Style Saturday: Getting My Hair Done!

I got my hair done yesterday in preparation for our Florida trip! It was quite a scary experience actually, as this was the first time I got it done since moving to the UK! In Ireland I had a trusted hair stylist that I really liked and even went back to him when I visited in July but since then I hadn't set foot in a salon. I was nervous about starting up with someone new but I got a recommendation from two different people about a particular salon in my town so I decided to give it a go. I opted for just a colour touch-up and no cut as I think I like my hair this length for now. The new hair stylist basically just freshened up my colour which is a lighter blonde balayage blended through the ends & a few face-framing pieces at the front. The rest of my root colour is my own. She also applied a toner as I like it quite cool-toned to balance out the warmer bits & keep the blonde from looking yellow. I am so happy with the results! They gave me a beautiful blow-out too. I got it blow-dried straight with lots of volume which is how I like it! 

What do you guys think?! Oh, and please ignore any packing mess in the has been a chaos of lists, clothing piles and suitcases - argh!! And I'm not even finished. I still have a few bits & pieces to put away. But I'm so excited for Disneyworld!!! 
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