gold Scorpio charm bracelet and Swarovski earrings. My lip colour is Chanel Rouge Coco in Adrienne. This was actually the outfit I wore to take Emilia swimming last week! It was watch week which meant all the parents get to watch their kids' progress and sit in on the lesson. I'm always amazed and so impressed by her confidence and how well behaved she is when I see her in these situations! She makes me proud to be her mummy everyday <3 

Today's video is a grocery haul! So if you're wondering what we buy in our weekly shop, here's a little peek! Bear in mind we don't buy all of the same stuff every week and some of this will obviously last a lot longer than a week...also little disclaimer - we are not vegans nor do we ever plan to be. So if meat & dairy products offend you, simply don't watch :) 

Green & Gold

These photos were taken around the time when I was still recovering from that allergic reaction on my eyes so I went for a very minimal makeup look! I'm wearing a dark moss green polo neck jumper from Gestuz along with my Michael Kors leather leggings from two Christmases ago. The boots are by Valentino and I already need to re-heel them :( The tip of one of the heels came off on my second or third time wearing them! So disappointing, even though I still do love them. I'm also wearing my gold Scorpio necklace with the small length chain and the gold Scorpio charm bracelet in the medium size. My earrings are Swarovski and the bow bangle is from Kate Spade. My bag is by Prada which was a birthday present while we were in New York! This lipstick colour is Chanel Rouge Coco in Adrienne. It looks nude in the tube but on me it comes up a bit darker (not that it looks that way in the pictures...I just feel like it's a bit darker out of the 100 other nude shades I own!) 

  Today's video is an extreeeemely long spring fashion haul! I went on a bit of a ramble about weight & body confidence in the beginning so I apologise for that if you're not interested that kind of thing, ha ha! I didn't try anything on in the video as the weather was awful on the day I filmed and I figured you'll probably see everything featured here on my blog at some point :) Hope you enjoy and have a lovely weekend!

What I Ate Wednesday {8.3.16}

Breakfast (8:30am)

Breakfast was the same as always...porridge with skimmed milk, chopped medjool date, cinnamon & a black coffee. I also had my usual bottle of water before breakfast and another one with my morning workout!

Lunch (1:30pm)

I was starving by the time lunch came around...yesterday was Emilia's swimming day so we were out all morning! For lunch I had grilled aubergine & courgette salad with cherry tomatoes, rocket & red onion.

Afternoon Snack (3:30pm)

That afternoon I had a homemade brownie that I had baked over the weekend (these are to die-for!!) with my coffee (taken black). I also downed another bottle of water!

Dinner (6pm-ish)

For dinner we had chicken pilau with carrots...this was so yummy & filling! And another bottle of water which meant I had 2L total - woo hoo!

Dessert (6:30pm)

For dessert I had something light as I was pretty full after dinner (but still craving sweets!) so I ate fruit salad which was made up of blueberries, strawberries, bananas, grapes, raspberries, apples and cinnamon topped with mango & passionfruit smoothie. 

Tea (8:30pm)

After the kids were in bed I relaxed with a cup of Teapigs Sweet Treat tea which contains licorice & peppermint. And that's it! You can watch the video of what I ate including my workout here:

Winter Uniform

Since I majorly failed at blogging last week,I promise to do better this week and have got three posts planned out already for you guys! Here's a recent outfit which has become a kind of everyday uniform for me, given the chilly weather & comfort factor of everything involved in this look! It's so simple & easy; skinny jeans, a loose tee, flannel shirt and Ugg boots. Slip on a beanie and you're done! My shirt is from Levi's, the t-shirt is by Velvet, the jeans and the hat are from Ted Baker. I am also wearing my gold scorpio necklace on the small chain, gold scorpio bracelet, Kate Spade bow bangle and grey & pink Michael Kors watch. My bag is by Prada

Last week went very unexpectedly due to the allergic reaction I got on my eyes and having to cancel quite a few things as a result of that. But I am back to normal now and thankfully my eyes have fully recovered! Today's video is a Snapchat Q&A where I opened your messages on camera and answered your questions! I covered lots of different topics...from having another baby, my phobias/fears and the thing I like most about Jonathan! Hope you enjoy :)

What I Ate Wednesday {29.2.16}

I'm back...sorry for the lack of blog posts this week but I've been struggling with this stupid allergic reaction I got on my eyes and we've all been ill as Emilia picked up a cough/cold from nursery and on top of that Eduardo has an ear infection! So we are all falling apart basically, ha ha! And the 29th (Leap Year) marked our unofficial "one year" anniversary of our legal wedding so we wanted to celebrate by doing something special. We had planned to spend the night in a hotel in London and I was also supposed to meet my friend Sabrina for afternoon tea & a pampering day but of course that didn't happen so I apologise that this has ended up being a very uninteresting and boring What I Ate post! But anyway...here's what I had to eat: 

Breakfast (8:30am)
Breakfast was porridge with whole milk, a medjool date chopped up, cinnamon and a black coffee with a 1/2 litre bottle of water.  After that I worked out with Lucy (9am) and we did a 20 minute HIIT workout which I included in my video. It's basically the same routine three times over!

Lunch (12:30pm)
Lunch was a toasted wholegrain multiseed bagel slathered in Philadelphia cream cheese with smoked salmon, cucumber and a homemade ginger tea for my throat. I also had another bottle of water which I started during my workout. 

Snack (4:30pm)
In the afternoon I had a black coffee & a little snack of natural yoghurt with some blueberries, raspberries and strawberries with a sprinkle of cinnamon. (Can you tell I love cinnamon?!)

Dinner (6pm)
I made wholewheat spaghetti with prawns, chilli, rocket & sun-dried tomatoes (recipe from Jamie's Italy book). This was yummy and super easy to make. Plus pasta is always a hit with the kids so it gets a thumbs up from me! I also drank another 1/2 litre of water with my dinner. 

Dessert (6:30pm)
For pudding I was craving one of these cookies from our cookie jar...these babies are from the Waitrose bakery and are chewy, soft and taste homemade. I got three different types but this one is my favourite: white chocolate and cranberry. I had mine with a cup of warm skim milk which I heated up in our frothing machine. 

Later that evening I had another 1/2 litre of water along with a peppermint & licorice tea and that was it for today! You can watch my What I Ate video including this week's workout below.

What did you eat today?
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