The Mentalist

This outfit is totally inspired by the show, The Mentalist. any of you guys watch it??  It's a little cheesy, but I'm completely in love with Patrick Jane and I really like the actress who plays the main cop, Agent Lisbon (I can't remember her real name...if you watch the show you know who I'm talking about!).  One thing I love about her is the way she dresses on the show, she normally wears a fitted shirt and tucks it into her jeans with a belt.  Then she tops it off with a blazer.  It looks cute but professional, so of course I copied her style.  Although I don't think a cop would get away with such a see-through shirt...hahaha, oops!  

What I'm Wearing:
Navy blazer with shoulder pads - Zara (very similar style/price/different colour here)
Light knit top - InWear (similar style/price in grey by ASOS here)
Brown leather belt - Vera Moda (similar style by ASOS here)
Dark wash skinny jeans - Miss Anna (similar style by ASOS here)
Brown leather riding boots - Faith (similar style by Dune here)

I also got a lovely package today from someone very special!  My fiancé Jonathan, my puppy Albi and I each got something so thoughtful from her...

Everything was beautifully wrapped and mine even came with a pink ribbon!

And here she is!  It's Rebecca from See You In Sweden, one of my favourite fashion blogs.  Check it out!  Here she is with her adorable puppy, Rugby!

Albi loved his little stuffed hedgehog!!

Jonathan with his beloved "subscriber wall", where he puts drawings, cards and photos that we get from our lovely viewers.  Rebecca sent him pins for his board, which he badly needed!  We both agreed that this was a very clever gift!

And I got the best present of all, Airy Fairy lipstick!  One of my favourites, which I cannot buy in Ireland.  Thank you so much Rebecca!  I hope you'll all check out her blog, her style is minimalistic and so chic.   

Let me know what you think of my outfit and whether you watch The Mentalist...I'm curious to know!  

Stay Stylish!

Way Back When...

...I had short hair!  I recently got a request to do a hair history blogpost.  I think I actually did one of those a little over a year ago but it was on my blog before I changed the domain name, (when it was and I have no idea where most of those pictures are as I scanned them...sorry!  But for those of you who are not friends with me on Facebook (where this album is posted) here are some pictures from when I had short hair, about 3 years ago (eek!)  Enjoy!

These were all taken by my fiancé, back when we first got together.  I actually had long hair on the night when I first met him, but by our first date my hair had been all chopped off!  As you can tell, my hair gets very curly and wavy when it's short.  No styling was done at all to my hair in any of these pictures, that's just how it was naturally.  At the time I was getting blonde highlights done as well.  I was living at home and my parents were paying for it...when I went to college and was living away from home is when the at-home dying process started!  

In these last three pictures my hair was still the same length, but pinned up at the back.  You've probably already seen the last one, it's a still from the short Jonathan and I made together, The New House Mate.

Let me know what you you prefer my hair now, or do you like it better short?!

Stay Stylish!

Get Gorgeous Silky Hair! +Giveaway

We all want beautiful silky hair whether we're blonde, brunette or redhead.  Unfortunately for me I have very thick, dry, wavy hair that frizzes easily and is quite difficult to manage (although it may not look that me, I have broken many combs!!).  After I get out of the shower, my hair is always extremely textured and no matter how much conditioner I use it always looks dry and frizzy after I blow-dry it.  I generally have to wash my hair at night and sleep on it so that it calms down a bit and looks more tamed.  I've always hated the way my hair looks right after washing it and favoured "Day 2 Hair" instead.  (I wash my hair every 3 days.)  My hair has also recently gotten much longer and of course this also means it takes twice as long to style it with a GHD or curling iron, so I usually just do without.  At the same time, too much heat styling is bad for your hair especially if it's dry and coloured like mine so I'm trying to reduce the amount of heat used on my hair.

I had heard of keratin hair treatments before, but they never really appealed to me as it sounded like far too much work and effort (what can I say, I'm lazy!).  What I had not heard of before was the Global Keratin After-Care Treatment, which you can actually use even if you haven't undergone the full keratin treatment before.  This consists of a Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner, a Leave-In Conditioner, a Leave-In Spray Conditioner and a Serum, all of which are fortified with Juvexin which is supposed to leave your hair hydrated and feeling silky soft.  Eager to fall in love with my "Day 1 Hair", I tried the system out and filmed a step-by-step tutorial video of exactly what I did!  (Click here to watch it.)

First I shampooed and conditioned my hair.  I normally use an obscene amount of my usual conditioner because like I said, my hair is so dry.  However this time around, I just used a regular amount because I knew I'd also be using the other two leave-in conditioners on top of this.  I got out of the shower, towel-dried my hair and waited a little so that my hair would not be soaking wet.  Then I applied the two leave-in conditioners to my damp, unbrushed hair.  First the cream, then the spray.  I only applied these to the ends of my hair, not the roots.  After that I brushed my hair out and was surprised by how easy and manageable that was.  Usually I'm pulling, tugging and fighting with my hair to get it tangle-free.  This time I only needed one brush and it was smooth.  

After this I blow-dried my hair until it was bone dry.  This was the real moment of truth because this is usually where my hair gets super frizzy.  To my amazement after blow-drying my hair felt silky smooth, sleek with not a dry patch in sight!  I tamed the very few flyaways with the serum which gave a beautiful shiny, sleek finish to my hair.

I am very happy with the results these products gave my hair.  I started using these last week when I received them and haven't stopped since.  I no longer feel like I need to sleep on my hair to make it more manageable nor do I feel the need to use my GHD to get it looking silky smooth.  My hair feels healthy, strong and smoother than ever before which in my opinion, is the best it's ever felt.  I definitely recommend the Global Keratin after-care system, especially if you're someone like me who's too lazy to do the full keratin treatment but still wants gorgeous sleek hair!

So here's the fun part!  Global Keratin have teamed up with me to host a giveaway, where you get the chance to win the entire after-care treatment kit, absolutely free!  It's very easy to enter.  

Here are the giveaway rules!
1. Must be a subscriber of TheStyleDiet Youtube Channel

2. Must Like GKHair on Facebook and feel free to leave a comment on Global Keratin FaceBook link of TheStyleDiet YouTube Video.
3. Enter by filling out this form on their website! 
4. It is open internationally.

5. All ages are welcome, 18 and under w/ parents consent to ship out prize.

6. ONE entry per person
7. Giveaway ends October 1st, 2010 11:59pm . Winner will be chosen at random.

Good luck to all of you!  
Stay Stylish!

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me by Global Keratin for consideration to review.  I am not affiliated with the company, nor was I paid for my review.  All opinions are honest, as always.

Better Than A Naked Palette...Naked Face!

Sometimes it's good to let your skin breathe!  I love make-up but I also love to take days off from wearing it.  It's good to give your skin a break.  Today was a very lazy day...we went for a 2 hour walk with Albi (who is now completely exhausted!) and then basically stayed in bed watching TV all day long.  Do you guys ever have duvet days like this?  And do you also like taking a break from make-up?

Hope you're all having a great weekend! 

Stay Stylish!

You Know It's Autumn When...

So I'm getting pretty bored of the traditional "outfit of the day" pose: hand on hip, one leg know the one I mean!  And my fiancé (who is so kind to take all these photos) is encouraging me to be more adventurous with my poses.  Suffice to say that we had a lot of fun taking these, in fact most of the time was just spent laughing at myself so if you notice a smirk here and there that's not me trying to be sexy or's just me trying not to laugh at Jonathan.  I hope you'll take this post in the spirit which it was created...I'm not trying to be America's Next Top Model, I'm just having fun.

I always know it's autumn when I start reaching for this top, it's one of my favourites for the season because of the colour (which I'm not sure comes up as well on camera).  The colour is hard to explain...salmon? rust? pink? red?  I'm not sure.  You make up your own mind!  What I'm wearing:

Scoop neck top - The Gap (similar style/colour here)
Dark brown pants - Cheap Monday
Leather riding boots - Faith (similar style by Dune here)
Coral earrings - Vero Moda (similar-ish syle and colour but different shape here)
Beaded bracelet - Stolen from my mom (similar style here)

What better way to end this post than with an adorable picture of Albi being a good little mama's boy and reading up on doggy fashion?!  Hahahaha!

Stay Stylish!

When We First Met...

This is the exact outfit I wore back on August 1st 2009, when we went to pick up little Albicocca for the first time!  I love him so much, he's my baby.  I remember on the 2 hour journey back (well 3 hours actually because we got very lost!), I was holding him the entire way and at one point his ears went back and he looked up at me with his beautiful big brown eyes as if to say "sorry mama" and peed...all over me!  It was so sweet, he looked like he was so worried I'd be angry...aww!  

This is a very classic and simple outfit but as you can see, I've broken out the boots now that it's officially autumn and the weather has started to change.  Also, I've started using keratin products in my hair for the first time ever and I'm loving how silky and soft they make it feel!  I filmed a step-by-step video of what products I used and how I used them as well as a giveaway which will be up next Monday.  Anyway, here's what I wore today:

Light blue button-down shirt - Tommy Hilfiger (similar style here)
Blue spaghetti strap tank top - Mexx (similar style in different colours here)
Indigo Kate jeggings - ASOS
Charcoal grey boots - Dune (similar style/price by Timberland here)

Silver earrings - Accessorize (similar style from Kohl's here)

Grey tote - Pomegranate Boutique, purchased in TK Maxx (similar style in black by Claudia Canova here)

Let me know what you think!  Do you remember the outfits you wore on specific days that were important to you?  I always do!  And I bet I'm not the only one.

Stay Stylish!
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