Mommy Monday: My Other Children!

Today's video is not about Emilia or Eduardo...or any kind of parenting tips. It's about my other children that you may not know about...the furry ones! Ha ha ha :) I made this video to explain & give you all a better idea of who's who in my pack of Maltese dogs! They are Albi, Sina, Theo, Nivea, Bianca and Nuvies - now that you know more about their personalities, let me know which one is your favourite!

Fashion Friday: Date Night!

Tonight was Jonathan's & my date night and this is what I wore! We went to see Jurassic World (not Jurassic Park 4/5/6 as I was saying in my video! Ha ha!) and out to dinner at Bella Italia. I wore this white Karen Millen blouse/top and my distressed Ted Baker jeans with these white sandals which are sooo uncomfortable (so I actually ended up changing them, oops!). The shoes are by a brand called Gionni and are almost 10 years old - I think I bought them at a local boutique. 

Emilia had nursery today and this is what she wore! I told her to turn around and show her backpack and she did this hilarious little squat motion (2nd pic) which killed me! Her blouse & jeans are from Next and her sandals are Step2wo. Her bow & headband are from Layniebug Designs and her backpack is from Pink Lining. (I don't think they do this print anymore.)

You probably can't tell from these pictures but Eduardo was not having a great day. He is getting one of his bottom teeth so has been very cranky, clingy and upset lately, poor thing :( He wore a Burberry t-shirt along with some Zara Baby leggings and socks which I don't remember where they're from. 

I hope you like our outfits of the day - you can check out our video below! And have a wonderful weekend! See you next week!

Throwback Thursday: Bald Baby

Throwin' it back to when I looked like a baby boy...ha ha ha!! But really though, I was this bald until the age of two. Poor Emilia never had a chance! But having said that when it did grow my hair was very thick so she doesn't have it too bad ;) I love this pic of me and my dad from when we lived in Baltimore. It looks like autumn so I would have probably been around one. 

I answered some questions in today's video about coping with grief, best friends and wedding rings! Hope you enjoy - these are always fun to film & I love connecting with all of you! 

What I Ate Wednesday {15.6.15}

Sorry this post is late but I had a lot going on today, so I'm a bit behind schedule! I also realised while editing this post that my meals are almost exactly the same every week which I'd imagine probably appears quite boring but when you're at home all the time this is how it is! I should try to film/blog my What I Ate's on different days when I'm not at home! 

Breakfast's today's eats! Breakfast was same as always - porridge with almond milk, 1/2 banana, blueberries & cinnamon. Black coffee (only one of the day!) and a pint of water with lemon. 

I found myself hungry again mid-morning (I worked out after breakfast, so that was probably why!) so I had an apple & organic fat free strawberry yoghurt.

I had a late lunch after the kids went down for their nap which consisted of a multiseed bagel with tuna made with light mayo & sweetcorn, cucumber and a few cherry tomatoes. I also had another pint of water. 

Later that afternoon I had a mint tea. 

For dinner I made prawns with Thai Green Curry sauce, wholewheat noodles and Japanese stir fry veggies (broccoli, green beans, mustard spinach & water chestnuts). I had never made this with prawns before but wanted to switch it up from chicken! The children loved it because noodles are like pasta and they will always eat pasta! 

Dessert/Evening Snack
I find it really hard to say no to sweets but thankfully this Pukka licorice tea helps with those cravings. I reeeally wanted chocolate but knew I should probably be good & have something healthy like fruit, so I compromised. Because popcorn is technically healthy for you, right?! Okay I didn't pop it myself but this is a bag of Tyrrell's Poshcorn which is pretty low-cal and not too naughty :) 

Check out my What I Ate video here! Hope you enjoy & let me know what you ate today! 

Beauty Tuesday: How I Curl My Hair!

I know I've blogged about my curly/wavy hair routine before but this was a highly requested post since I've been wearing it this way lately! So as my hair is a different length and I've slightly changed some of the products I use I thought I would do a bit of an update (even if the technique is exactly the same!). This is my hair on day one after washing it the night before but when I curl my hair like this they last for another two days after. I actually prefer my hair on day two because the curls have dropped out a bit and look more like soft waves with zero effort! 

So here is exactly what I do from start to finish: I wash my hair twice a week (every 3 days) before bed using Sebastian Hydre Shampoo & Penetraitt Conditioner. Then I brush it out using my Tangle Teazer & let it air dry overnight. (Usually the next morning it's dry or slightly damp but it air-dries fully by the time I'm finished my makeup). The next morning I curl it using my Tigi Pro Fat Curl Stick. The technique I use is really easy when you get used to it! I basically just make sure to curl away from the face, pointing the curling iron down. (Watch the video below to see what I mean). When I'm finished curling it I apply two pumps of the Wella Luxe Oil to the ends of my hair to help keep the curls looking shiny & glossy. (I normally do this everyday because I have dry hair). Then I spray all over with L'Oreal Elnett Hairspray (extra strength). The following two days, I spray a little bit of Batiste dry shampoo into my roots and then follow up with the oil.

To watch my tutorial on how I do all of this, see below! Hope you find this helpful :)

Mommy Monday: Potty Training Tips!

Today's post is all about potty training! Here are my top tips :)

1. Start when you (and your toddler) are ready. Don't rush into things just because of what other people tell you as only you will know when the time is right! There is no "perfect age" to start potty training. You will know when your toddler is ready. Usually some tell-tale signs are that they tell you when they've done something in their nappy or they show signs of discomfort when their nappy is full.

2. Buy lots and lots of underwear with fun characters/designs that your child likes on them. For Emilia we bought tons of Disney Princess, Minnie Mouse, Hello Kitty & Doc McStuffins ones which got her really excited about wearing them like a "big girl". 

3. Reward with stickers! I made Emilia a progress chart with separate rows for "Pee" and "Poo", then whenever she'd go on the potty she would get to pick a sticker for her chart. The "Pee" row filled up pretty fast compared to the other one but it was still helpful for her to have visual motivation and be proud of her own progress. I still reward her with stickers now but for different things, like finishing her dinner or eating her vegetables :)

4. Pack a change of clothes in your changing bag...always. Include socks, knickers, jeans/leggings/tights/trousers and probably a third change of clothes too just in case! You never know when there could be an accident and I even do this now, even though Emilia is potty trained (for the most part!). 

5. Pack wipes and a nappy bag. Don't forget that potty training will be messy and you'll probably need both of these even though your toddler is not in nappies anymore! I found that wipes were a lot cleaner in the beginning especially when Emilia was used to them rather than toilet paper. Accept that things will get dirty and messy, and you will probably have to throw out a lot of underwear in the beginning so buy LOTS!

6. Pull-ups are good for night time & naps but try not to rely on them too much! I am all for Pull-ups but I wouldn't recommend them all the time, otherwise your toddler will get lazy! I like them for sleep times because although 90% of the time Emilia wakes up dry, it saves me changing her whole bed if she does have an accident. 

7. Don't get discouraged...there will be setbacks with potty training but you have to think positive. Sometimes it's a case of two steps forward, three steps back but that's normal. I used to beat myself up about it when Emilia would have a few good days in a row and then one whole day of accidents...I used to think it was my fault but it's really not. They are just learning and getting used to the loss of control they had when they were in nappies. The key is not to give up when you've already made so much progress, just accept that there are going to be off-days and keep going! 

8. Learning your child's routine will prevent accidents. As you go along with the potty training you will quickly learn your toddler's routine as far as when they go to the toilet. I find that if I put Emilia on the toilet at certain times during the day, this is the best way to ensure that accidents don't happen. Because I've figured out (for the most part) when she normally needs to go, it helps me guess what's going to happen next. 

I hope you found these tips helpful! Be sure to check out my video on Potty Training Tips below and let me know what you think! 

Fashion Friday: Crazy Babies in the Garden!

Here was my "date day" outfit from a few days ago! I wore my new Maje jacket for the first time and fell in love with it. I paired it up with a dusky pink top which is also from Maje and my Michael Kors khaki green skinnies. My shoes are nude kitten heels from ASOS!

Emilia's poses make me laugh SO much!! She is wearing head to toe H&M, except for the headband which was a present sent by a viewer to our PO Box! 

Little Eduardo refused to have his outfit pictures taken anywhere other than the washing seems this is his new favourite toy!! His outfit is entirely from Zara. I love these pictures of the two of them together. I wish they'd stay this small forever!!

Check out our video with our outfits (and Emilia's crazy dance/walk!) below. Have a lovely weekend! :)

Throwback Thursday: Summer Stylin'

Let's throw it back to when I was about 9 years old on summer holiday in Corfu and sporting the dorkiest hat & sunglasses known to man...but wait, it gets better! My sister had a matching set too. I might save that gem for another post! ;) 

Also if you feel like it, be sure to check out my Q&A video I filmed with Jonathan where we answered lots of your questions about buying a house, who wears the trousers in our relationship and lots more!

What I Ate Wednesday {8.6.15}

Welcome back to another What I Ate Wednesday! For breakfast this morning I had porridge with almond milk, a mixture of berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries) and cinnamon along with a black coffee & bottle of water.

For lunch I had a multiseed bagel with tuna (made with light mayo) & sweetcorn. I was craving tuna as I hadn't had it in ages and wanted a change from ham & cheese! I also added some cucumber slices and these minuscule yellow cherry tomatoes (these were the last of the pack, ha ha!)

After lunch I had an afternoon coffee (not pictured) and at about 4pm I had a small snack of this organic 0% fat Greek style strawberry yoghurt and a kiwi!

Dinner tonight was beef stir fry! I made sweet & sour beef with lots of veggies including broccoli, carrots, lemongrass and peppers. I usually make this dish with black bean sauce but sweet & sour actually worked well too and to my surprise Emilia & Eduardo loved every bite! I mixed the stir fry up with quinoa and wholegrain rice with a little bit of chilli in it. The children usually eat better if I mix it all up together like this!

What can I say, I can't live without a bit of chocolate ;) For "dessert" or an evening snack I had some good old Cadbury's Dairy Milk with a coffee...I know, naughty. 

My water intake was pretty horrible today as I only drank about 1L...oops!! Some days are easier than others, for some reason this was not a good water day! And that's what I ate today! Be sure to check out the video below. Enjoy!

Beauty Tuesday: My AM/PM Skincare Routine!

Since my last post on what's in my bathroom cabinet, I promised I'd do a more in-depth one on my skincare routine. So in the video below, I take you through step by step what I do every morning and evening. Here are the products I use!

The cleanser I use am & pm is Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm. This comes with a fluffy white facecloth which I use combined with the balm to take off my makeup at night.

I use two different toners - the one I use in the morning is Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pad because it has a hint of fake tan in it which gives me a bit more colour and helps match it up with the rest of my body. In the evening obviously I don't need fake tan so I use the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads.

To treat my skin & help with acne/pigmentation/fine lines etc. I use Sunday Riley's Good Genes which was recommended to me by both Tanya and Caroline Hirons :)

Both my eye-cream and moisturiser are by Tata Harper. I use the Restorative Eye Creme and Rebuilding Moisturiser which is supposed to be good for acne-prone skin.

Be sure to check out my step-by-step tutorial of what I do every morning below and I hope that you enjoy! 

Mommy Monday: Emilia's Two and a Half Year Update!

My little princess is all grown up! *cries* I can't believe I'm actually writing her TWO AND A HALF year update! It seems like just yesterday I was typing "Meet My Baby". Having said that, there's no denying that this is a very fun age and I am enjoying every minute of it! Emilia's personality is coming out more & more and she makes me laugh everyday.

Routine: Emilia's routine is pretty much the exact same as Eduardo' she wakes up at about 7am, eats breakfast at 8am, a snack around 10am and lunch around 12:30/1pm. She goes to nursery two mornings a week and ballet once a week. Her naptime is normally around 2-4pm. She gets a little snack after her nap and then dinner is at 6pm. Bathtime is 7/7:30pm and bedtime is 8pm! 

Sleeping: Emilia is still taking a 2 hour nap in the afternoon but if she goes a day without or sleeps a bit less than that it doesn't affect her as much as it used to. She doesn't wake in the night ever unless she needs to go to the toilet (which rarely happens) or sometimes she wakes early, at 5 or 6 and comes into our bed. This happens about twice a week so it's not so bad especially since there's a tiny part of me that secretly likes it (even if it is technically a bad habit)! I just am very aware that children grow up so fast and I'm sure there will come a day when neither of our babies have any interest in coming into mummy & daddy's bed at night! How sad is that :( So I'd rather cherish these moments while I still can. 

Eating: Emilia was not a fussy baby but after she turned one, she became very picky about food. Now I feel like she's improved a lot and things have come full circle. I absolutely think that sending her to nursery has helped hugely with this as she is no longer unwilling to try new things & will copy other children if they are eating different foods! At the moment she eats a banana and Weetabix with warm milk & honey for breakfast, something like puffits or an organic fruit snack mid-morning, a ham & cheese/tuna & sweetcorn/chicken and cheese croissant or bagel for lunch with cherry tomatoes (although being honest she rarely eats them), maybe a yoghurt or some fruit (grapes are her favourite) afterwards, a small snack in the afternoon (raisins/puffits/fruit stars) and whatever we're having for dinner. Her favourite dinners are pasta dishes (she's a mummy's girl in that department!) She only drinks milk at dinner time now and the rest of the day she drinks water. I do give her a treat now & then after dinner like a chocolate biscuit or some chocolate fingers because I believe in moderation!

Sizes: Emilia is potty trained so she doesn't wear nappies anymore! But she does wear size L pull-ups at night & naptime. In terms of clothing sizes she wears age 3 or 2-3 years and her shoe size is 22.

I was going to write a whole piece here about personality but I think if you watch the video below, you'll learn all you need to know about it! Emilia is such a character and that will definitely come across in our update enjoy! I will try to do another update after she turns three (*sobs uncontrollably and throws away birth control pills*) Hahaha, not really ;) 

Fashion Friday: Baby Models!

I feel like it's been so long since I did a proper outfit post...and today I wasn't very happy with the lighting of these pictures as the weather was extremely changeable and it kept going from being super bright & sunny to dark and cloudy. This made it almost impossible to get a well-lit picture (I had to edit these a lot to make them blog post ready!!). But anyhow, I am back with a simple outfit which features two very old & two brand new items. 

The old pieces are the brown tank top which is from InWear and my mum got it for me several years ago. I actually wore it throughout my pregnancies and it's still lasted this long! My trousers are also very old, about 5 years from Primark! The two new items are my Carvela sandals and this flowy blouse from Abercrombie & Fitch

My jewellery is all the same as Scorpio necklace from my dad and Swarovski bangle & earrings. My nail colour is "Aloha from OPI" from their Gel Colour range. 

Eduardo is breaking my heart in these pictures!! I can't believe he's walking :( He looks like a big boy! He is wearing a Gant rugby jersey and Timberland jeans with some plain white socks. We actually got this entire outfit last time we were in Ireland from Brown Thomas kids' section. Although I love how he looks in this rugby shirt I never want him to play the sport...hahaha, it's too rough for my little boy!! 

Emilia's poses crack me up! She is such a little diva and she knows how to work the camera! She actually couldn't wait to get her picture taken and show off her outfit. That's my girl ;) Her top, leggings and shoes are all from H&M Kids and she is wearing a grey headband with a light pink bow from Layniebug Designs

Those were our outfits of the day! Please check out our short video we made together below, and have a lovely weekend! I hope you enjoyed the videos & posts from this week. I am posting every weekday for the month of June.

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