Pretty Little Liars Shay Mitchell Inspired Makeup!

This look was requested by somebody on my Formspring and it's actually the makeup I've been wearing over the last few days.  It's a very natural classic silvery/blue look with minimal liner so it's perfect for girls who are just starting out with makeup, maybe for a night out when you want a little more dressed up but still want to look like yourself!  I personally wore hardly any eyeliner when I was a teenager so I know this look would have been just right for me!

Let me just say that I know nothing about the show Pretty Little Liars, and even less about the actress Shay Mitchell but after it was requested I googled her makeup and found this picture which I thought was so pretty!  I did my best to interpret this look on myself but please take into account that I look nothing like her and my eye shape is also totally different -- I hope you find this helpful though and enjoy the tutorial which you can watch here! :)

Products Used: 
FACE - Maybelline 24 Hour Superstay Concealer, Flawless You Forever Impeccable Mineral Loose Powder, The Body Shop Bronzing Powder in 03 Medium, Sedona Lace Blush Palette (neutral skin colour blush), Benefit 10 Highlight
EYES - MAC's Prep+Prime for Eyes, Urban Decay Vapor e/s, MAC Knight Divine e/s, NYC Manhattan Island Highlight & Crease e/s, Impala Waterproof Eye Pencil, Covergirl Lashblast Volume Mascara
LIPS - Flawless You Forever Lipgloss Asta

Stay Stylish!

New House!

What I'm Wearing: 
Khaki pants from ASOS (buy them here)
Cream ribbed tank top from Primark (bought last summer)
Brown leather skinny belt from Zara
Brown cardigan c/o ApartStyle

Gold Farrah necklace c/o Jewelmint (get 50% off your first purchase with promo code TheStyleDiet50)
Nude kitten heels from ASOS (my favourite shoes in the world, ever!)
Green and orange ball bracelet from Smyth (18th birthday present from my brother)
Gold stud earrings from Accessorize
Brown leather Modalu satchel bag c/o Shopalike UK

Naturally waves achieved using Shielo Bounce Style Creme and blow-dried upside down :)

Today was official moving day - yay!  I purposefully didn't crop any of these pictures so you could see a little sneak preview of our new house!  I also still intend on taking outfit pictures outside because I like them better that way, but today was an exception.  Let me know what you think of our new place!  I couldn't be happier...we spent the evening there with Albi & Sina so that they could get used to their new home and they love it.  They are sooo much happier now that they have a garden and they even made friends with a little Yorkie called Marley!  It seems like a very friendly and safe neighbourhood which appeals to us a lot and I'm looking forward to spending our first 6 months as newlyweds in this house!  

Stay Stylish!

Navy & Grey!

What I'm Wearing: 
1969 Always Skinny Jeans from GAP
Grey tank top from ASOS (bought 2 years ago)
Blue cardigan that ties at the waist from Mexx (bought 3 years ago)

Silver necklace from Agatha 
Taupe suede peep-toe shoes from Dune (bought recently on sale)
Brown leather satchel bag by Modalu London c/o Shopalike UK

So today we decided to go with the 2 bed bungalow that we were originally down for.  To be completely honest, this whole mix-up was actually kind of a godsend because it made me think things over a little bit more and I think that both Jonathan and I realised that after all of this the 3 bed house was not for us after all.  It feels too "settled" and we are looking for something more temporary being that we want to travel around Europe next year!  So while moving into a big house like that seems attractive at first, it just doesn't make much sense given our future plans.  The bungalow is perfect because it's totally detached, has a garden for the doggies, is open plan and feels more like an apartment which is more our style anyway.  Jonathan and I are both still very young and have no wishes to have children anytime soon so the notion of settling down in one place makes us panic a little!  I think originally I had my heart set on a bigger house because I felt like it was the right place for us to come home to as newlyweds but now I realise that it's not what either of us want at all!  

Both of us are so passionate about travelling and seeing new places, meeting new people and sharing new experiences together and we are so blessed to have a unique career that will allow us to do that.  Right now we intend on taking a few months after the wedding to fully plan our trip across Europe and then we will probably embark on our journey early next year.  We will be driving to lots of different places and vlog our entire adventure so that you guys can come with us...I'm so excited!  I am really looking forward to seeing France because I've never been there before!  Do any of you guys live in Europe and if so what cities/places do you recommend we visit?

Stay Stylish!

Boat Day!

Today we drove to Waterford to check out Jonathan's mom's boat.  In typical Irish summer style, it poured rain the whole time.  But we had fun regardless, and Jonathan got to drive the boat while I struggled to ensure that no little white puppies fell off the edge!  I think Sina enjoyed the boat ride more than Albi, who sat there shivering like a little leaf until promptly giving up and taking shelter inside.  

Jonathan and his mom
Me in my sexy raincoat, hahaha!

These pictures of Sina & Albi inside the boat are soooo cute!  Sina developed some kind of weird infatuation with the carpet though...she wouldn't stop licking it.  She's like that about our furry bedspread as well, I'm not quite sure why!  Both doggies were actually extremely well-behaved and I think they had a good time overall.  I was curious to see how they would react to being on a boat like this and I think they liked it!  It's a pity it was raining but we all had fun nonetheless.   Have you ever taken your doggy on a boat?!

Stay Stylish!

Leather Jacket

What I'm Wearing: 
Black cropped leather jacket from H&M (two years ago)
Sheer grey tank top from InWear (last summer)
Black skinny jeans from ASOS 

Brazilian jersey scarf/necklace c/o Tangerina Accessories, handmade by Tarsila Kruse and Carolina Bornholdt (order from them at +353(0)873282006)
Black leather tassel barrel bag from ASOS
Black leather peep-toe shoes from Saint Tropez
Crystal heart earrings from Krystal, bought at ASOS

My hair looks super red in some of these shots, sorry!  I did colour balance all of my pictures but I think it might have been the yellow wall behind me that the light bounced off!  The close-up shot is probably the best indication of what my hair looks like in "real life"!

Thank you so much for all of your supportive comments on yesterday's post!  We tried calling the letting agency again this morning and 'lo and behold, our letting agent was busy and "on a call".  Riiiight...  It is now 5pm and another day gone past that he hasn't called us back.  I think things are beyond repair at this stage, and we are going to ask for our deposit back and go someplace else which, though inconvenient is probably worth it in the long run!  I don't want to have anything more to do with this agency - they are awful!

Stay Stylish!

Into the Woods

What I'm Wearing: 
Cropped denim jacket from H&M (two years ago)
Khaki pants from ASOS (out of stock, sorry!)
Black v-neck t-shirt from Primark
Black & grey scarf from Mexx

Black suede sandals from Zara (3 years ago)
Black tassel barrel bag from ASOS (out of stock too, sorry!)
Gold cuff c/o Jewelmint (get 50% off your purchase with promo code TheStyleDiet50)
Gold stud earrings from Accessorize

I decided to start finding some more interesting backgrounds for my outfit pictures, I hope you like this woodland scene, hahaha!  I've also had to begin watermarking my pictures because an Italian girl stole one of my outfit photos and used it to enter a contest, pretending it was her - awful!   

An update on our moving situation...last weekend was incredibly stressful, and here's why!  I am beyond angry and upset at our letting agency...basically we put down the deposit on our house last Monday.  On Wednesday I went with my mom to show her the house and realised there were a few unpacked boxes in there and some other people's stuff!  Naturally I got a bit of a fright but it was too late to do anything and the office was closed. So the following morning Jonathan called the agency only to discover that they had booked us for the WRONG house and had moved totally different people into the place we originally wanted.  I am still completely dumbfounded as to how they made such a terrible mistake, the letting agent came with us when we viewed both houses and we clearly had decided on the 3 bed.  The place they have us down for is a 2 bed bungalow.  Well, he apologised and promised Jonathan he would call him back with a solution - he thought he had another 3 bed house in the same estate that is similar to the one we wanted.  The day passed and we got no call...then the next day (Friday) Jonathan called the office AGAIN and we were given some kind of excuse that our letting agent wasn't in and would call us back.  He didn't of course and the office was closed all weekend.  Now it's Monday and they are avoiding our calls!!  Can you believe it?!  We keep getting these ridiculous excuses like "oh, he's on lunch" or "he's gone to the bank" -- our letting agent is blatantly ignoring us!  We need to move this Friday...what a disaster!  At this point we would take the bungalow at a lower price but honestly, this whole situation is terrible.  I'm trying to stay positive and not get stressed out, hopefully we will have somewhere to move by Friday - eek! 

Stay Stylish!


Yes, I'm officially a brunette!  (The first time I ombred it doesn't count, haha!)  I coloured my hair using Garnier Herbashine #600 Light Brown and used two boxes -- this was the result!  I couldn't be happier with how it turned out, I really love this colour.
I didn't heat style my hair or anything so this is it just natural.  I know, it's messy but you know that's kind of how my hair likes to be!  Let me know what you think! 

Stay Stylish!

Haul: Drugstore & Accessorize!

I picked up a few things at the drugstore & Accessorize over the last two days and wanted to share!  
Yesterday I stopped by Sam McCauley to stock up on some hair products.  I repurchased two items there: John Frieda Frizz-Ease Heat Protectant (love the smell of this stuff) and Garnier Herbashine hair colour in #600 Light Brown. 
I've already blogged about my recent skin problems with acne/breakouts, and I was recommended the Effaclar range by La Roche Posay by one of my friends & favourite bloggers, Veronika.  She has beautiful skin so I felt compelled to take her advice!  I got the Purifying Foaming Gel Cleanser and the Compensating Soothing Moisturizer.  I've only been using these products since yesterday evening so I will review them in about 1-2 weeks.  I'm excited to try these out, having never purchased anything by La Roche-Posay before!  Funnily enough Jonathan worked on an advertising campaign for them years ago - haha!  I am 99.9% sure that these breakouts are stress-related, with the wedding being 6 weeks away and the stress of moving house - it's all a little overwhelming!  Hopefully it will all clear up soon.
Speaking of the wedding, today I stopped by Accessorize who are currently having a 70% sale and picked up some very pretty hair accessories for both me and my little niece Sophia who is my flowergirl!  
I've decided I am going to be wearing my hair in a low side-bun and I thought this flower clip would make a beautiful accessory!  I love the pearl detailing and think the colour will work perfectly with my ivory dress!
Sophia's mama, my brother's wife Mary Ann is the queen of hair accessories when it comes to her daughter...she literally matches them to every outfit and she always looks so cute!  So I thought I'd take a page out of her book and pick out something that would be appropriate for a flowergirl and also match with me a little bit.  So, I got her these two little flower clips with a sparkly gold trim which I know will look adorable in her blonde hair!  I absolutely love shopping for Sophia, little girls are probably the most fun to shop for!
Last but not least - wedding pyjamas, hahaha!  I picked up this white lace shorts & camisole set which I thought would be appropriate for the week of our wedding as I know it will be quite hot in Sorrento and, well it's white and wedding-ish!  

I hope you liked my mini-haul!  Let me know what you think!

Stay Stylish!

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