New Year's Resolutions 2012

Jacket/Zara, Scarf/Pieces, Jeans/Oasis, Boots/London Rebel

Happy New Year's Eve!  

I hope everybody has a safe and fun night tonight, no matter what you're doing.  I'm about to get ready to go out to my mom's house for dinner/finger food/champagne celebrations but I just wanted to share a quite and relatively boring outfit of the day with you all from earlier today, haha!  It's quite a simple, all-black outfit but I had gotten a few requests to show the jacket/scarf combination I'd been wearing recently on the vlogs.  And then it occurred to me that I hardly ever remember to include my outerwear in my blog posts.  This jacket was bought in Zara in Munich about 3 years ago.  It's missing a button and too long in the sleeves but I still love it!

I'm going to change into something a little more festive (probably the LBD from yesterday's post!) but I'll share those pictures with you next time.  I also wanted to share with you my New Year's they are:

1. Cook a (healthy & nutritious) dinner 5 days a week.
Yes, you heard it here first folks...I am going to make the commitment to cooking dinner even though it's something I'm not so fond of.  I tend to eat really healthy during the day but in the evenings both Jonathan & I get lazy and usually opt for something quick, either take-out, out of a jar, or ready-made which we all know is not so good for our health.  So I have bookmarked a few "idiot-proof" healthy and quick recipes to follow for the New Year.  
2. Try not to get so stressed out over every minute detail.
Anyone who knows me will tell you that I'm a complete perfectionist and often end up getting myself way too worked up and stressed out for the silliest reasons (like, for instance a tiny stain on the carpet or the house not being vacuumed when visitors come).  I even feel like I spent a huge part of my wedding day worrying and stressing about other was completely ridiculous.  I remember at one point Jonathan had to take me aside and say "STOP thinking about everybody else!!  Just enjoy your wedding day!"  So I'm going to try and really work on this.  I know I just need to relax more, enjoy life and focus what's really important.
3. Keep active every day.
I'm not a gym bunny, or a sporty person...I don't think I ever will be.  However I love to walk and keep active, in fact I think it's a very important part of daily life.  I'm usually pretty good at it (having two dogs helps!) but this year I want to make an effort to do something active every day, whether that's taking Albi & Sina for a 30 minute walk or an hour long doesn't matter.   Walking clears my head and makes me feel more relaxed so I definitely want to keep it a part of my daily routine! 
4.  Make a baby...
...say what?!  Hahaha I know you're probably all thinking "huh?!" and at first I was going to keep this one private BUT then I realised you know what, I may as well be honest with you guys.  This is not a spur of the moment decision, it's something that Jonathan and I have been thinking about since we got married.  So yes, a little Saccone-Joly would be a nice addition to our family in 2012, but no promises or anything -- I will leave everything else up to fate!

What are your New Year's Resolutions?!  Don't forget to watch today's Ask Anna video here (where I basically talk about everything I just mentioned in this blog post!) and today's daily vlog here.

Stay Stylish!

New Year's Eve Outfits Inspo

Today I filmed a styling video on some outfit inspirations for New Year's Eve!  I put together three different looks for various occasions that you might find helpful.  Let me know how you plan to spend New Year's Eve and which outfit you like best!

Dress/Benetton, Boots/London Rebel, Bracelet/Dyrberg Kern, Belt/ASOS, Times Square Earrings/JewelMint

Outfit 1
I think this would be great for a night on the town, whether it's in a club or bar.  It's a little dressy, edgy and sexy all at the same time -- but still warm enough for January (see black opaque tights, haha!).  I haven't worn this one a lot, probably because I feel like it's not the most flattering of dresses but I still like it.  It's very voluminous and would be perfect on somebody with a boyish shape that wants to increase the size of their curves! I find it really only looks good on me belted at the waist as otherwise it is quite shapeless.  However I love the detailing at the back and the silk fabric!

Dress/LoveClothing, Belt & shoes/ASOS, Freshwater pearl earrings & bracelet/Sorrento, Italy

Outfit 2
This is a more conservative outfit which would be perfect for a family get-together, dinner or New Year's Eve celebration spent in a more formal setting.  This dress is one of my favourites, and I love to pair it up with some classic pearls!  I feel like this is more me, in fact it would look great on almost everybody being that it's a super flattering shape/cut!

Blouse/Amity, Jeans/Oasis, Shoes/Saint Tropez, Blazer/ASOS

Outfit 3
This is probably the style of outfit I've gone for 9 out of 10 times on New Year's Eve parties.  I tend to think that house parties are most popular for New Year's (or at least they always were for me & my group of friends!) and the last thing you want to do is look over-dressed or like you're trying too hard.  Sometimes clubbing dresses can look a little forced, so I've always favoured a nice, dressy/sexy top with skinny jeans and heels.  It's comfortable, chic and cute all at the same time!

I hope these outfits will give you some inspiration for New Year's Eve!  I'm actually spending it with my family & eating finger-food, nothing too crazy or!  Stay safe and have fun, whatever you choose to do tomorrow night!  Don't forget to check out my New Year's Eve Outfit Inspo video here, and today's daily vlog here

Stay Stylish!

Wind, Lipgloss & Hair!

Cardigan/Soaked in Luxury, T-shirt/Primark, Boots/ASOS, Pants/Cheap Monday, Watch/Phosphor


struggling to get the hair out of my lipgloss! ;)

Sina, having just devoured one yellow dog-treat, moving onto the rest of her chewable "Christmas pudding" - lol!

Some of my favourite things about today: going for a long off-the-lead walk with Albi & Sina, grabbing a sneaky lunch at my mom's house (falafels & cherry tomatoes in an English muffin are my new fun and random culinary invention...hahaha!), buying our groceries at Marks & Spencer's for the first time ever and feeling very posh about it!

Yesterday Jonathan attempted to cook for me, it was very sweet and kind of a disaster but I appreciated it so much -- anything to avoid cooking, sometimes I think I should just go raw but then I remember how much I love cooked that wouldn't work or last very long!!  We also made a new friend, a beautiful neighbouring Golden Retriever who calls to our house every so often to see how we're doing, haha!  He's so adorable and well-behaved, as he won't dare set foot in the house but instead quivers his big paw -- so cute!  I wish Albi & Sina would befriend some big dogs too, they are so much fun.  

To watch today's daily vlog (and meet our new canine friend!), click here and if you want to see my video on how I keep my hair looking shiny even when it's not, you can do so here!

Stay Stylish!

Christmas Cardigan!

Cardigan/GAP, Jeggings & boots/ASOS, Necklace/Agatha, Tank tops/InWear & ASOS

This cardigan was my favourite Christmas present from my mom.  She definitely knows my style, being that she got me a beautiful waterfall cardigan with grey & cream colours in it -- perfect!  I have worn this several different ways, but decided today to layer it over two tank tops thinking that would be enough for our surprisingly mild weather we've been experiencing lately.  I was wrong.  Today it got considerably colder and I ended up bulking up with a black Zara coat and huge cream scarf (not pictured) when we took Albi & Sina out for a long walk.  

I'm a little sad that Christmas is now over, it seemed like the month of December flew past so quickly!  But I'm also looking forward to the New Year and making resolutions.  That's about my only favourite part of the next coming months...for some reason I find January, February and March to be the most "blah" time of year.  Which is really a shame because Jonathan's birthday is in February, hahaha maybe I should be a bit more positive about it for his sake!  What are your New Year's resolutions and would you like me to do a post on mine?  I think I did one last year, but I'm not sure if I stuck to them!  I hardly ever do.  If you made some last year did YOU stick to them?

If you'd like to watch my last Christmas-themed video of the year, check out my December Glossybox review here and don't forget to watch today's daily vlog here!

Stay Stylish!

First {Married} Christmas!

Jonathan's stocking stuffers!

Dyrberg/Kern Agatha SS Crystal Bracelet -- present from Jonathan :)

Lanterns from Homefront -- for my studio! 

My 31 year old husband's gift from me, hahaha! :)

Albi chillin'

Editing the vlog!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas (if you celebrate the holiday -- if not, I hope you had a fabulous December 25th! :) !  Santa Claus truly spoiled all four of us this year...Albi & Sina had so much fun going through their stockings and ripping open their gifts!  In case you're wondering why Sina's not in any of these pictures, it's because she was too busy devouring all the edible treats both she and Albi  To watch our Christmas special vlog, click here and watch my What I Got for Christmas Haul - here!  

Thank you for sticking with me & supporting my blog this year -- I really appreciate each and every one of you! <3 

Stay Stylish!

Christmas Decor House Tour!

Front door -- home made "wreath" made by Jonathan's aunt, we get one of these every year and I love them! 

Hall table

Living room (excuse the bare accent wall, we still haven't framed our picture!)

Christmas tree!


Coffee table

Living room window

Christmas cushion (Laura Ashley)

Side window (one of my bridesmaids' lanterns)

Living room door - gingerbread brought back from Munich by my mom :)

Kitchen table

Glass vase filled with Christmas baubles!  An idea given to me by a subscriber!

I hope you guys enjoyed my mini Christmas house tour!  I am still in the process of fully decorating the actual house so I will do an updated home decor post whenever I'm done! :)  I also filmed a video on this which will be up later this evening.

Stay Stylish!

Christmas Outfits for Your Body Shape!

Dress/French Connection, Cardigan/Oasis, Belt & shoes/ASOS

Sweater/H&M, Leggings/Heatons, Shoes/Hello Kitty Store, Scarf/Possibly Accessorize!

Sweater/Esprit, Shorts/GAP, Tights/Esprit, Shoes/ASOS

Today I filmed a video on Christmas outfits for your body shape.  I know that many women suffer from negative body image, especially around the holidays and times when there will be a lot of parties or family get-togethers.  Not knowing what to wear, or how to dress your shape can be so stressful so I wanted to help! :)  Here are a few tips: 

- If you have an hourglass shape, go for a waist-cinching belt and a-line skirt to accentuate your curves.  Same goes for the full-figure, just choose a thicker belt!
- Pear shapes should opt for something darker on bottom and more decorative or detailed on top.  Horizontal stripes will broaden out a smaller upper body which in turn makes your shape look more balanced.  A bright or colourful scarf will also add bulk and make your bust appear bigger!
- If you have an apple shape or an athletic shape (broad shoulders), try to draw the attention towards your lower body instead by wearing a voluminous pair of shorts.  These will show off your legs and make your hips appear larger.  If you have a bigger bust, go for a v-neck top as these are more flattering.
- Boyish shapes can basically get away with any of the three outfits shown above but the second will suit you best :)

I hope you guys liked this post and hopefully you found it helpful!  Which outfit do you think I should wear this Christmas?!  Knowing me I will probably change my mind 100 times and then go for something entirely different...hahaha!

Stay Stylish!

Christmas Party!

Kind of a weird pose, lol!
Cardigan/Oasis, Top/Vila, Pants, boots & belt/ASOS, Bag/Love Moschino, Watch/Phosphor

This was what I wore to my hubby's family Christmas party!  I had originally wanted to wear a dress but it was too cold plus we were travelling 2h30m in the car so it probably would have gotten all crumpled anyhow, hahaha!  I love red for the holidays, it's so festive :)  

A video on this entire look (plus hair & make-up) is coming a YouTube channel near you, lol!  I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend and enjoying this 4th Sunday of Advent with family & friends!

Stay Stylish!

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