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I have gotten quite a few requests to do a review of my Pink Lining Yummy Mummy Changing Bag which I LOVE and am so eager to use as it's so cute and has a pink cupcake on it -- yay! :)  I do plan on making a "what's in my changing bag" post later on when I've actually started using it so for now this is just a little review of the features, what the bag looks like, where you can buy it, etc.  

The brand is Pink Lining which is a UK company but they do have an American website as well.  This particular design is actually last Spring/Summer's stock and I believe it's also available in blue & green.  It took me a long time to find it in pink but I persisted and eventually found it at the Pregnancy & Baby Fair (after being told countless times that it was sold out, we spotted it by chance at one of the smaller stalls!).  I paid €79 for it but this was a special deal they were doing at the fair -- in all other boutiques and online it was €89.  I'm not sure how much they go for now being that they're last season's stock but I would definitely recommend checking out some different boutiques or maybe even baby fairs if they're in your area before paying full price on the website.

If you're not a total cupcake nerd like me, Pink Lining actually have a ton of other really cute designs too as well as changing bags for twins which I think is so cool!

Okay so onto the bag itself -- it has a big pocket on the front with a cupcake on it as well as two side pockets for water bottles/your baby's bottles/anything else you can fit in there.  The outside material is also covered in a clear plastic so that you can wipe it clean and it won't stain or get ruined if it gets wet (very smart IMO!) 

There are two shorter straps on either side which do clip together as well as a longer strap that you can clip onto your stroller (I've actually seen a lot of moms using the bag in this way).  It comes with a mirror attached to the inside as well as a key fob so you don't lose your keys and there's a space for your pen and iPhone/Blackberry.

Another very cool feature of the bag is that you get a changing mat which folds up as well as a clear plastic pocket for wet wipes/soiled clothes/nappies etc.  Both of these have a cute cupcake design on them and the changing mat is plastic so it's easy to wipe down or clean.

Here's a look into the inside of the bag which is hot pink!  There is actually plenty of room in there as well as two insulated pockets for bottles, two sections for storing nappies and a zipper pocket for valuables.

And that's my mini-review of the Yummy Mummy Changing Bag!  Obviously I am 30 weeks pregnant so haven't actually gotten a chance to use it yet but once I do I will do an update and share my thoughts on its practicality and how I'm liking it!  Also if you are a mom and have any favourite diaper/changing bags you'd like to share please let me know! :)

Stay Stylish!


  1. This is SO cute and so, so you, Anna! Love it and glad you do too!!! <3

  2. I also have bought one of these changing bags but in the twin version. Im 27 plus 3 days. Due end of September so haven't got to use it yet but can't wait. I love it too.


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