Our Christmas 2012!

As 2012 comes to a close, I thought I'd share some pictures with you from Emilia's first Christmas!  We had a wonderful, relaxing day and hope you did too! 

Our presents "under" the tree (unfortunately we can't really put them under it as the puppies would rip them to shreds!!)

Emilia all dolled up in her Christmas outfit!  She looked so cute watching cartoons but then she fell asleep right before we opened our presents, ha ha ha!

Jonathan got me Hunter boots! 

Playing with his new keyboard :)

The puppies loved opening their presents the most!

Albi got an ice-cream cone...ha ha ha!

Theo opening his present!

Bianca...just being Bianca!


Nivea is obsessed with Albi...ha ha ha!

Hope you enjoyed this little snippet of our day!  You can watch Emilia's Christmas haul video here ;)  Stay safe tonight and Happy New Year!


Blogmas Day 24: Christmas Eve!

It's Christmas Eve!!  Which marks the end of Blogmas...I hope you enjoyed my daily posts as much as I did writing them!  Even if I did spend most nights attempting to balance Emilia on a boob while rushing to get them written, having left it all to the last minute when we're all tucked up in bed and suddenly I'd spring up shouting "MY BLOG POST!!!!".  But last minute seems to be the theme we're going with this year, as you will discover further down in this post!  I will endeavour to blog more after this though...if not everyday then certainly most days of the week but the posts will probably be more varied.  Please let me know what you'd like to see/read on my blog going forward - I would love to know your thoughts! :)

Emilia and I spent the entire day shopping with my sister Erika (well, Emilia slept and we shopped!) so I dressed her in this cute little pink top that Erika got her before she was born!  I remember being moved to tears when she bought it because it was right after we paid her for walking the dogs and the first thing she did was go out and spend the money on Emilia...okay I may have been a little hormonal as well being quite heavily pregnant at the time but still - it was so sweet!!  That's my baby sister buying gifts for my baby...the very thought reduced me to a sobbing emotional wreck!!  

The teddy bear top is from TK Maxx and I can't remember where the white leggings are from.  The stripy pink and white shoes were a gift from two subscribers of ours but sadly Theo had his way with them so we had to put them in a safe(r) place!  The pink hairbow is from Layniebug Designs.

After our hard day's shopping we treated ourselves to some lunch in Nando's...Emilia slept through that too!!  She misses all the good stuff!  I ordered the butterfly chicken, corn on the cob & a side salad!  Shopping on Christmas Eve was everything I had expected it to be - absolute madness.  And like a complete idiot I put off buying wrapping paper to the very last minute and by the time we got to Tesco all of their Christmas stock was GONE.  It was as if Christmas was over and had never even happened!! :(  I couldn't believe it!  Jonathan miraculously salvaged a dusty roll of paper underneath one of the aisles...it was a bit crumpled but in a moment of panic I bought it anyway!  As far as I was concerned this was the last roll of wrapping paper on earth!  Luckily we found some more rolls at the local Spar (total cheap "rip-when-you-look-at-it" paper but it was wrapping paper nonetheless) and I had bows from when I last bought supplies for Jonathan's family.  UGH...what a mess!!!  Next year will be so much better, I promise ;)  

And here are the presents all lovely and wrapped under our tree.  The house is clean (or at least, for the most part!), the floors have been vacuumed/mopped, the bedsheets are freshly washed, the baby/puppies are asleep and Santa Claus/Paws has already been :)  We are finally ready for Christmas!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas tomorrow and that Santa comes to your family too :)  Lots of love to all of you!  Thank you so much for sticking with me through Blogmas! 

Merry Christmas!

Blogmas Day 23: Plätzchen Baking!

Today was the fourth Sunday of Advent!  Here's how my wreath looked all lit up this morning.  So pretty!  I can't believe how fast this month has gone!

Emilia wore her new pink top & pussycat leggings from two lovely subscribers Chloe & Shannon, pink socks and pink & yellow hairbow from Layniebug Designs.  The entire outfit is from Tesco (F&F).  She is so smiley in the mornings!  I love her chubby little legs...ha ha ha!

This was my lunch - homemade tuna wrap with light mayo, cucumber, tomato & lettuce!  Yummy!  

The pups all tired out after their walk this afternoon...I was so glad to fit one in.  Due to all of the Christmas preparations and rushing around shops, family events etc. they hadn't been walked in a few days and I felt really bad for them :(  Thankfully the weather was nice today and they all enjoyed a long walk!  

We went to my mom's house for dinner tonight and afterwards we baked plätzchen!!  It was so nice to share this tradition with Emilia, even if she is too small to even notice or remember.  Jonathan had fun participating in the rolling out of the dough and although he was responsible for a few mangled shapes and club-footed gingerbread men, they all turned out alright in the end...ha ha ha!  We also got news that my brother is coming to visit with his girlfriend in January - yay!  I can't wait for them to meet Emilia :)

And for all you Bianca fans out there...this is what happens when she hijacks my phone.  You have to be able to understand lisp/Bianca-talk to read these messages!!  She really liked my sister's shiny pants.

I hope you guys are enjoying the last few days leading up to Christmas!  Do you have all your shopping done?!  I am going out again tomorrow with my sister to shop for Jonathan's present!  Wish me luck!!  

Stay Stylish!

Blogmas Day 22: Cupcakes Galore!

We spent most of today out Christmas shopping so Emilia kept it pretty comfy in this super soft stripy pink hoody from Next, matching pink headband and some ridiculously cute bunny slippers from Jellycat!  Jonathan just about died of cuteness overload when he saw them!  He has a thing for baby shoes...ha ha ha!  

Here I am drinking my (much-needed) bowl cup of coffee in Costa before we braved the chaos and insanity that is last-minute Christmas shopping...ugh.  Remind me next year NOT to leave it all to the last minute!  Having said that it actually wasn't as stressful as I had anticipated and I managed to get most of it done (with the exception of Jonathan...who still remains the most impossible person on the planet to shop for).  So it looks like I'll have to repeat this craziness again tomorrow or maybe even Christmas Eve - not looking forward to that!!  

I didn't get a chance to post this yesterday but I received this amazing gift from a lovely subscriber called Shannon, all the way from Oklahoma!  Yes, this beautiful little cupcake tree survived its trip to Ireland.  Thankfully Shannon wrapped her really well :)  What a wonderful gift and it goes perfectly with my cupcake room!  We have the most thoughtful and kind subscribers/viewers - thank you so much to all of you who watch our videos, leave nice comments & tweets, send messages and letters.  We really appreciate every single one of you! 

We indulged in a little bit of naughty Christmas food shopping recently...and here is one of my picks!  White Cadbury's fingers - the best evening treat!  

I will leave you with what I think are probably my favourite pyjamas ever - Emilia has been covered with cupcakes!  These even have little pink frills on the bum...ha ha ha!  I love them!  Thank you Michael for sending them to us! :)  

Stay Stylish!

Blogmas Day 21: Upside Down Tree?!

Today we celebrated Emilia's Uroma's 83rd birthday!  Although it's technically not her birthday till the 26th, we always have terrible trouble trying to find a place that serves food the day after Christmas so we decided to celebrate on a different day this year!  My Oma picked the restaurant and Emilia got the chance to wear her pretty pink corduroy dress!  Yay! :)  She is getting so much use out of all her outfits, ha ha ha!  This ensemble is courtesy of her auntie Ruth and is entirely from Next (minus the bow which is Laynie Bug!).  Everyone thought she looked absolutely adorable and she actually managed to keep the whole outfit on all day! (No poo explosions - woo hoo!)  

Here are our outfits of the day together!  I actually filmed a video on this but didn't get a chance to edit/upload so it will be up tomorrow instead!  My cardigan/shirt/dress (I'm really not sure what to call it!) is from French Connection and looks waaaaay better on me when I'm not pregnant, ha ha!  I remember hating how it looked a few months ago...probably because it was seriously unflattering with a bump, oh well!  Underneath I wore a black Boob nursing top (this outfit is actually very breastfeeding friendly!), black ASOS jeggings and my furry black wedge boots are by Chinese Laundry!

The birthday lunch was in Hayfield Manor which was beautifully decorated for Christmas...they even had an upside down Christmas tree!!  I couldn't believe it!  This is so odd to me, at first I didn't even realise what it was supposed to be!  What do you guys think of this strange trend?!  I guess it's pretty eye-catching and it definitely makes you do a double take when you first see it but I don't know if I'd ever consider one of these for my own home, ha ha ha!  

My lunch was delicious...I had the gnocchi with winter veggies - yum!!  For dessert I had a mince pie and to my surprise they brought me out two so my Oma insisted I bring it home (she always asks for a doggy bag!).  Hayfield Manor have cloth napkins so she rummaged in her handbag for a bit and then presented me with a tiny crumpled paper one to wrap it in...ha ha ha!  She is so funny!  I hope she had a good birthday lunch.  Emilia enjoyed herself too even though she slept most of the way through it!  Oh yes, and my sister Emma is home from Germany - yay!  So Emilia will get to spend some quality time with her "Auntie Em" over the holiday season!

Stay Stylish!  

Blogmas Day 20: Naughty or Nice?

Sorry this is so late but today was kind of an off-day!  We slept in super late...I think I was just exhausted and tired myself out with getting up really early every morning and going to bed too late!!  I need to start getting to bed earlier...anyway this meant I got hardly anything done :(  But at least I got to sleep in!  Emilia felt like being festive today so she wore her pretty Christmas tutu and outfit from her auntie Leah!  She looked so cute and matched it perfectly with a white bow and red headband from Layniebug Designs.  Her whole outfit is from Dunnes Stores (tights, tutu & top).  

How to get a good picture of six dogs looking at the camera all at the same time?  Say the word "TREAT!"  Ha ha ha!  Can you tell which is which?  No hints this time ;)  This was right before they all got their "naughty or nice" bones...Jonathan and I spent a ridiculous amount of time arguing over who deserved "naughty" and who deserved "nice".  We are such great parents, ha ha ha!  

Good night from the cutest little feet in the whole world!  These are the only feet I'll admit I find cute...ha ha ha!  I can't wait to paint those baby toe-nails ;)

Stay Stylish!

Blogmas Day 19: Learning to Talk!

Today was the day that Emilia found her voice!  I'm not even joking...I call it "talking" but of course she hasn't said any real words yet, it's more a mixture of coos and gurgles.  It's so cute!  It first started with her making cooing noises while feeding which I thought was adorable.  Then my family came over and she decided to join in the conversation.  She started babbling like there was no tomorrow - but as soon as we all stopped talking she was silent!  Then we realised she tended to "talk" more when everybody else was doing it...what a sweetie pie, she wanted to be part of the fun! :)

Her outfit today is a mixture of different brands - the leggings are from Baby Gap, socks are from Zara, hair bow is Layniebug Designs and the Aristocats top I bought on sale from Tesco for about €4!  Poor baby scratched herself on the face with her nails while we were in the car yesterday :(  I was so sad for her when I saw it, it looked really bad too and was bleeding!  She didn't seem upset or bothered by it though and didn't cry so I guess it's okay.  I don't like putting her hands in mittens because she loves to suck on them and I hate to take that feeling away from her!  

Here I am surrounded by my flock of sheep little white pups relaxing on the couch after our guests came to visit!  My uncle, cousin, grandmother and mom came over for tea & coffee this afternoon.  I tried to get a good picture of the four generations but I look like a frazzled mess in the shot so I'm not posting it - ha ha ha!  I will try to get another (nicer) one tomorrow!

This is what Jonathan cooked for dinner tonight - chicken Thai Green Curry!  Yum!  Usually we have this on Monday nights while watching Dexter...I don't know why or how that happened, it just sort of became a tradition!  This week we broke the tradition and now Dexter's over, boo hoo! :(  That has remained my favourite TV show since we first got into it 4/5 years ago!  Though I don't understand how it is that I find Michael C. Hall so ordinary in "real life" (whenever I see him on the red carpet, at events or playing different roles) but yet as Dexter I can't help but find him really attractive!  Does anybody else feel this way?!  Maybe that means he's a great actor, right?   

So in love with my little princess...possibly even more so now that she's started "talking"!  I love listening to the sound of her babbling voice.  She was having so much fun finding her voice that she even let out a huge belly laugh while in the middle of feeding this evening...nearly scared me half to death!!  There's nothing like a good old chuckle when you've got a mouthful of boob...ha ha ha!

Night night from the two of us!  


Blogmas Day 18: Great Grandma!

This picture was taken very early in the morning when Emilia and I were having our mommy daughter playtime together on the couch while I finished off my coffee!  Every morning she has playtime on her mat and then she sits on the sofa with me all snuggled in her cupcake blanket with her pj's on and we play with her toys.  I love this time the most because it's right before anybody else gets up so these are our special "quiet moments" :)

Is it just me or does she get funnier and more giggly with each of these outfit posts?!  This morning she was particularly giddy and would not stop laughing!  The picture on the right cracks me up!!  I put her in this outfit especially for my Oma (who is German) because I knew she'd like it ;)  Too bad Emilia had a poo explosion right before going to meet her but luckily only the pants needed to be changed!

Here's my outfit...like I said it's hard for me to remember to do these at the right time because I'm always in my slippers when I'm home!  But these leopard print slipper make me laugh so much...they remind me of those crazy Minnie Mouse shoes ones you can get at Disneyland, ha ha ha!  I think my mom got them at Lidl or Aldi.  My pants are by Cheap Monday, the cardigan is Soaked in Luxury and I'm wearing a nursing tank by Boob.  Emilia's outfit is from a Norwegian subscriber/viewer and her headband is by Layniebug Designs!

While Emilia was taking her afternoon nap I managed to film my December Glossybox "unboxing" video.  I feel so bad as I haven't filmed one of these in MONTHS and I literally had about four unopened Glossyboxes stacked up in my room...ever since Emilia was born I've just been so busy and I kept putting off opening them/making videos!  I was really happy with what I got in this month's box - especially the nail polish, lipstick and leave-in conditioner.  You can watch the video here!

And here we go...after 3 long months of waiting, Emilia finally got to meet her Uroma!! (Great grandma!)  It was such an emotional and wonderful moment - I wish I had gotten the chance to meet my great grandparents!  I love my Oma so much!  I would love to get a picture of her with my mom, Emilia and me...four generations!  I'm so happy my Oma is here for Christmas - now all we need is my sister to come home and the holiday can really begin!  

In other news, the puppies all got groomed today - just in time for Christmas!  And check out their festive red and green bows!!  Can you tell who's who?!  I'll give you a few hints...Sina pissed me off by snuffling around in the mud right before this photo was taken (such a little tomboy...ha ha ha!), the boys (Albi & Theo) have green bows and girls have red (that makes it easy!), Bianca has the smallest/most squished in face, Nivea's adult coat came in the worst and she had so many matts she had to be cut super short so we gave her a coat, Nuvies has a pink "waterline" (we call it her little pink eye!) and, well Albi only has one eye...ha ha ha!  Does that make it obvious enough for you guys!?  It does get easier to tell them apart the more you see them, I promise!  Now I can even figure out who's who just looking at them from the back!  

I hope you're all having a good night...Emilia is ready for her second boob so I need to end this now, ha ha ha!  

Night night!

Blogmas Day 17: How I Lost the Baby Weight!

Emilia laughed and smiled the entire time I was taking these pictures...and all I kept thinking to myself was "I never knew I could love somebody this much."  I mean really, how is it possible?!  She lights up my day with her beautiful smiley face :)  This outfit is from two lovely Australian subscribers and she looks adorable in it!  The headband is by Layniebug Designs and actually features a Maltese puppy in the rosette!  The owner Melissa made this especially for Emilia and we appreciate it so much!   

Emilia has begun to grab things lately...her toys that dangle in front of her, necklaces, my hair (ouch!) and I can see that she's beginning to make the connection between sight & touch.  It's kind of fascinating to watch!  We practised with this pink butterfly from her playmat this morning and I saw her look at it for a while, then grab it and then think about how it felt in her hand.  She would even let go and then grab it again just to go through the process all over again.  So cute!  Before this she would occasionally grab a hold of something while feeding (usually my bra/top/hair) but not really register what was happening.  Now it's like she's making a conscious decision to reach out and touch!   

I feel like all I really did today was clean - so I thought I'd document my progress and show you guys!  I like to have the house looking super clean and tidy for Christmas so today I tackled the kitchen & living area.  This is usually the biggest job as it's the largest space in the house!  I also put away all of Emilia's Christmas gifts that she's received so far, organising the clothes by size.  She got some really cute stuff!  

Here is my belly 3 months post-partum.  I filmed my Mommy Monday video today on one of the most requested topics - how I lost the baby weight.  Honestly there is no magic formula! I talk about it a little bit more in depth in the video but to give a brief overview...I now weigh a few pounds less than my pre-pregnancy weight and I'm pretty sure that this is all thanks to breastfeeding.  I believe that this along with normal healthy eating (not dieting or cutting calories!), and the belly bandit helped get my body back to its pre-pregnancy form.  Hopefully some of you will find the video helpful and if you are thinking about having a baby, please don't let the whole weight gain/body changes side of it discourage you!  My pregnancy was honestly one of the most amazing experiences in my life and I would do it all again in a heartbeat :)  My body isn't "perfect" but what is perfect anyway?  It's not like I ever thought it was even before having a baby ;)  And I kind of like my new stretchmarks around my bellybutton and my faded linea nigra!  They remind me that I carried a beautiful baby called Emilia, ha ha ha!  

Stay Stylish!

Blogmas Day 16: Brotherly Love!

My first time blogging from my iPad!  Yay!  It took me a while...but I finally figured it out.    Today was another lazy Sunday - what else are Sundays for?! ;)  After yesterday's long round trip to Dublin we were super tired and decided it would probably be best if we wore something comfy & cosy...like this fleecy baby-grow from Carter's!  Jonathan and I followed suit with our sweats but didn't look half as cool without these little monkey feet!!  Emilia's headband is adorable but I'm afraid I don't know where it's from as it was a gift from a lovely subscriber!  Sorry! :(  

Today was also the third Sunday of Advent - eek!! I can't believe how fast this month is going...and I still feel like I'm so behind on getting things done! We still have to do all of our Christmas shopping for my side of the family, buy each other presents and get some bits and pieces for the pups ;)  Two things I'm very excited about this week: Emilia meeting her UrOma (great grandmother) for the very first time!!! And my sister Emma is coming home on Friday...yay!!

Halfway through this morning Emilia's big brother Albi rather fancied her headband so she let him borrow it for a while...ha ha ha!! He looks so handsome! I think he quite enjoyed being a princess for the day.

Hope you're all having a relaxing Sunday! 

Stay Stylish!

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